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Mar 29, 2011, 12:17 PM
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Wing LE

Good morning! Some more progress. Basically the LE is done, as I think I can live with it after a final sanding. I also installed the fuselage cockpit deck.

Pic #1. Top LE.

Pic #2. Bottom LE.

Pic #3. Its straight enough for a fun-flyer. This process was probaby about 2hours work time. I had to be very careful with the sheeting, as it's only 1/16" and its easy to put a thumb right through I'm sure. I didn't fortunately.. as I was totally aware of this. It was really a matter of where and how to grip it all for productive plaining/sanding.

Pic #4. I also used my marks I scribed earlier on the LE-tip. They're gone in this pic. Overall it looks OK.

Pic #5. Fuselage top. The grain runs almost diagonal the pieces come out of the sheet, and it does make for a stiff section.

Pic #6. Top is on, and the fuse is getting stiffer all the time.

The next big step will be getting the wing into the fuselage. That will take some finesse and patience. Right now its extremely close, so close I could probably "wedgy" it in. Thats a bit extreme though, as I do want it glove tight, but don't want to break anything trying to fit it in.

With just a few swipes of sandpaper at a time on the fuselage opening, it shouldn't take too long. I just don't want to go to much..I think it will work out fine though.. we'll see huh..
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Mar 29, 2011, 12:50 PM
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The Tools..

Here's the tools used on the LE...

Pic #1. Bar-sander, plainer, centering tool, sandpaper, plug taken from fuselage side, E.J.Lind Duplicator.

Pic #2. The duplicator. I used this when I got the LE very close, setting it by using the plug from the fuselage. It helped to get it consistent.

Pic #3. This is the principal on which it works, by taking the shape that you want, and being able to double check it the whole length of the project, as well as simply using it as a sanding block of the exact shape.

If I'm not mistaken, this tool was invented by the same person that invented the "wing-jig" device. Its a pretty nice tool, and although not totally necessary for this, I had it on hand, and wanted to try it, as I had not used one before, and this LE is exactly what its intended for. I have a box of "edges" that are used in conjunction with this tool to create many sizes and types of edges, in this case though I simply used the fuselage plug.

I'm fitting the wing to fuse today, it will be a bit time consuming, and basically just sanding away slowly at the wing saddle within the fuselage...
So.. have a great day...
Mar 29, 2011, 02:07 PM
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I like the duplicator gizmo. I'll look for one while I am the Toledo Show. Thanks for the tip !
Mar 30, 2011, 12:35 AM
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Good evening all...hope everyone's night is going good..

... Tom, for some reason, I thought you'd like that tool. I would imagine someone's still making them.. I might even google it. I ran across that one in an estate that I bought a few months back.. I didn't think I'd use it this soon, or even on this plane.. but it seemed to fit the bill nicely, and gave me a little affirmation... haha..

Well.. somewhat productive day today. I got the wing fitted in a reasonable time....and it was a nice glove fit.. I was pretty it was a supreme fit.. they did a nice job designing and cutting this kit.. so good not even I can screw it up.. haha... We ain't done just yet though... The throttle cable runs right through the LE center also, so the LE has to be drilled.

Once you acheive alignment, you mark the LE from the inside #3 bulkhead(it has a lug designed into it), then you back the wing out one more time and drill the hole. It needs to be 3/16", so I step drill it, as I don't want anything within the wing to split. Stepping up bit sizes does make for a very clean hole when done. So... just a few pics.. as once the wing fit the fuse everything went pretty quickly..

Pic #1. Just before glue... don't know why I needed this pic...

Pic #2. Another side shot.. its pretty straight to the wing. I measured about half-dozen times...

Pic #3. The radio compartment. Access's from the bottom of the plane. There's a simple hatch that screws down to the frame you see there, much like the tank hatch. There is plenty of room for standard equipment, and to shift things around when it comes time to balance.

Pic #4. The two become one. Glued, ready to mount the horizontal stab. The tank hatch is on. The cockpit/backrest is on and ready to accept the turtledeck.

I'm going to jump over and do some hinging before I mount the surfaces, as it should be a bit easier... but its coming along.

I'm also going to run a small fillet of epoxy around the wing where it contacts the fuselage. The wing is CA'd at this point per instructs..and that's all they say to do.. but I'm going to just put about a 1/16" or so fillet.. small piece of mind there for a larger then recomended engine I guess. I'm close to getting an airframe weight before covering.. I'm still want 3.5lbs.. but if I can hit 4lbs.. thats still a pretty powerful thrust-to-weight with a strong .46.

So... tomorrows another day.. have a nice evening.
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Mar 30, 2011, 07:58 AM
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Nice job on fitting the wing !
Mar 30, 2011, 06:16 PM
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I own alot of tools but 8 years ago i spent some big money on my best buy of tools i ever made . I saved up my cash and bought a full set of permagrit tools . That was 8 years ago and iam still sanding with them . Every once in a while they come out with a new tool and i buy it also . Nice job fitting the wing Dgrant it sure looks better than the one i rushed and put my big fingers I fly off of water alot so at this stage i always put in a extra piece of ply were my float struts would attatch in the back of the fuse bottom. joe
Apr 02, 2011, 03:18 AM
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Good evening everyone. Slow progress, but it is progress. There's alot going on lately that needs my attentions, as is life and family, without them I'd be nowhere fast, and they're in need right now.

For you praying type please pray for my mother-in-law, as she's in the hospital, and its very serious at this point. She's lived a long and busy life at 90yrs old, and accomplished so many things... I'm very fortunate to know her and her family, and have them all in my life, and I'm just very helpless to do anything but be there for them in this tough time... we're all hoping for the best, and letting go to see what that will be. It makes it tough to do anything creative at this point, but a little modeling each day will keep me sane and able to be there at moments notice.

cracks.. I checked out that Permagrit site.. wow.. that is some cool stuff..and I see what you mean by "big bucks" too.. but really all things considered you probably haven't had to buy anything but a few sheets of paper for years...if that. I like it.. I'm saving that site, and thanks for that tip.

Lets see what I've done here now...

Pic #1. The hor.stab/elev after slotting and beveling. Using the bar-sander the beveling is a snap.. used in certain ways its almost like a "rasp", in that it just seems to shave it off effortlessly...don't go too far though.. I've got what looks like about a 60degree deflection possible depending on how tight I tuck the hinges.. good enough for me.

I definately do hinge-slots before beveling... it only makes sense.. and I don't think it would work out the other way around very well at all.. I've also glued the elev halves together via the joiner-wire... did that also before slotting and beveling.. again it only makes sense. Also for beveling I use that same "center line" I used to place the slots.. I bevel right to that line....using LAR and some experience, and a light touch to get the bevel how I want it.

These are areas that the manual really doesn't expand on, or have alot of info on, as far as order of execution..but the above is again...what makes sense....that and a bit of experience.

Pic #2. This is the outer edge.. rounded. I nicely rounded everything but the tips of the hor.stab/elev. Leaving the tips square to match the square wing-tips. The clarity is not very good in this pic.. so my apologies..but it might give some idea the definate difference between beveled/rounded/square... all of which are important shapes to create and use.

Pic #3. Horizontal stab now attached to the fuselage. Simple simple.. The bed it sits on was probably one of the straightest I've done, with very little sanding to get it level with the wings. Literally just a few swipes with a small sanding stick is all it took. Some 30min epoxy and a few clamps had it drying nicely and quickly in todays near 90degree climate.

Pic #4. A check of my epoxy on the bottom after install. "Just right".. haha.. I had to take a pic.. I love it when its just right and consistent throughout the glue area.... you just know it's not going anywhere of its own free will.. I'm pleased with this area.

Pic #5. An example of the fillet I used all around the wing/fuse joint. I'd say it's "enough" glue without being "too much"... I'm usually a believer in "just enough".. but "enough" without being "too much" is OK too. Its not going anywhere either.

I have jumped a few pages back and forth through the manual, due to convenience, tools at hand, and actually at this point the book does get a little vague on the order and specifics.. no biggie..I'm sure I can handle it... not advised really if you don't have experience though.. but it'll work out fine.

Next will be gluing the vertical stab. and getting the rudder/tail-gear planned and ready. I'm not liking the tail-wheel bracket, it might need a few tweeks to get it to align with everything that I want.. we'll see..

Its coming along.. a little slower then anticipated.. but that's just fine, I think we all know how that goes.. I'm not going to say those words.."all I need to do is XYZ.." ... as its never like that.. that I have learned.
Have a great weekend. Thx.
Apr 02, 2011, 05:39 PM
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I hate to hear of family getting ill ,I just lost a old timer in my club that was a great flyer in his day and helped found our club. Your dazzler is looking great and my builds slow down alot because of family or my job takes its toll every now and then, but it will get done , joe
Apr 03, 2011, 12:48 PM
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I hope your mother in law is doing well, my friend.

The Permagrit tools are pretty neat. A friend dropped over $100 bucks at their Toledo Show booth. We put them to good usage the same day !!! We found the spar slotting tool to be a handy thing, indeed.
Apr 05, 2011, 02:47 AM
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Thanks so much for your kind words gentlemen. Things are a bit calmer now, and my mother-in-law is doing a little bit better. They're taking great care of her, and she's resting peacefully, and my wife is doing much better too, as its a scare that nobody's ready for.

Tom, sounds like Toledo was great for you... good tips on the Permagrit stuff too.. thanks for the info. I'm going to check those out myself.

I've not had any chance to build the last several days, and I've got plans that will take me into the weekend that's not going to allow me shop time. I am looking at next week again having a much longer block of time to work... and quite possibly finish the frame on the Dazzler... a very cool thing though that I get to do is explore hobby shops for a few days in So Cal... so no telling what I might bring home... I'm looking forward to it though... so stay tuned as there's more Dazzler stuff to do shortly.

I will have access to my comp every day, so I will be reading RCG for sure though.. so see ya soon.
Apr 05, 2011, 06:41 AM
ARFs Are Me
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Yup, Toledo was great. I picked up a 9 channel radio, for a great price. I found a few other goodies, too.

In all the years that I've attended the Show, I never explored the surrounding neighborhood. Needing a break, for fresh air, Glenn and I took a walk around the Toledo Mud Hens baseball stadium. We discovered a great pizza pub and had a great lunch. A few adult beverages, too.
Apr 12, 2011, 01:01 AM
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Good evening folks... I managed to steal away a bit of shop time the last few days, and although the going is still slow, its going. I find its very therapuetic for me, moreso then I remember. So... I guess I'm in therapy huh... ... I'm good with it.

I've got a few pics of the progress, and its taking shape for sure...

Pic #1. and #2. The vertical stab or fin as I've seen it called... epoxied. The upper rear turtle deck(to be installed very soon) captures the base of that stab, and when done it should lock it in there pretty good..

Pic #3. A quick profile... I can almost see a plane forming... a simple one mind you, but nevertheless... our club-member that has had his out on Sunday, so I got to see one fly again.. I'm getting pretty close.
Apr 12, 2011, 01:10 AM
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And a few more pics... tid bit stuff, still important though...

Pic #1. The easement for the tail-wheel guide post. This was cut using the same brass tube used in the elevator joiner ass'ly. The hole for the tail-wheel wire was drilled by hand using a 7/64" bit. I went ahead and drilled the control-horn holes too, as I had a good visual on everything while its uncovered... and the control-horn does capture the tail-wheel wire.

Pic #2. The ailerons are now beveled and slotted... so everything is beveled and slotted now.. that's done.

From this point, I have the upper-rear turtle deck to cut and glue, and lower-rear hatch to cut and finish... that should do it for the build on the frame... then we'll go to lateral balance, and get some weights while we're at it... I'm curious to see what the airframe without hardware weighs... it won't be long now.
Apr 12, 2011, 07:20 AM
ARFs Are Me
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Good to see that you have been able to get in some shop time.

May I suggest that you add triangle stock to the fin/stab joint line ? Most likely, it's fine, just the way it is. If it were mine, placing the triangle stock would afford me a higher level of comfort with that joint.

I enjoy following your progress. Keep us informed, as time allows.
Apr 12, 2011, 07:24 AM
ARFs Are Me
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I just noticed a Goldwing in a pic. What year ?

I had one. I believe it was an '83. I remember that it was the last year for the 1100.

Bought her new, for $5500.00. Can't do that now !!! LOL

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