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Apr 07, 2011, 10:37 PM
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I need some help with Minsoo Kim KK board

Ok first of all this is NOT by any means trying to bad mouth any product.

I am a very old time RC helicopter flyer. However I only recently starting to dabble in multi rotors. As such I have three quads so far.

I have the Gaui 330X stock. I have the Minsoo Kim KK blue board on a Tom Stock VC frame. I also have a HoverFly Pro on a Minsoo Kim aluminum frame.

I do swap the controller freely between the three frames and various hardware.

My main interest is in aerial photography and I do a lot of shoot with my single main rotor electric and gasoline powered helicopters.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to vibration chasing.

So far I like the Gaui Quad for hovering and fast forward flight. Yes it wobbles a lot in a slight breeze. I have had a bit of success with shooting aerial videos with this hardware.

I really like the HoverFly Pro on the Minsoo Kim aluminum frame. So much so that I am changing it from a quad to a hex and use it as my main multi rotor aerial photography platform.

I like the KK board because of the simplicity. I want to use it as a back up and for every day play around. I don't mind putting it in the Dex frame because it just look so cool. However I found the hovering stability of the KK board lacking. It is constantly trying to go one way or the next no matter how I tweak the gain of the gain and the sensitivity on the transmitter sticks. The Yaw requires a ton of sub trim to stay in a flyable mode. The real short coming I found right now is the fast forward flight characteristics. It likes to balloon a lot on forward flight.

For those that actually flies single main rotor helicopter, the KK board reminds me of a first generation fixed pitch helicopter. They do fly but the performance is lacking.

I don't mind it so much because it was a very inexpensive board. Since I like the HoverFly Pro so much and the Sport version is coming out, I am definitely going to get one as my backup and play around.

However I do want to know if this is the kind of performance I should expect from the KK board or am I just screwing up? I really like to love this board and want some one to tell me that I am screwing up. Please don't just tell me that I am screwing up for the sake of it. At least have the courtesy to give me some clue as to ways to make it better.

If you can help I really appreciate it. I thank you in advance.

Again please don't flame because you think I am saying bad things about the K K board. I am simply stating my personal experience and it has no reflection on how the KK board behaves with every one else.

BTW Minsoo Kim is just a joy to deal with. I have ordered a bunch of stuff from him and they all showed up perfectly. He answers his email and tried to help me. His frame is top notch.
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Apr 08, 2011, 07:01 AM
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can i make a guess? are you sing low kv motors? with my dt700s the minsoo kim board flew very badly for me at 950kv it was a lot better but still not spot on minsoo kim uses 1500kv i think and his stuff always looks stable to me

when you were expecting the same results as minsoo kim (like me) did you se the same kv motors and props?? (unlike me who learned the hard way) might be a good starting point



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