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Mar 12, 2011, 05:00 AM
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Astroid Designs Blade MCPx Upgrades and Accessories

Please go to to order.

I was going to post these in one of the MCPx threads, but they grow so fast this will get lost in the shuffle.

I have been busy tonight making mounts for the Hyperion 240 and 320 cells that attaches to the stock landing gear. They turned out pretty nice, work great, and the Hyperion 240's are a big step up from the stock batteries. I havent tried the 320's yet.

The mounts are machined from .190" delrin, I only had white in this thickness, Available now in black only.

The stock gear gets most of the battery cage cut free, and 2 .032" holes drilled in the top. You then temporarily CA the battery bracket to the landing gear, once thats fully cured, drill through the .032" holes with a .024" or so bit. The screws are spare servo mechanics mounting screws, found in many of the hardware packs for Blade micro heli's. Harbor freight has micro carbide drill sets for cheap, and are good to have around.

The stock gear has ejector pin marks molded into it, and the holes get drilled up against the front edge of the circular indents.

CA does not stick to Delrin or whatever plastic the landing gear is made from, its only to hold the pieces together while drilling the holes. You could wrap thread around the mount and gear and soak it in CA as well, if tiny screws aren't your thing.

This setup is surprisingly strong, and the Hyperion cells slide in with about the same resistance as the stock battery in the stock battery tray.

Flight time is noticeably longer with the 240's, they carry more "punch" longer in to the flight than the stock cells, Cost under $4 each and charge in under 15 minutes at 5C. Tonight I flew for just shy of 5 minutes, mostly hovering and small circuits/pitch pumps, and battery was ready to go again in 13 minutes.

Hyperion has said if the cells are just warm you dont have to wait for them to cool completely before charging.

Best part is, the heli with the Hyperion 240 cell and Delrin mount is lighter than stock! Not by enough to notice it in flight though. Most of the time a larger capacity, higher C rated battery adds weight. I really like the Hyperion G3's!

Any comments/suggestions/questions are welcome.

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Mar 12, 2011, 05:01 AM
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Hyperion 320 mount
Mar 12, 2011, 05:02 AM
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Stock and Modded gear comparison
Mar 12, 2011, 05:03 AM
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Cell weights
Mar 12, 2011, 06:53 AM
Registered User
Nice work (as per usual)

Here's a post you may be interested in and may not have seen:

Any black (yep vanity at it's best) adaptors on the Horizon (don't pardon the pun lol)?

I'll hold for a little to see if anyone posts graphs etc but this heli could really do with higher V under load.

Stock packs do ok but seem to drop V at about 40 sec and then level out. Be great to hold the initial especially to keep the supply to the tail.

Mar 12, 2011, 07:17 AM
Z06 Tony's Avatar
Nice mount bro. Too bad that company does not list the actual part # for that connector. I cannot wait over 2 weeks(they mention backlog)for the connectors. Dont think I wanna do micro Deans either. I bet HH knows the part # for that connector and I am sure other places carry it. If I find a better source where we can get them faster I will post it here. LMK how much the mounts are gonna be.
Mar 12, 2011, 07:38 AM
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Hi Dylwad

Could you make a flight time comparaison beetwen the 240 and the 320 ? I don't know wich one I'm gonna use yet, so that would be very helpfull for me !

Just got one another question : do you think that a tiny velcro band could hold the battery ? I planned to cut the hole battery mount and just keep the top of it, to glue two small velcro band.

Thanks, and sorry for my english
Mar 12, 2011, 08:05 AM
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Nice work Dylwad! Like Tur_51 I too would like to know the difference between 240 and 320 Hyperions, not just flight time but handling etc... It'd be nice if the 320 could be used for "normal" flying (if they're not too heavy, and flight time is noticeably longer than the 240), and the E-flite 200 for doing more advanced stuff. Also interested in knowing if using the normal UM connector (from mSR etc) is enough or if the new "high power" ones are really necessary...
Mar 12, 2011, 09:25 AM
Registered User
Nice work, I could be interested in one or two (in black) for 240mah cells if you could pop them in an envelope and post to france... can you still fit the stock eflite cells in?

Mar 12, 2011, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by rusty_y2k2
Nice work, I could be interested in one or two (in black) for 240mah cells if you could pop them in an envelope and post to france... can you still fit the stock eflite cells in?

One thing to consider is just buying a second landing gear and modifying that. That way you just replace the gear to use the stock pack.

For Dylwad,
think you have a pretty nice setup. Are you selling them??
Mar 12, 2011, 02:16 PM
Registered User
Good point Alan... pretty obvious when you think about it lol.
Mar 12, 2011, 03:36 PM
Dylwad's Avatar
Thanks guys,

I have not tried the 320's out yet, so I can't comment on flight time.

Pretty sure the connectors are JST PH series, Digikey stocks them.
As far as I can tell, Part numbers are~

455-1165-ND battery side housing
455-1704-ND Charger side header
455-2147-1-ND Tin plated pins for 22-26 gauge rated at 2 amps (partly because of 24 gauge wire size) PHD series are rated at 3 amps with 22 gauge wire. The PHD series only come with double row headers and housings, but the D series pins might fit in the standard PH housings. cheap enough to try out.

455-1325-1-ND PHD pins

I have an assortment on order, except for JST's $500 crimpers. 40 headers, 60 housings and 200 pins for under $15 shipped.
Mar 12, 2011, 03:44 PM
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I am selling them, and will make the rest out of black Delrin. I have carbon tail fins in the works too, that glue to a small chunk of the stock fin for easy attachment and light weight.

My intentions were to keep the stock gear as is and modify a spare set for the different size batteries. Once you go the 240 route, theres not a reason in the world I can think of to buy any more of the stock, more expensive, heavier, slower charging underpowered batteries.
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