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Sep 30, 2012, 02:14 PM
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Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/sarapintas (valid until October 06, 2012)

Self Tapping Screws w/shoulder M2x8 (10pcs/set) Save US$: 1.12

ZIPPY Compact 2450mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack Save US$: 18.79

Alligator Clip Black (5pcs/bag) Save US$: 0.17

Alligator Clip RED (5pcs/bag) Save US$: 0.17

2mm Gold Connectors 10 pairs (20pc) Save US$: 0.66

Turnigy 3mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr) Save US$: 0.31

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 18AWG (1mtr) Red Save US$: 0.79

Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 18AWG (1mtr) Black Save US$: 0.59

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Sep 30, 2012, 02:18 PM
Power-line attraction pilot
Extra Codes, You can save -28.18% for all of this products with:http://rc-buddy.com/user/caall99! Codes from RC-Buddy.com

NTM Prop Drive 35-48 Series 900KV / 815W
Savings: 2.86 % / $0.61
Price after: $20.69
Weight: 199 g

TGS Sport 9x6E Precision propeller
Savings: -955.61 % / $-18.73
Price after: $20.69
Weight: 55 g

Turnigy 130A Watt Meter and Power Analyzer
Savings: 4.76 % / $1.14
Price after: $22.81
Weight: 129 g

45CM Servo Lead Extention (JR) with hook 26AWG (5pcs/bag)
Savings: 35.94 % / $0.78
Price after: $1.39
Weight: 40 g

30CM Servo Lead Extention (JR) with hook 26AWG (5pcs/bag)
Savings: 35.94 % / $0.69
Price after: $1.23
Weight: 32 g

15CM Servo Lead Extention (JR) with hook 26AWG (5pcs/bag)
Savings: 35.76 % / $0.59
Price after: $1.06
Weight: 25 g
Oct 01, 2012, 12:05 AM
The slope is where it's at...
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Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/shaneh (valid until October 15, 2012)

LCD Radar Speed Gun 5 - 199 Mph/Kph SRA3000 Save US$: 20.01

Quick-Cure 5 Min Epoxy 4.5 oz Save US$: 0.77

OrangeRx R710 Spektrum DSM2 Compatible 7Ch w/Failsafe Save US$: 2.40

TURNIGY Plush 40amp Speed Controller Save US$: 4.00

Servo Mount/Protectors White (2pcs/bag) 64mm x 67mm Save US$: 1.03

Servo Mount (5pcs/bag) for Mini Servo 9g, up to 24mm Save US$: 0.61

Servo Covers Save US$: 1.34

HobbyKing Glider Nose Tow-Line Release (11.7x42mm) Save US$: 1.17

Letters/Numbers/Symbols white 26mm Save US$: 0.42

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Oct 01, 2012, 01:59 AM
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APC Style Propeller 4.75x4.75 (2 pc) Save US$: 0.34
Oct 01, 2012, 02:33 AM
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Hobbyking Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (XT60) Pay $5.34, NOT $8.99!!

http://www.hobbyking.com/buddy.asp?c...E-B07FF13FB469Name: PCB004.jpg
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Size: 92.4 KB
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Oct 01, 2012, 06:02 AM
Plane crazy
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HK15178 10g analog servo


HK programming card for blue series ESC

Turnigy 2217 16 turn 1050kv 23A out runner
Oct 01, 2012, 01:53 PM
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More buddy codes

I don't quite get how the RC-International codes work. I put up a whole bunch, but only about 6 showed up. Anyway, here is a more complete list from my order:

A-CAM HD Wing Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP CMOS
MG90S Turnigy MG90S Metal Gear Servo 1.8kg / 13.4g
APC8x6-E APC style propeller 8x6-E
HC-50-175C HobbyKing Super Glue CA (50g / 1.7oz) Med
317MPRPSVR 3.17mm Prop Saver w/ Adapter & 3 bands
OR019-00501-4 Prop Saver w/ Band 4mm (10pcs)
GS0164 Prop adapter w/ Steel Nut 1/4x28-M4mm shaft
PA-4MM-6MM-B Prop adapter w/ Steel Nut 4mm shaft (Grub Sc
GON-D4T6 Propeller Adapter (Colet Type) 4MM
APC13x4-E APC style propeller 13x4-E
APC12x6-E APC style propeller 12x6-E
APC11x5.5-E APC style propeller 11x5.5-E
OR002-01203 Alloy E-Prop Spinners AC376 3.17mm to 6.35mm
HXT900-G HXT900 Replacement Gear Set
015000013 T-Connector to EC3 Battery Adapter (3pcs/bag
015000012 EC3 to T-Connector Battery Adapter (3pcs/bag
Oct 01, 2012, 03:48 PM
FPV junkie
m_beeson's Avatar

Turnigy nano-tech 2700mah 4S 65~130C Lipo Pack


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Oct 01, 2012, 06:21 PM
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2jzgtevvti's Avatar
Turnigy nano-tech 300mah 1S 45C Lipo Pack

Turnigy 160mAh 1S 30C (Eflite, Minium compat
Oct 02, 2012, 08:08 AM
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Hobbyking YEP 120A HV (4~14S) Brushless Speed Controller (OPTO) for only $78.02! save $12.03!


Oct 02, 2012, 11:45 AM
Scratch build warbirds

New buddy codes valid till october 14

Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/adam (valid until October 03, 2012)

Alloy Anti-Slip TX Control Sticks Short (JR TX Black) Save US$: 0.84

X-BLADE Spare SK-5 Steel blades (10pcs/set) Save US$: 0.63

Nose Art "Blonde Dynamite" L/R Handed Save US$: 0.60

Scale National Air Force Insignia Decal Sheet - USSR Save US$: 1.02

Nose Art - "Playmate" (L/R sided) Save US$: 0.60

Turnigy LSD 4.8V 2300mAh Ni-MH Flat Receiver Pack Save US$: 1.06

HobbyKing Glow Plug No.4 (MEDIUM HOT) Save US$: 0.37

Nylon and Pinned Hinge 16x28.5 (10pcs) Save US$: 0.37

Nylon Spinner 2.25inch Save US$: 0.24

HobbyKing Super Glue CA (50g / 1.7oz) Save US$: 1.02

Insta-Set CA Accelerator 2. oz Save US$: 0.93

Pom Horns 20x27mm (10pcs/set) Save US$: 0.14

30CM Servo Lead Extention (Futaba) 26AWG (10pcs/set) Save US$: 0.60

HobbyKing Super Glue CA (50g / 1.7oz) Save US$: 1.32

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Oct 02, 2012, 04:27 PM
Too many? No such thing.
Micubano's Avatar
Turnigy nano-tech 160mah 1S 25~40C Lipo Pack (Kyosho, E-flite, Parkzone Etc)

Oct 02, 2012, 07:36 PM
Mobius Cables... I got em'
chanyote66's Avatar
Find my codes here: http://hk.rc-international.info/swarm/chanyote66 (valid until October 14, 2012)

Slow Fly Electric Prop 8045SF (4 pc) Save US$: 0.32

Slow Fly Electric Prop 8045R SF (4 pc) Save US$: 0.32

Simple Prop Balancer Save US$: 0.51

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Oct 02, 2012, 10:56 PM
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My first buddy codes. Use them if you can. Not sure of the best way to put them on here. I guess you can copy and paste.
Here they are:

Turnigy 9X 2.4GHz 8Ch Receiver (V2)

Turnigy 9X LCD Backlight Kit - Green (DIY)

HXT500 5g / .8kg / .10sec Micro Servo

Propeller Adapter (Colet Type) 4MM

Good til 10/13/2012
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Oct 03, 2012, 04:35 AM
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ZIPPY Compact 2700mAh 6S 25C Lipo Pack

[S]$30.28[/S] $26.38* (buddy price 13%, -$3.9)

Micro Servo Connector Lead 1.25 Pitch - Female Plug (5pcs/bag)

[S]$1.42[/S] $0.91* (buddy price 36%, -$0.51)

Turnigy 6mm Heat Shrink Tube - <b>RED</b> (1mtr)

[S]$0.35[/S] $0.13* (buddy price 63%, -$0.22)

Turnigy 6mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr)

[S]$0.35[/S] $0.07* (buddy price 80%, -$0.28)

Turnigy 4mm Heat Shrink Tube - <b>RED</b> (1mtr)

[S]$0.35[/S] $0.04* (buddy price 89%, -$0.31)

Turnigy 4mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr)

[S]$0.35[/S] $0.04* (buddy price 89%, -$0.31)

Turnigy 2mm Heat Shrink Tube - <b>RED</b> (1mtr)

[S]$0.35[/S] $0.03* (buddy price 91%, -$0.32)

Turnigy 2mm Heat Shrink Tube - BLACK (1mtr)

[S]$0.25[/S] $0.03* (buddy price 88%, -$0.22)

Battery Tape (5pcs/bag)

[S]$2.00[/S] $1.22*

Nylon XT90 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs)

[S]$7.99[/S] $5.95*

SF E-Prop 10x4.7 / 254x119.5mm w/ Adapters Black (5pcs/bag)

[S]$2.99[/S] $2.56* (buddy price 14%, -$0.43)

All my buddy-codes here

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