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Mar 18, 2011, 10:57 AM
Late for work again!
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A few more kit bits

Just a few more bits from the kit that I didn't photograph.

There is a ladies shoebox full of die-cut parts and other bits, it looks like somebody started to add the wing joiner reinforcements to the root ribs but other than that nothing has been done.

The instructions are the same as the Cirrus, the main German instructions with diagrams and photos and the translation in English, French and Italian. The English translation is good and is in the US form (e.g center v centre) but I can understand it!! The numbered text notes on the plan have also been translated.

A complete parts listing is given in all the languages, there are 140 numbered parts but some of those are multiple (there are 134 part no 109, spar webs, joy on high!!).

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Mar 18, 2011, 11:22 AM
Late for work again!
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Making a start

Well, time to stop talking about it and actually do something!!

The instructions say to build the fuselage, rudder, wings and then the tailplane, true to form I'll start with the tailplane!!

It took me a little while to find all the parts, the shaped hardwood leading edge and triangle balsa trailing edge were supplied as one piece each instead of two but I sussed it.

All the parts are there, one leading edge rib is damaged but I can easily copy the good one from the other side.

Another little problem that I can see is that some rib tails are much thinner than the trailing edge stock, will see what I can do about that.

It's beginning to dawn on me how long this build is going to take, I reckon four to six months allowing to do other things in life. It tickles me that Graupner use the term 'Schnell Baukasten' or 'quick-build kit', I don't think so!!!

Time to read the tailplane instructions.

Mar 18, 2011, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary Binnie
It would be a nice feature to have but my philosophy with these old kits or plans is to build them as they were intended, even keeping features that we know now could be better designed. I know it appears a strange way of doing things to some people.
Agree completely, especially after making several sow's ears out of silk purses. For this glider and the Cirrus, I would stay true to the plans; both with ailerons.

Mar 18, 2011, 11:55 AM
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Hi Gary,

"Quick-build kit" is relative, I suppose. Maybe they are referring to the fact that the fuselage is molded!

A couple of things to note; In the above pictures, the exploded view of the fuselage shows parts #2 and #3, the wing joiner tubes. The Cirrus 75 uses the same parts, which are thick walled aluminum. I believe this is how Graupner addressed the issues with the original Cirrus design, ie. the weak brass tube fuselage joiner problem.

Also interesting to note that the ad in your previous post mentioned the Cirrus 75 having a molded PLASTIC fuselage. But the several examples I've seen over the years are certainly epoxy-glass, including my own. Perhaps a few were made this way, or not at all?? I'll post some C-75 stuff on my thread once I get back to it.

I'm really impressed by the level of cockpit detail in your kit. Really nice touch.

Mar 18, 2011, 12:20 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Yep, I'm old fashioned Mike (but not necessarily old!!).

I wonder what a slow build kit would comprise of?!!! Even if you 'threw' it together it wouldn't be quick!!

I saw that note on the Cirrus 75 plastic fuselage, strange as the advert is from 1981. Not the first time an advert has been wrong though.

Nothing particularly tricky about the tailplane build, a scrap ply plate has to be made and added for the rocker screw hole so I should tweak the parts before assembly to 'let it in' and sit flush.

I might be making some new rear rib halves as they just don't match the trailing edge, a bit of a pain.

To be fair to Graupner the English parts list gives the uncut lengths of the strip TE/LE. Just got to be careful that I don't use similar sized strip in the wrong places as it's one of those kits with just enough to do the job.

Mar 18, 2011, 12:31 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
On the cockpit detail, I think there are some servo placement options where the seat pan can't be used, will avoid them.

One detail I'm dying to put in is a flap lever with the gearshift knob from a Mini car (that said 'Mini'!) as my big one had one fitted. A previous owner had a sense of humour!

It was sometimes known by others as the 'Mini Nimcoach', a play on 'bus'. There will probably be some more flying stories throughout the build as I did have a few very scary experiences with it.
Mar 18, 2011, 02:30 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Just spent an hour or two cutting the strip to size (very carefully!) and chamfering the ends for the sweepback.

Have made and let in the scrap ply bolt packer. The tailplane features a wire joiner at the trailing edge, usually only see this where rubber bands pass over, Graupner must have been worried about structural strength (or had one fail?!!). They also recommend that if the model is film covered then the tailplane should be tissue covered for strength. Me and tissue paper don't mix very well sadly!! I'm sure a good film will be ok.

Too chilly now to work in the shed but it's a gentle start at least.

Mar 18, 2011, 02:38 PM
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Nice craftsmanship (yours not the kit's). Your photos really bring back some memories.
Mar 18, 2011, 02:59 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Thanks, I cheat like hell though!

I got a power disc/belt sander a couple of years ago, it was a revelation. I took the belt bit off as it was noisy and I never used it, I burn in the 80 grit discs with hardwood to wear them out then they are quite gentle with balsa and ply.

It's got a mitre gauge but I tend to just 'eyeball' angled trims to a pencil line. I've been making an effort in my recent builds to be neat and tidy and make the current project better than the last. I think my patience threshold has got better as I've got older as well (but not with tissue paper or painting!).

Quite funny that I didn't really enjoy woodwork at school, in fact I was rubbish at it! Part of my day job involves modelling and occasionally making parts out of carbon, it has to be right first time, I could mess up in the shed but the same pressure seems to be there!
Mar 18, 2011, 03:41 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Found another picture of the big one.

This was at Innsbruck where I saw the kit in a model shop, it was owned by the Royal Air Force Germany Gliding Association at the time, hence the roundel on the fuselage.

The mountains behind were 7,500 ft AMSL, as cold as my shed up there!
Mar 18, 2011, 06:52 PM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar

Those Flap / Brakes were used on the Full Sized Duster!
Mar 19, 2011, 08:32 AM
Deniable plausibility
Shedofdread's Avatar
I love the approach into Innsbruck - "Mmmm what lovely mountains... and how kind of the pilot to give us such a close view of them"

Mar 19, 2011, 03:08 PM
Known Wind User
Martini's Avatar
Gary- Awesome to see all the familiar kit parts! My foam wing version is serving me well. You will love flying this plane (in model form now!) Love some of the history on the MN model and full scale. thanks! Look forward to your build.

Mar 19, 2011, 03:54 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Cheers guys.

Yep, Innsbruck is wacky. We used to go there for the Föhn wind, when it blew it was 90 degrees across the runway at 30 knots, great fun to watch the DHC Dash 7s and 8s crabbing in, landing on the into wind wheel then slamming it into reverse pitch and dumping the spoilers!

When it didn't blow it was a bit dull but you could soar in the anabatic lift and just about maintain 1,000 ft above the site but you had to get in close to the trees... close in fact that two of our guys managed to catch a wing on a Grob Acro and split it open at the leading edge, they were lucky to get it back to the field. 500 miles road tow to get there, one flight, busted, tow it home again!! Both guys were experienced instructors as well.

I've got some 35mm slides of that trip somewhere but no scanner.

Mar 22, 2011, 08:42 AM
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Hi Gary
I have a favor to ask please. I recently acquired a built up Graupner Mini Nimbus in desperate need of a lot of TLC - this is now almost complete, but I do not have any pictures of the original Nimbus decal to attach under the cockpit lip. Could I please ask you to photograph just the Nimbus logo for me as large and as straight as possible (not at an angle) so that I can get it scanned and have new vinyl transfers made by my friendly sign shop.
Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated.

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