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Oct 27, 2012, 12:32 AM
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Here are my buddy codes. Valid til 9 Nov 2012

On Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~4s) - $1.79 save $0.09


Female Mini Tamiya <-> Male XT60 (3pcs/bag) - $1.95 save $0.52


XT60 Harness for 2 Packs in Parallel (1pc) - $1.15 save $0.82


XT60 to T-Connector Battery Adapter Lead (2pc) - $1.48 save $0.84


Turnigy AA LSD 2400mAh Low Self Discharge (ready to use) - $1.43 save $0.16


Male T-Connector <-> Female XT-60 (1pc/bag) - $0.87 save $0.21


Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Blue (DIY) - S3.63 save $1.36


Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Green (DIY) - $3.63 save $1.36

Fiber-Optic Lights for night flying (Blue) - $2.78 save $3.20


Turnigy highrate 30FPS Ultra-small Digital Camera (without memory card) - $16.82 save $0.83


Hobbyking Electric Screwdriver - $3.63 save $1.36


Hobby Mini Saw Set - $5.32 save $0.27


IDEAFLY IFLY-4 - Precise Propeller Set (CW & CCW) (1set) - $3.87 save $0.93

Oct 27, 2012, 06:25 AM
Plane crazy
Tartago's Avatar
Spinner P-40N 1700mm (Green fuse red nose)
\n[S]$4.96[/S] $3.78* (buddy price 24%, -$1.18)

Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range with EU plug
\n[S]$15.34[/S] $14.39* (buddy price 6%, -$0.95)

2.4Ghz 4 Channel AV Transmitter 200mW FPV
\n[S]$7.42[/S] $6.46* (buddy price 13%, -$0.96)

Battery Powered Hot Glue Gun
\n[S]$2.99[/S] $2.30* (buddy price 23%, -$0.69)

Turnigy 3A UBEC with Low Voltage Buzzer
\n[S]$4.39[/S] $2.81* (buddy price 36%, -$1.58)

ZIPPY Compact 5800mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
\n[S]$45.66[/S] $29.31*

Turnigy AA LSD 2400mAh Low Self Discharge (ready to use)
\n[S]$1.59[/S] $1.43* (buddy price 10%, -$0.16)

All my buddy-codes here
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Oct 27, 2012, 08:45 AM
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rayonnair's Avatar
X3 UBEC 6v-23v input - 5v 3A Output
\n[S]$5.98[/S] $3.47* (buddy price 42%, -$2.51)

ZIPPY Compact 2200mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack
\n[S]$16.85[/S] $12.84*

Turnigy nano-tech 300mah 2S 45~90C Lipo Pack
\n[S]$5.40[/S] $4.70*

All my buddy-codes here
Oct 27, 2012, 09:57 AM
Registered User
TheLeabres's Avatar

ZIPPY Compact 1000mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack

only $4.88 - saves you $0.76!

Oct 27, 2012, 04:11 PM
That's a funny word
Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/gulio (valid until November 10, 2012)

Twisted 60CM Servo Lead Extention (Futaba) 22AWG (5pcs/set) Save US$: 0.56

Twisted 80CM Servo Lead Extention (Futaba) 22AWG (5pcs/set) Save US$: 1.09

Twisted 30CM Servo Lead Extention (Futaba) 22AWG (5pcs/set) Save US$: 0.92

Male XT60 connectors (5pcs/bag) GENUINE Save US$: 0.20

Landing Gear Wheel Stop Set Collar 9x4.1mm (10pcs) Save US$: 0.50

APC Style Propeller 13x6.5 Save US$: 0.42

APC style propeller 11x5.5-E Save US$: 0.71

APC Style Propeller 11x5.5 (2 pc) Save US$: 0.38

TGS Sport 11x5.5E Precision propeller Save US$: 1.62

Servo Lead Lock (5pcs/bag) Save US$: 0.20

Servo Mounting Plate Glass Fiber Universal (5pcs/Set) Save US$: 0.32

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Oct 27, 2012, 05:15 PM
Registered User

Sanwa (Airtronics) MT-4 Telemetry 2.4GHz FHSS-4T 4CH Surface Radio
Takes about 10 bucks off to $210.20.

This is a great radio system.
Oct 28, 2012, 03:26 AM
Registered User
Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/orck (valid until November 11, 2012)

Body Stiffener #3 (1pc/bag) - 260 and 26S Save US$: 0.41

Headlight Housing - Baja 260 and 260s (1 pair) Save US$: 0.56

Heavy-Duty Beadlock Ring for Off-Road Wheel Baja 260 and 260s (2Pcs/Bag) Save US$: 1.99

Tail Wheel System. w/ Steering and Spring 40-90 Size Save US$: 0.14

Roof Guard / Roll Cage Baja 260 and 260s Save US$: 1.39

Engine Guard Baja 260 and 260s Save US$: 0.78

Under Guard Baja 260 and 260s (1Pc/Bag) Save US$: 1.52

XR Type B Beechwood 3D/SF Propeller 11x6 Save US$: 0.75

HXT 6.9kg / 39.2g / .16sec Twin bearing servo Save US$: 0.11

Metal Fuel Clip 6mm Pipe(5pcs.bag) Save US$: 0.40

Receiver Switch Save US$: 1.13

Silicon fuel pipe (1 mtr) White for Nitro Engines 4x2.5mm Save US$: 0.41

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Oct 28, 2012, 04:02 AM
The stalling italian
gionir's Avatar
GT450PRO One Way Bearing (1pc)
\n[S]$1.34[/S] $1.02* (buddy price 24%, -$0.32)

Hobbyking 2825-1950kv Funfighter Replacement Brushless Outrunner motor
\n[S]$9.99[/S] $8.01* (buddy price 20%, -$1.98)

Male XT60 connectors (5pcs/bag) GENUINE
\n[S]$2.44[/S] $2.24*

GT450PRO Feathering Shaft (51x4mm) 2pcs
\n[S]$1.60[/S] $0.80* (buddy price 50%, -$0.8)

TGS Sport 4.1x4.1E Precision propeller
\n[S]$1.14[/S] $0.73* (buddy price 36%, -$0.41)

X-BLADE Spare SK-5 Steel blades (10pcs/set)
\n[S]$0.99[/S] $0.36*

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 16AWG (1mtr) BLACK
\n[S]$1.29[/S] $0.68*

TGS Sport 4.5x4.5E Precision propeller
\n[S]$0.66[/S] $0.42* (buddy price 36%, -$0.24)

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 16AWG (1mtr) Red
\n[S]$1.29[/S] $0.68* (buddy price 47%, -$0.61)

All my buddy-codes here
Oct 28, 2012, 11:19 AM
Andy2No's Avatar
I'm still getting runtime errors on CrashingDutchman's site when I try to add buddy codes:

Server Error in '/' Application.
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<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

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Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's <customErrors> configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

        <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/>
Oct 28, 2012, 03:00 PM
Registered User
2jzgtevvti's Avatar
60mm JST-SH1.0 Servo extension (5pcs/bag)

Ar6300 Mini JST Plug and Servo Lead (5pc)
Oct 28, 2012, 05:39 PM
Registered User

Buddy Codes!! Good for 14 days! GO GO

Servo Terminals (Futaba) Gold Plated (10pairs/set)
\n[S]$1.99[/S] $1.22* (buddy price 39%, -$0.77)

Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch
\n[S]$7.14[/S] $6.22* (buddy price 13%, -$0.92)

Flat 26AWG servo wire 1mtr (R/B/W)
\n[S]$0.39[/S] $0.24* (buddy price 38%, -$0.15)

Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ accessories (USA Warehouse)
\n[S]$24.07[/S] $22.87*

BMS-621MG High Speed Servo (Metal Gear) 6.4kg / .13sec / 47g
\n[S]$23.80[/S] $12.32* (buddy price 48%, -$11.48)

Turnigy 5mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr)
\n[S]$0.36[/S] $0.06*

Turnigy 3mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr)
\n[S]$0.35[/S] $0.04*

TURNIGY Plush 60amp Speed Controller
\n[S]$34.58[/S] $27.63* (buddy price 20%, -$6.95)

Female XT60 connectors (5pcs/bag) GENUINE
\n[S]$2.44[/S] $1.15* (buddy price 53%, -$1.29)

All my buddy-codes here
Oct 29, 2012, 11:19 AM
Registered User
ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

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