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Oct 15, 2001, 12:41 PM
Heli Bouncer
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Speed 400 sport plane Covering and motor Q's


I've been eyeing the X250/ mini kaos thread and have been pondering scratching a 250 sq. in. plane similar to both but a little different. I have two wrapped carbon fiber kites spars of .250 diameter by 32" long and want to build a wing like the x250, but lighter. Would half ribs spaced at the same spacing as the X250's spacing alternating with full, work well with Ultracote lite transparent red. It's not to strong in the shrink department, and lighter than Monokote, I'm hoping. The airfoil would be semisym.

The other thing I want to try is to keep using my R-O-V nimh's in 8 cell packs with a Multiplex 6 v. / GR 1700 2.33 to 1 GB. swinging an APC 8x6. as the power package is still working well with my overweight trainer. The one other thing I did want to try is a Multiplex long can 480 with the same prop/gb and 9 cells in this sport plane, as P-calc gives some favorable power levels and run times. Has anybody any thoughts on either of these two powering setups? I'm expecting mild aerobatics, nothing more radical than a loop or roll or two. And the ability to ROG better than my Pigeon. I'm seeing the Ray-O-Vac's as working well just under 9~10 amps.

Thank you all in advance, and thanks for all the sport plane threads.
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