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Mar 15, 2011, 03:57 PM
FPV Browncoat
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Mounting camera on Dynam Hawk Sky

I am a new flyer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to mount a Staypro 45g camera in a Dynam Hawk Sky? I thought I had a good way to do it, but as explained below that way is not going to work.

I just bought a new Dynam Hawk Sky and tried to fly it today, with rather disastrous results. Analyzing what happened, I realized I made just about every beginner mistake in the book. I tried to do my first flight on a day with 10-15 mph winds. The first time I tried in a decent sized park, and the plane went up and immediately was blown into a hard right bank and crashed into a utility box. After I repaired the damage from that, I took it to an unused farm field where there was more room to fly, and managed to get it up in the air and have it stay airborne for about a minute. But I let it get downwind of me, and while trying to fly it back upwind toward me I got confused by the orientation and it nose-dived into the ground from around 50-100 feet up.

Even the damage from this would have been easily reparable, but the problem was I had put one of these cameras on it in what I thought was a rather clever way, where I cut a notch out of the front of the canopy where it fight snugly, and was held in by two rubber bands (with a third holding the canopy in place) while resting on top of the battery, looking like this:

The problem was when the plane crashed it landed upside down, more or less right on the camera. The camera got knocked off and burried in the mud somewhere where I couldn't find it, and the main rubber band that held it in, going around the camera and the engine pod, snapped, and then got wrapped around the motor shaft. Either that burned out the motor or my later efforts to cut it off ended up cutting one of the wires in the motor, so it no longer works.

I was planning on upgrading the motor to a Microjet V3 anyway, since that looks like the standard upgrade path for this plane. And I found a YouTube video explaining how to install that, so I should be good with that. It will take me a couple weeks to get the new motor and a 25C battery to go with it, but I should be able to fly again with that.

But I've learned never to use rubber bands around the motor pod (and never to fly with any wind more than 5 mph or so). And since I lost that camera, it wasn't a good enough mounting system anyway. But I still want to put a camera on the plane, and I had already ordered a Stay Pro 45g HD minicam (since I really wanted a better camera anyway) that I plan to put on the plane (though not until I'm sure I can fly without immediately crashing). But I need a better way to mount it so the [much more expensive] camera can't come off and get lost if I crash.

I'll probably put the new camera in the same slot where I put the other one, but I need a better way than rubber bands to keep it in. Can anyone recommend a good way to mount this camera in the Hawk Sky?

I also had another question about using a Hawk Sky with a Microjet V3 motor. The YouTube video that shows how to put it on also recommends enlarging the ailerons to make the plane more maneuverable. Would that be a good idea for a beginner pilot, or should I wait to do that? Also, would enlarging the ailerons make it easier to fight the wind, when I'm unable to avoid flying in a slight breeze?

One final question: what kind of glue is best to use on this kind of foam? I've tried several types of adhesive, and none seem to stick very well, except the glue that game with the plane, which wasn't labeled and is now used up.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give.
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Mar 15, 2011, 05:31 PM
Team Wack-a-Mole
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I have a Go pro mounted on mine. I don't fly over mudd though and I"m not a beginner. Take care of the beginner stuff. Also, if the dynam stickers on the top start to peal on the leading edge, pull them off. They don't like curves in the wing tips.

you can also try putting a gyro on the aileron to help with the wind. It will help some, but being a better flyer will help even more. Get a sim and fly that on windy days.

Good luck
Mar 15, 2011, 10:24 PM
FPV Browncoat
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I think I will try a gyro to see if that helps. I ultimately want to use this plane for FPV, so I'm sure any extra stability will help with that too. For now though, I will be sure to fly it on days with no wind.

Oh and I discovered the motor wasn't broken after all. It just got disconnected from the receiver.

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