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Aug 09, 2003, 11:42 AM
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S2G 1/5 Scale Pilatus B4

Weather was no good for flying today, so I finished this instead:

Model is 1/5 scale giving a 3m span. Glass fuse, foam/veneer pre-covered wings and tail, joiner tubes etc pre-fitted. Stated weight was 2000g, mine came in at nearer 2500g. I very much doubt you could manage 2000g as I used very lightweight radio gear, though maybe the fin-mounted elevator servo I opted for would account for maybe 150-200g of the overshoot. (Allowing for the additional compensting nose weight of course. My servos aren't that big!)

The diagrams in the "instructions" show a snake-driven elevator, the instructions discuss putting the servo in the fin. I went the latter route as snake-driven T-tails are plauged with slop in my experience. (At the very least use a bellcrank...) No control throws given either, so it's "looks about right" for now. Cockpit isin't going to win any comps, but it's okay for about 2 hours extra work: (The map was produced by using a digital photo of a large-scale map of the area I fly.)

Overall the quality of the kit is excellent, but with a few snags. The individual components like the wing and fuselage are excellent, the covering on the wing is top class. Really good double-height brakes pre-fitted. I LOVE the markings, cut vinyl, they're the best quality markings I've ever applied.

The problem is that it seems at times as if each part was built in different towns! The rear wing rod for example wouldn't fit into the tube epoxied into the fuse. (I removed the tube and expoxied the rod into the fuse as it only protrudes an inch out from the root anyhow.) Seems that the kit has been "developed" but certain parts of the factory didn't hear about the changes! However there's nothing anyone with a few planes under their belts won't sort out easily. It's a true "ARF" and I feel it was very good value for the quality.

So having rewarded myself with a "quick-build" it's time for the next big "woodie" project!
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Aug 09, 2003, 07:32 PM

I am unfamiluar with the Sg2, little known here in the U.S.
I do ,however, love the Pilatus B4, and have had a couple of the Multiplex models. Lots of wing bending in 45mph wind with 2 lobs of lead on board. Great in minimal lift also.
I have a KV Discus 2, but have not maidened it yet. It's 4.3M, and if I do get another Pilatus B4,I would like one in that range, not sure who makes that Plane in a size close to that.
My drive the coast of Ireland with a small van filled with scale planes(and some pure slope planes) , make many stops at pubs also. Gota have a dream.

Aug 09, 2003, 08:26 PM
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Pronounce Pilatus??


Truly beautiful ship! I have a question.... how do you pronounce "Pilatus"??? Is is Pill La tus with accent on first syllable or is it Pill Lah tus with accent on middle. Hard to know when you only see things in print. I understand they are Swiss and make a truly rockin' turboprop trainer that would have been a pretty hot fighter in WWII.

Rich in New Mexico USA ( Wayyy out in the sticks)
Aug 09, 2003, 09:47 PM

I say Pil lat us, that will work.

You are correct. Swiss made, but stopped being produced there in the 90s, I think, but do know that a Japanese company makes them now..ah, the full size planes.

A great one to start with..the Multiplex Pilatus B4, 2.6M span.
If you can get it that is...When Multiplex was being run by Carlton in the U.S., he stopped selling the B4 a few years back, but I see the British magazines still list them.
Aug 10, 2003, 05:36 PM
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Phonetics and other B4 kits

I'm pretty sure it's pronounced pi-la-tus without really stressing any one syllable.

Eric, other B4 kits:
They do a 3m and 3.75m version, they're glass fuse/foam wings. You provide your own horns, pushrods, hinges, etc. The 3m is on special at 169 Euro, the bigger one is still good at 255 Euro. (I was going to buy one of these until I walked into a model shop down the country in Cork and picked up the S2G one instead.)
They do a little 2.15m version. I've seen this kit, it's very nice, though instructions may be german only. (My Ka6 from them has only German instructions, and having arranged translation, they're not exactly all-encompassing anyhow!)

The Multiplex one (2.5m?) is definitley still about. Multiplex kit, great quality, everything in the box, 'nuff said!

The S2G one IS avaliable in the US:
I found it while doing a search for photos of a B4 Cockpit! This is DEFINITLEY a photo of the B4 I have, maybe repackaged?

ICARE do a 4.5m all-molded superduper one with price to match! The pics are identical to the one on the KV website, so I assume this is the KV Pilatus they're offering.

(I have the little 3m KV ASW-24, foam wing version, built-in retract etc and it's gorgeous.....)
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Aug 31, 2003, 05:26 PM
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It Flies!

Well, the Pilatus has flown, and rather nicely too. Conditions were very scratchy, but she managed a couple of decent flights, managing to consistently out-soar a 4m all-molded DG1000 no less. On the one occasion I had some height in hand she rolls very nicely, loops are nice and big too. General handling is flawless, the stall is very tame. This would make a lovely entry-level scale plane. Anyone with aileron experience could fly it no problem.

I hope to have flying shots soon. (They've been taken but were never emailed to me!)
Aug 31, 2003, 05:32 PM
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Ain't it great when the magic works! Sounds like a sweetie of a plane. I wish you continued success.

Sep 02, 2003, 12:52 PM
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Wow! What can I say? Awesome! I think it would be fair to say that your ship seems to be so actual that I can fly with it right the way! Particularly, you did such a greate job on cockpit..I hope mind is going to work out just like yours..
BTW, I am building a 3.5M DG-600...

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Sep 06, 2003, 12:58 PM
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Flying pic

Not the greatest flying shot ever, but it gives you the idea...

Nice flying conditions here today. Lift was generally good but not 100% reliable so you had to "sing for your supper" a bit too. Got to fly some aerobatics with the model, it's fully capable. Airbrakes are REALLY good, slows right up to about jogging pace. I see this model becoming my "standard" slope model for a while!

Thanks for the compliments! The cockpit is actually not that well detailed really. It's amazing how some instruments, grey and black paint, a good pilot model and control column can dramatically enhance the appearance...
Oct 25, 2003, 11:15 AM
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Better airborne pic:

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