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Apr 25, 2011, 02:54 PM
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Is Budget Austerity Modern-Day Hooverism?

An important starter article so you can learn the material necessary to deal with the interventionist catechism and myth intentionally promulgated to elevate FDR's disastrous handling of the Great Depression to the role of exemplary economic model.

Keynesian economics is a destructive dead end. It maintains a following because it is ideally suited to those wishing to justify continual control and interventionism and endless spending.

Here is what really happened.
Is cutting spending like repeating Herbert Hoover's errors? No, and saying it again and again doesn't make it true. The big-spending Hoover did more to intervene in the peacetime economy than any prior president. Indeed, he set in motion all of the things that FDR later did in the New Deal
With the debate over the federal government's budget as the hot topic of the day, the proponents of big spending have gone into overdrive with their mantra that Herbert Hoover was a small-government liquidationist. As often as this myth is repeated, it's important to show that it is wrong: Herbert Hoover was a big-government man who did not trust the free market. Ironically, I can use the evidence provided by some of these progressive writers themselves to demonstrate this point.
Read and learn so we need not simply allow the mistaken claims to perpetuate here, or anywhere else.

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