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Nov 14, 2011, 02:54 AM
BrainFart RC-Pilot
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Originally Posted by EQ45
I broke it today while doing knife edges... I think the rudder broke in flight...

The wing is fine
The rudder is broken and the elevator also
the motor is dead and the whole front was bended...

So next step is repair...

with hot water I put back the fuselage so it's not bended anymore.
I put in the howen at 100 C the motor cover but it was too much and now the surface looks like small sphere.

for the rudder and elevator I will use floppy disk to make hinges.

As I broke a clevis, I will order new ones for repair...

I will put the NTM motor I bought the 35-30 1100 kv with a 10x5 prop at first.

Hope to be back in the air soon...
I would try the 11x5.5 APC-E prop.
The 1090 kv motor I use at my SU-26m uses 12x6 but pulls then 36amps static.
10x5 is maybe a bit too small for 1100 kv
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Nov 17, 2011, 05:22 AM
Registered User
I do not know what's the kv of the stock motor but it was suppose to fly in 2s with 10 x 5. I will run in 3S so I expect the 10x5 to be about the same power as the original motor in 3S and a 9x4.7 prop...

What do you think?
Nov 17, 2011, 05:28 AM
high flyer
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if your running the stock motor on a 3s a 9x5 is recommended. So your 9x 4.7 will be fine on a 3s. But I wouldnt use the stock motor. They have been proven to let the smoke out time and time again.

Just get a turnigy 35-30 1100 kv and an APC 11x5.5 prop and your good to go. That what I use and its great.
Nov 17, 2011, 06:14 AM
Registered User
I have used the 9x4.7 prop for month and finally it's the crash wo kill it... so the stock motor war not too bad.

What's you flight time on 2200 mah 3s battery with your setup?
Nov 20, 2011, 11:25 AM
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Tested 10x5 prop and 12 x 6 with 2200 45- 90C 3S nanotec batterery. 10 x 5 is better. The 12 is too big and the plane is slower but it climb better vertically. with 12x6 flight time is 5 min while it's about 8 min with the 10x5. May be I will try something lihe 11x5
Nov 20, 2011, 04:59 PM
Registered User
Hellooooo all!!!! I NEED A 3D POWER SETUP GURU !!!!! PLEEEASE!!!! =)~ I'm an idiot when it comes to motors, escs, wattts, thrust, prop sizes.....i swear I'll never get it! lol So help please!
Up untill now i've built depron 3D planes using dollar store poster board. The thing is, ive built my planes around a couple DT750's w/ 30A esc's that ive gotten from my old HK Pitts. Trial and error builds till i got the plane size right for this setup to get into hard 3D. So I still know nothing about my plane weights and thrust and all that. Just know what to build for that DT motor..lol. Soooo Im ready for a full fuse 3D plane with a bit more precision now that im havin a blast flyin hard 3D. I saw this extra and I NEED IT! =)~ i wanna swap out the electronics/motor (ill use the ones that come with this for another scratch build). I have noooo idea what size motor/esc/prop to get to be able to 3D this plane with confidence that i can pull out of a hover with power to spare. So can some one PLEASE direct me to a setup i need for this plane?!?!? ....and 1 more small question:
1) how do i know how much thrust i need for a plane of a certain weight to do 3D?

embarassed here that i just cant understand the electronics and math to this stuff ( ill blame it on my ADHD =)~.... i just like to fly! =)

p.s. just wanted to share a few pics of a few scratch builds ive built ....hopefully i got most of my crashes out on these before i get this Extra! =)`..fun and cheap!
Nov 22, 2011, 02:09 PM
Registered User
Nice built

On this topics, there are serveral of us using 35-30 motors 1400 kv or 1100 kv with success. 40 amps ESC is needed i think for these motor. have a look at the spec when buying and you will know.

On the propeller side, 9x7 and 11x5.5 are mentioned to be ok. I have not tested yet but that's low price and you can test to see what fits you

hope this helps
Dec 29, 2011, 01:44 PM
slopepilot's Avatar


..850 grams
got my Aelion 35-30 1100kv, 40A esc, I have a 11x5.5 to try on it. Stock landing gear, carbon pushrods in larger sleeves, control horns, hs55's and 2 2200 zippies. CG is at 90/91 naturally, may try for 89 with some lead in nose.
It flew GREAT. It didnt burn up the sky but flew really well. It WOULD NOT hover, but knife edges, inverted flat spins, rolls and tracks great. Landing was nice with the stock gear if you land like one should, although on the 2nd battery I did bust the fuse doing inverted flay spins too close to the ground, the nose snapped off and the new fire wall I made came loose, both just glue together fixes...real easy..VIDEO NEXT TIME
but I need to try an 11x6 or a 10x6...I want to hover it and give it more balls
Mar 18, 2012, 01:38 PM
slopepilot's Avatar
still flying mine..got an 11x7 on it, it tough to hover but does great acro, still fast, and my buddies all like it..even take off on dirt roads without F'n up the landing gear..FUN plane, ,video next time
Mar 25, 2012, 03:48 PM
Registered User

I had a problem on friday and another one today

1) Some of the scews unscrews and the wood plate behind the fire wall broke. So the motor was not hold properly and I had to land. unformtunately I missed the runway and landed a little bit badly. I'm a little bit surprise since these screws were loctite

2) Today after repair and repaint, I made a trial. It was working fine up to the moment the metalic rod fixing both site of the elevator unglue. Hoppelly I was able to land on the field this time. I would recomend to check that gluing on all the planes to avoid that problem
Mar 26, 2012, 03:23 AM
Registered User
Ha ha! I had the same thing about a week ago.. This thing spends more time in the shop than it does in the air..

1) Bought one of the first airframes from the .de warehouse, smoked the motor in the air running 3s as I didn't see the fine print at the bottom of the product page (I swear it was added after I bought it) and there weren't any reports here..
2) Blew out the landing gear on landing, new cf gear and motor purchased.
3) New motor, flying well, came off the runway on a landing into grass, cf landing gear stopped the plane dead, flipped on it's back, cracked the fuse at the le of the wing
4) Bit of fibreglass and epoxy on the fuse, back in the air, humming along, decided to Lomcevak at full throttle, prop snapped and as it was out of balance the remaining half and spinner flew off.. I was laughing so hard on the deadstick I came off the runway into the crass and into a fence.. off comes the landing gear again..
5) New prop, 10x8 instead of 9x6, much faster now, so fast in fact flutter developed in the elevator I throttled back immediately but too late.. left 1/2 of the elevator tore off and the canopy flew off.. flew fine to a landing with only 1/2 the elevator.. again laughing very hard on landing.. but managed to stay on the runway this time..

The elevator control horn was loose on landing but I cannot tell if it was the cause or caused by the flutter, the flutter was very violent so quite possibly squashed the foam causing it to be loose..

Check your tail feathers people, make sure they are tight on the fuse and your horns are in tight..

Fun little aircraft, many laughs had and on max throws the roll rate is out of this world!
Apr 05, 2012, 07:35 AM
Registered User
I glue again the metallic rod but it went away the first flight . I used epoxy.

I glue again and will check this weekend if it holds. If one think about a good solution let me know because if it does not work I will have to set 2 servo for the elevator.
Apr 05, 2012, 11:26 AM
slopepilot's Avatar
Hot glue works well!
May 11, 2012, 02:16 PM
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I want to run this plane stock on some 3s 2200 25c batteries. I also have 1300's. However, can someone conclude that the stock motor will work if the bell is shimmed out? Also, I would like to get some props from HK USA when I order but all I see are 8x6 and 10x4 available to get close to the HK recommendation of 9x5. I dont want to go really fast but I woul like to have excellent verticle climb and potential to at least hover for few seconds. What do you folks think? Or if I have to get a new motor are there any good ones at HK usa that could utilize the stock esc? I am getting in trouble for reading a 40 page forum at work...Ha.

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