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Apr 15, 2011, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by My_design
The Switch is a good option if you are looking to progress quickly as the low wing version flies well. The Electrostick is a good all around plane.
Avoid the Yak especially if you are starting out as it's just to reactive and the setup can get you in trouble quick. It's easy to miss a warped aileron (I know from experience) or set-up the TX incorrectly. It's not hard, but can be tricky - especially when you start doing some mixing.
The Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis is actually good choice. Flies easy, and is made of EPO so it can really take a beating. It goes together quick and takes out many of the build issues or mistakes you could make at the field. Plus it is fun to fly. Given that you have some help available and experience on the sim I would not hesitate to suggest the Electrostick or the Corvalis. Both will do you very well, but the Corvalis is a little more damage proof. You'll find that either plane will help push your flying skills further as well. That's why I'd probably not choose the Cessna 182 or the SIG. You may find them too tame. Fun, but they are more for a relaxed flying experience. Something you will come to appreciate in time.

Thank you for your input. I have eliminated the Yak for sure. I am very close to ordering one of the finalist in the next few days. The input so far has been very helpful.
I really like the Switch's design - kind of a "two fer". They actually offer a written guaranty on their plane. It has few conditions, but those are all within my reach, so that makes that plane very attractive. I wish I could find one the is not RTF, so I don't have to pay for a radio I don't want or need.

The corvallis 350 looks like a good choice, but I have read a couple of reviews that make me think, it maybe to early in my development to step into.

Several club members have the Electrostik and enjoy it. One is about the same level pilot as I am so, that is a positive.

The 182 and Big Senorita are both safe choices for sure. I like foam planes for the obvious reasons, but like the Big Senorita's transparent construction. Looks very cool in the air. I have always liked the looks of the182 and it is a foamie, so that is still on my list for now.

Nitro has a good looking 182 and a few other nice looking foamies. Anyone have any first hand experience with them? I have heard things but not anything first hand.

Really appreciate everyones comments!


Here is the shortened list:
Hobbico FlyZone Cessna 350 Corvalis Rx-R 57 $179.97
Hobbico FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane Select Scale EP Rx-R $159.99
Hobbico Flyzone Switch EP 2.4GHz RTF 45" $329.97
Great Planes ElectroStik EP ARF 52.5" $ 114.99 (needs 4 SERVOS, MOTOR, ESC)
or $239 RTF
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Apr 15, 2011, 04:27 PM
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Tower Service and Great Planes Service is the tops in the industry, so anything you order there should be no problem if you have any issue. You could get the Electrostik with Tower TS-53 Servos at $10 each a Rimfire Brushless for $75 and speed control for $60... Yep you're better off with the RX-R. You could buy all the parts for the Switch, minus the TX and RX and decals for under $200, but you would have to add servos and assemble it yourself. All in all it should be about $220
Apr 15, 2011, 04:41 PM
Fixed wing fanatic
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Ok, so I just typed out a whole response to this talking about how I set up my Electrostik cheaper.... but... then I realized that I only saved $25, so I deleted it. huh. For what it's worth, I bought it with the intent to run it on a 4 cell setup with an 800kv motor so that's why I didn't get the RxR. If you intend to fly it on a 3 cell (which would be best for a novice pilot), get the RxR.
Apr 15, 2011, 04:48 PM
Fixed wing fanatic
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oh, and I don't know where you intend to fly, but the Electrostik will fly off of ANYTHING. The Corvalis is a great looking plane (one I happen to want for myself, actually) but it does not look like it will do well on grass. I fly off of either a soccer field or a pasture most of the time and have never had the stik flip over on me. It will mow through anything. I have actually flown it many times off of grass that is too long and gets chopped in the prop. Just something else to consider.
Apr 15, 2011, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by neddis
oh, and I don't know where you intend to fly, but the Electrostik will fly off of ANYTHING. The Corvalis is a great looking plane (one I happen to want for myself, actually) but it does not look like it will do well on grass. I fly off of either a soccer field or a pasture most of the time and have never had the stik flip over on me. It will mow through anything. I have actually flown it many times off of grass that is too long and gets chopped in the prop. Just something else to consider.
I had done the math on setting up the ElectroStik as an option, and I still may do that, as I have some extra servos, a nice motor, and matching ESC, so
that is a pretty good way to go.

Since my last post, Tower lowered their retail price on the Switch by $50, brining it down to $279, and with their premier member discount program, I get an additional $40 off which bring my net price to $239 and free shipping.

That put the Switch on the top of the list for me. I was holding off on buying it because of it's price, and the fact that I don't need any more radios, but at this price
I had to jump on it.

I am still sold on the Electrostik and will likely put one together in near future. The Corvallis 350 is a winner as well but, like most, I have limited resources and space.

I am very excited to get the Switch after reading a bunch of reviews on it. I really like that it is both a great trainer and a plane to grow into as my skills develop.

I have both of the Switch's configurations in my Real Flight Simulator, and am enjoying flying them until the new plane arrives next week.

I don't know if you were aware, the manufacturer offers a "Success Guarantee" for the first 60 days. I have read it can feel I can satisfy their criteria, so if the darn thing crashes, and I follow their protocal, they'll replace it one time. That's better than a poke in the eye with a stick!

I appreciate all the great suggestions and comments that have been posted.
Thank you all.

I will be updating my blog on how this plane works out for me. Stay tuned.

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Apr 15, 2011, 10:00 PM
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Good to hear you've got it sorted, Boomer! I gotta say that the Switch looks like a mighty fine craft - I'm more into Warbirds/Golden Age planes but can definitely appreciate it. Its got nice lines, and sounds like you got a killer deal on it.

If you're into kits and 3D aerobatics especially, you should check out HobbyKings 3D GeeBee balsa kit - I've just built one and it looks like it should be a lot of fun, check it out in my blog if you want.

Cheers - boingk
Apr 15, 2011, 10:52 PM
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I am a War Bird fan as well. My favorite plane is the P-51 Mustang. I am not yet at the level to put my money in planes that are true scale models.
My flight instructor and best buddy, is a expert pilot in full size and RC aircraft and had a magnificent P-51 and a P-40. Both works of art, with retracts and very high powered engines. I think the P-51 was clocked at 125 mph.

I hope to have planes of that caliber at some point, but right now, I am a beginner, or novice at best. I know there are some good looking foam war birds, so that might be an idea to consider in time.

Right now, foamies are my speed. I am going to get an Electrostik in the near future, so that will be my first non foam aircraft. I think from everything I have been told, read and seen they are great for getting in to basic aerobatics.

I have been flying the Switch on my simulator today, to get better acquainted with the plane in both configurations. I realize that the simulator is not the real thing but it has sure helped me in developing my instincts and confidence out there.

Like most of us, I have some planes in mind for when I am ready for higher level aircrafts. I built model airplanes as a kid, and now that radio control has evolved to this point, we are able to fulfil childhood dreams of flying our then static models. Great stuff for sure.

If you have visited my blog page you can see I am into RC boats, and have a new Traxxas Rock Crawler. I got that because I was so impressed with the engineering that has gone in these vehicles, and just wanted one.

I have only had it out once, and was amazed at it's performance. The problem is that I have gotten in to this flying thing and my interest in the Summit has been put on a back burner. I like looking at it, for now, but may put it up for sale. I can get several planes for what they sell for.

Boats and aircraft are my focus right now, time will tell and how will my piloting skills develop, will decide how far into flying I get. So far, so good.

I have really enjoyed reading all the suggestions the guys have shared. It is
really great to see how so many are enjoying this hobby.

I will take a look at HobbyKing's 3D GeeBee Thanks.

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Apr 15, 2011, 11:09 PM
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The Rock Crawlers really are impressive bits of gear - more so when you see the real things. Imagine it scaled up enough so you can hop inside, and replace most of the free chassis space with a small-block Chevrolet V8... crazy stuff!

On the silumator, a good sim is a great tool, even for just learning orientation and basic reactions. I've got FMS and occasionally bust it out if I can't go flying for real... but mostly I'm building a kit or dogfighting online with Aces High II if I have a spare moment.

I definitely hear you on the foam warbirds... my hangar has a Freewing F6F Hellcat, FMS Mini P-40 and the L4/J3 I mentioned on the first page. I'd recommend the FMS P-40 as a good looking, well performing plane but take note it needs about 1oz of noseweight and the trims need to be mechanically neutralised properly.

Good to hear you're interested in the GeeBee.

Cheers - boingk
Apr 23, 2011, 07:32 AM
ballin to keep from stallin ;)
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BE GLAD you avoided that yak...its not a cermark's a poor design with a terrible wing placement that causes the plane to snap when elevator input is applied going into a upline with some speed...not a fun one to fly...

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