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Aug 14, 2003, 06:55 PM
razor burn can be good
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wing-e ready to cover>any mods b4 i do?

hi guys,
i'm ready to cover my wing-e but am wondering if there are any helpful modifications i should perform before i cover it

also wondering if wing e flyers are glueing or taping the winglets on or both?

anyone running lipo's in their wing-e?
if so what prop and gearing should i run on 2s pack?

thanks guys,
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Aug 14, 2003, 08:23 PM
Motor Maniac
Build it stock. The only suggestion is in the prop, go with a 7x6 or 8x6 prop, not the 7x4. The 7x4 is just adequate and I wasn't happy with it. I've run NiMH and LiPo's (etec 700 2S), both work well, but the LiPo's have to be real close to the spur gear to get the CG right.

I used magnets to attach my winglets. I think Tres originated that. BEC uses a nylon bolt to attach his. I wouldn't use tape if I were you, it can be a real pain to get off the Solite when you need to remove it.
Aug 14, 2003, 10:49 PM
St Charles Flyer
Well I've just passed about 20 flights with my Wing-E. It is a good thing that is is a lot tougher than I ever expected. It had some rough times returning to Mother Earth when I first started out. I glued the winglets on and have never had them damaged in a crash. I was going to use magnets but getting into the air was more pressing.

My major problem was breaking the motor mounts. I've done about 3 repairs and 2 replacements. The last (and still holding) is where I replaced the balsa center with an equal amount of light plywood. I don't expect this to break.

I too run the 8x6 prop. I'm running the 370 maH NiMH and am planning on changing to the lipo's as I get about 5 min flights, too short.

Next step will make it come alive with a PJS300 brushless. I've seen that combination fly and it really works.

Aug 14, 2003, 11:34 PM
razor burn can be good
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thanks for the info guys
this forum is indespensible
Aug 15, 2003, 01:25 PM
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I put my winglets on with two 4-40 nylon screws each. Makes 'em easy to remove (though not as easy as with magnets) for packing flat. If you search the forum you might find a picture or two of that mod.

The only mods I would really recommend before covering are:

A little reinforcement of the elevons where the control horns go through. If I were to do another I'd cut some 1/2 inch or so triangles from 1/64 ply, drill 1/16 holes in the middle of them then put them over the holes whre the control horns go through.

Put one or two 1/4 inch wide strips of scrap across the top of the battery tray to act as braces (since the grain is going the wrong way on that part for best squeez/flex strength). These have to be far enough aft so as to not prevent the gearbox from going on the mount stick.

I fly mine with LiPolys exclusively now. On the PJS-300 powered one I use a two-cell pack of Etec 700s and the APC 7X6 SF. On the one that has a GWS drive the Kokam 1020s or ETec 1200s work well (though the 700s should be fine, too). Again, 7X5 or 7X6SF prop.

It's just that neither the 7X5SF or 7X6SF existed when the Wing-E was designed a year and a half ago.

On reinforcing the motor mount "stick": after Todd broke my PJS-300 powered one trying to hand catch it (!!) he suggested drilling through the center front to back and putting in a length of 0.080 carbon rod to reinforce the repair I had to do. Boy is it strong now! A 3/32 drill bit is close enough.