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Apr 10, 2011, 06:22 PM
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ESM 75in Corsair vs NitroPlanes 75in Corsair

Ok I had a real bad day at the field yesterday and destroyed my gild top flight build kit. I'm looking for a 65-75in corsair ARF

I like the ESM at troybuilt models. But $330 vs $197 at NitroPlanes what is the difference except price and finish?

I know the ESM will take my new DLA 30cc. But not sure on the others

I would get the TopFlight ARF but at $400 with less scale it don't seem right
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Apr 12, 2011, 01:38 PM
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The esm corsair is a really nice scale bird with some build issues but nice and the quality of it is super. The CMP corsair is less scale and the quality is not up to the esm but it flies. The esm will get up to 18lbs flying weight while the cmp comes in at 14lbs. I had the esm and lost it due to a brown out(low battery voltage) And didnt have the $400 to replace it, i had a 32cc gas engine in it. My cmp has a 26cc which pulls it along just fine.
Apr 24, 2011, 08:02 PM
ProBro, 3D
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Your 30cc DLE will be fine for either model you choose. I think a 26-30cc is perfect for either models. CMP Corsairs have been flown with Zenoah 23's up to DA50's. They tend to be tail heavy, so if I have to add nose weight....I like to make it useful weight (more power).
Apr 24, 2011, 08:10 PM
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I'm working on an esm mustang right now..this is what I can tell you so far..

It is a top quality finish..and a well thought out falls short in quality control sometimes..

Issues I've run into so far..wrong tail had to modify biggy..

poor quality screws and fasteners..replace these with quality dubro screws and avoid the headache..

Plastic pieces have been a problem for others but I had no cracks..just use VERY sharp scissors....

ESM models are done to scale measurements..they don't add more wing or move anything to make it more flyable..length, wingspan, chord etc are to scale..

If you get the ESM ignore the cg listed in the directions..check with others that have the corsir and make sure of it before using it..the mustang cg in the manual is way off and too far back..Set it at the spar or just in front of the spar and u should be ok.

I don't know the other kit so well..never seen one or built one. But for scale looks out of the box, and overall quality, the esm is a top kit.

just be sure to dry fit anything..again the quality control problems come in at the hinge slots..some people have had them cut out of line.

Apr 26, 2011, 03:07 PM
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I have the ESM Corsair with a 26cc Zenoah. Hey, its not a $1000 kit. Outer wing fit to the center section is off. I am using the ESM retracts. Finish was OK but we weathered it more. The flaps are problematic for me at leasts. Retracts work fine. Working out the flaps and we can go flying.
Apr 28, 2011, 10:19 PM
ProBro, 3D
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Originally Posted by corsair167
I am using the ESM retracts. . Retracts work fine.
Did you end up using all of the hardware that comes with he ESM retracts or replace anything? I bought a set and I've read several folks say they are crap, and others say they work fine. They look really nice and beefy to me.
Apr 28, 2011, 10:30 PM
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Well then boys what CG are you useing for your ESM Corsair?

Im going with Sirria Air Retracts, Im hard on landing gear.

Apr 30, 2011, 06:52 AM
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I am currently working on an ESM Corsair. I'm putting a Roto 35 FS (4stroke fuel) in it and got a Sierra Giant retract. These are the building issues I ran into up to now:
- The wood work in the tail section wasn't glued correctly. The glass they "glued" in, was loose and I could rip it out easily. The wood piece also was not straight, so it's difficult to fit a retractable tail wheel.
- The steel wire that moves the rudder is really difficult to bend correctly
- The fuselage part of the rudder isn't straight at the tip. It comes off the center for 3-4 mm.
- If the outer wing section doesn't fit correctly, check the wood-work that goes inside. On one side I had to take a bit away on the top.
- There are some spots in the center wing part, that needed some glue to fix the wood work, other spots had way too much glue
- The flaps don't fit too well in place. On one side, the wing edge was too thick. I sanded it off to get a better fit, I still have to paint this area.

These are minor issues only which can be fixed easily, except the rudder, I'll have to live with that. Overall, it's a nice plane and I looking forward to fly it the first time.

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