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Jan 16, 2017, 08:44 PM
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2nd flight.

I cut off 1" from the elevator and added 30% expo because it was too sensitive. At the end of the flight the motor came off and I could see how nice it glides.

twin boom (1 min 47 sec)
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Jan 22, 2017, 06:45 PM
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Foam Flyer inspired twin boom pusher

Here is my version. This one has a 40" span and 6" chord. However, I have re designed it with a 36" span and 7 1/2" chord. The wider chord just flys better.
I run these with 16 mm or 20 mm thick wing, and 1200 or 1300 KV motors. The Emax CF2822 1300 KV works well. The prop is a Cheerwing 8 x 6 prop or 8 x 4.3 prop. They are not as strong as APC props, but fly just as well. I experiment a little to see which prop works the best. I can get 10 props for $8 from Amazon or Ebay. For a battery I use a 3s 2200 mah.
The fuselage is 1 1/2" thick blue foam. The wing is an Armin wing made with Dollar Tree foam. The booms are 1/4" square poplar dowel. I glue 2 dowels together for about 60% of the length of the boom for strength. AUW is about 650 grams. I don't do much for paint. They are meant to fly, not look pretty. I change it every time I rebuild. It is pretty crash able, as the blue foam protects the battery. It will survive a crash if the speed is down. Usually , the rubber band that holds the fuselage to the wing breaks. I pretty much just eyeball the alignment of the wing and the fuselage. If it was more rigid, it would not survive the crashes as well. I don't want the wing too firmly attached to the fuselage, because you break more parts when it crashes. There is sandpaper on top of the fuselage to keep it from moving around on the bottom of the wing. Cell phone pictures are not the greatest. I was getting 20 minutes of flight time with the 8 x 4.3 prop, Emax CF2822 1300 kv motor, and the 20 mm thick wing. The current plane is a 1250 KV motor, 20 mm thick wing, 36 in span, and 8 x 6 prop. It weighs a little more since I have 70 " of LED strip lighting in the wing. The motor is salvage from a ARES Hobbytown Gamma 370, as is the 18 A ESC. I don't expect as much flight time because of the weight of the LED strip.

I won't list all the parts. You can get your motor, servos, ESCs, and receivers anywhere. From Walmart, I get the rubber bands, Shish kabob skewers. The wing is Dollar tree foam completely covered in clear packaging tape on the outside. 1 1/2 foam fuselage is Lowes or Menards. The 1/4" dowel is Lowes or Menards.
The motor mount is 3mm plywood from Menards. My receiver is a DSM2 compatible Power Up from Heads up Hobby. The batteries are 2200 MAH 3 s from Heads UP Hobby. The servos are 9 gram Tower Pro. I have run this with and without a rudder. I am not that much of a pilot, so I don't use the rudder much. The spar is a carbon fiber arrow
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Jan 23, 2017, 07:52 PM
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Foam Flyer inspired twin boom

Here is the current version with LED's in the wings and on the tail. The bottom is covered with red packaging tape for night flying
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Jan 23, 2017, 08:14 PM
RC Airplane (Recently Crashed)
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Nice work there

- foamflyer you have created a monster!
May 14, 2017, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by boa2110
2nd flight.

I cut off 1" from the elevator and added 30% expo because it was too sensitive. At the end of the flight the motor came off and I could see how nice it glides.
Please fix this page of yours, images has dissapeared:
I want to see the plans for this plane.
May 14, 2017, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Baymax2.161
Please fix this page of yours, images has dissapeared:
I want to see the plans for this plane.
Try this in the meantime
Jul 23, 2017, 05:30 PM
Submarine Airplane!
Just wanted to add my own build to this wonderfully easy to build plane.

Plans were scaled down 17% to adapt the wing to 65cm FB which is the French standard.
It's built out of 3mm fb and uses 5mm wooden dowels as booms and some 3mm wooden reinforcements to keep control surfaces nice and straight, seeing as 3mm is a little thin it has a tendency to warp in high humidity environment ( I live by the sea).

Motor is a turnigy equivalent of a blue wonder and the battery is a 1200 mah 3s
Total weight is 525 grams, flies straight at 50% throttle, still retaining some acrobatic capabilities at 100%!

I fly it with a 5g 5.8ghz quanum fpv camera w/ included transmitter and it's a thrill, great for learning fpv without putting too much at risk

As someone that comes from sailplanes, this build has thought me a lot! Especially with a build time of around 6h, it's really worth the 2 sheets of foamboard!!

Many thanks
Jul 23, 2017, 10:29 PM
Trapped in California
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Thread OP
Looks great Babibab, I'm happy you're enjoying it.

By the way, I've added the photos back into the page for this plane at When I changed servers not all the photos transferred over and I didn't notice for a while, sorry about that.
Aug 14, 2017, 10:00 PM
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I really like all of the ideas and planes here. I had built an experimental airlines photon, I must of not measured the wing placement correctly and could never get it too balance. Anyway, I had a nice 60"wing with no fuselage, after a few you tube vids,I decided on a twin boom design. I made a fuselage out of coroplast with a flite test motor mount. It's not pretty but it flew really well on it's maiden until the ESC died after 2 minutes. I had a 2200kv motor available, 30A ESC and 2 3s 2200 batteries. I just got a new ESC tonight so hopefully it will be in the air soon!

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