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Mar 10, 2011, 06:47 PM
ARFs Are Me
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You're going about this all wrong.

Today, my wife had the day off, but had a few errands to run. The dog and I worked on my Old Timer, out in the shop. We had already finished, for the day, and were back in the house.

My wife came home, wanting to go out to the shop. She gave me a hand, drilling a few holes for me, and kept me company.

Get this: Then she took ME out for dinner !
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Mar 10, 2011, 07:29 PM
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Hah... Way to go Tom! That is very cool man... You sound like a very fortunate husband!.. this is coming from another very fortunate husband here!

I like to hear that there's other wives supporting our hobby. Good stuff. I'm fortunate in that my wife also comes out to the "shop" most every evening and chats and helps. She will let me go until the cows come home when it comes to building, hobbying, or just talking with friends on the phone.. or whatever it is...

I was going to even take her to the club meeting tonight, which I know she likes to go... but I think I'll even entice her with a steak dinner instead since she's let me just go about my biz for quite a while.

Ya gotta love 'em. Good stuff man.. have a great night..

PS.. I like how the doggie helps man.. I lost my little building buddy a few years back, I've been a bit behind ever since..... those things bring back memories... again.. good stuff.
Mar 10, 2011, 07:37 PM
ARFs Are Me
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Yes, I am fortunate.

Shop dog Talle is out there almost every day. She's great in the shop.
Mar 10, 2011, 08:07 PM
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Great looking pup Tom!... and those sticks in that pic are to die for too. Nice work...and I bet Talle approves too. Yep.. my little one had her bed in there too.. I'll get another some day.. I'm sure.
Mar 11, 2011, 04:08 PM
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Da' Wing...

Pic #1. The lower main spars and TE down. In this case I can lay them both down at once regardless, and that gives me a great way to double check trueness with my straight-edge or by line of sight down the whole wing length. I used pins to clamp the spars tight, and pins in the TE to secure it totally flat.

Pic #2. The ribs after removing from thier die-cut sheets. Very decent die-cutting on this kit. Nothing broke or really even slivered. I used the off-cut of the spar material to double the spar fit, and since all ribs in this plane are same dimension, I simply block sanded the whole block of ribs. Nothing crazy at all, but this again leaves the wood so CA just bites right in.

Also during this step of inspecting the ribs, I check the fit of anything that gets attached to/through them inside the wing. The servo tray gets installed in the middle of the wing/fuse, so I check to make sure it fit the ribs/cut-outs correctly. The aileron servo rails are installed also in each wing half, so check the cut-outs now, as its much easier now, than it is later with these larger hands working in between the ribs after its built, that way when its time to insall these components, they just fit. Thinking ahead is all.

Pic #3. This is the coolest tool I've never used before. I ran across this in an estate sale a little while back. Although this step can be done just as well with a conventional tri-square(we're only talking 12 ribs total wing), I layed in those 6 ribs in about 12 minutes with most of that time just waiting to be sure the CA set up. After the first rib, I got a little knack to it. If you don't have one.. buy it! Its a worthy tool..probably less then $5.00.

Pic #4. Ribs down. Seems pretty close to me. I'm pretty pleased with it at this point. That could change at any time though... haha..

Pic #5. There it is, I'm calling it my tool of the day. Its a House-of-Balsa product. It has 3 different thickness slots, and its obviously a perfect little 90degree angle for setting ribs. I find if I shimmy it up on the rib, and get it just right, I can secure the rib with just enough "even pressure" to make it a snap.

I dont' know that I would have bought one, as I'm not one to just buy a tool, when other tools do the same job, especially when I only have 12 ribs to do in this case. I might be changing that theory though as I get a little older, and I might take a second look at some other tools out there, as this tool is worth it I'm sure.
Mar 12, 2011, 02:49 AM
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Looking good DGrant! I found we have another thing in common, identical disc/belt sanders. Works great. I'll be following your build.
Mar 12, 2011, 03:49 PM
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Hello latebreaker.. I agree on that sanding machine totally. I can't even think of how many things I use that on around the house, its got so many applications.. welcome aboard.

I got to the hobby shop yesterday for a bit of "simulator time". They have the RealFlight(whatever the newest version..5.5 maybe?). That version has probably 100+ planes.. and the Dazzler is one of them. I like to check them out on the sim to see how they might fly.

I've found the sim to be actually very realistic... more like extremely realistic to the control, response, and performance of many different planes. Thats an FYI if your curious how something might fly, take a trip to your LHS and check it out on the sim, I've been doing it for years. I'd buy the sim program itself, but I would probably end up spending too much time on it.

Anyway... The Dazzler won't disappoint me I'm sure, if its anything like the sim.. its going to a wild ride. I had it doing things on the sim that were nuts. I just might want a few more of these fun-fly things.

Pic #1. The spars installed, the trailing edge vertical stock installed, and the sub-leading-edge. There's a thicker piece of stock that's glued onto the leading edge after the wing is joined. There will be some shaping to do, and I've got just the tool. I've gathered and cut everything for the second wing-half at the same time I worked the first half, so the second half stock is all there ready to assemble.

Also at this time, the manual calls for taking this structure off the board... I'm saying not yet though, as I build the second wing-half, I see no reason why I can't leave the first half on the table to get the spars to mate perfectly. I can pull it up anytime if needed, but it might work out how I'm thinking. Then when its time to join them, I'll only have to lift one half to get the doublers and epoxy in.

The longer that wing can stay on a straight table, the straighter it will be in the end, at least in my thinking. We'll see.
Mar 13, 2011, 07:10 PM
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cracksmeup's Avatar
The dazzler is a good flying plane and goes were you point it . It also lands very slow due to the thick airfloil on the wing .I built one 6 years ago and flew the snot out of it for a couple years . A newbe and his father was checking it out in my basement abought a year ago and i gave it to them ,as i taught them how to fly and they were looking for a second plane to practice with. I had fun building and covering,flying it but i also still have fun watching the younger of the two putting it through its paces out at my club field now . They also wont let me carry a thing from my van to the field any more . lol joe
Mar 14, 2011, 11:35 PM
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Good story Joe... Its just where mine might go someday.. I'll remember that. I am having a great time working on this plane.. I know that. I've gotten a bit more done this weekend.. as it now has one nearly complete wing.. not 2 wing halves..

Pic #1. The second half of the wing, all spars glued in place, all leading edges glued on, servo rail glued(front-rails, rear rail will glue when wing flips over and servo is placed in for measurement)rear servo rail cut/ready to glue.

Pic #2. Looking down the pipe.. its straighter then I thought it would be.. really its very straight.. I don't know what I was seeing when I took this pic.. as its a bit fuzzier then I'd like.. its the only one I got at this angle though.. so sorry for the fuzz.

Pic #3. The center of wing/servo tray. The tray ties it all together. The small pieces of wood to the right are the LE and TE joiners, the strips to far right are spar doublers. These will epoxy in, and finish the center joint.
I did build this wing without lifting it, and its turned out great to this point... If I would have followed the book, I would have lifted and replaced that wing in some form twice already... it just took a bit of thought, but I think its paid off.
Also, this wing doesn't have any fiber-glass reinforcement, as it looks to rely on the fuselage/wing joint for strength.. which does stand to reason.. any case though, I still think its plenty strong, and decently light at this point...a big key to that strength though is in keeping every joint precise.

Pic #4. is the tool-of-the-day again. I'm finding using this tool, just too cool. I can now flip it around, use several sides and slots.. I didn't even realize what I was doing it came so natural... I saw myself flip through my fingers changing it around a few times, and I'm like.."how'd I do that?"..very good tool.

I'm hoping to get a bit more done tomorrow... but by Wednesday I should have some good steam going again.
Mar 15, 2011, 07:00 AM
ARFs Are Me
TomCrump's Avatar
You are making good progress, but I'm most envious of the fact that you can have your shop's door open ! LOL

I opened mine yesterday, for 5 minutes. The furnace kicked in, almost immediately.
Mar 15, 2011, 11:28 AM
Registered User
DGrant's Avatar
Hello Tom.. Its why I don't think I could live anywhere but Cali. Its been around 72 or so mid-day, very spring like... its tough to decide if I'm going to build, or just grab some gear and head to the flying field though, it leaves some tough choices. The winds kick up a bit here and there though, so I have to watch the door thing so I don't get blown out... but yeah...I open it definately.. I actually like to just crack it open most of the time...

I've had the best helper for the last few days... the little head in the right-side foreground there(in pic2 above) is my 4yo grand-daughter.. she's such a great kid.. we just hang out, she's got missions she goes on with her trike, and I've made her a track that pretty goes around our property.. and she's got her sand-paper and project(stick) that she whittles away on...pretty much like her mommy(my daughter)did 25yrs ago, and she's doing a great job!

And we're gearing up for a bit more work today....
Mar 15, 2011, 03:22 PM
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cracksmeup's Avatar


I have 13 grand kids and this is my new son helping me build. He drags off some tools to cut boxes with once in a while and some balsa scraps but is real good about asking me for big stuff. lol joe
Mar 15, 2011, 05:59 PM
ARFs Are Me
TomCrump's Avatar
My dog helps me, every day. My wife spends time in the shop, on weekends. Life is good !

Our weather was gorgeous, today. The temp was near 50. I had my shop door open, and painted my Spacewalker.
Mar 16, 2011, 12:54 AM
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Hello gents... a bit of progress here.. in the usual "California Gold" weather.. at about 72degrees again today. The glue is going down very well here, setting up fairly quickly also.. seems to be just enough humidity around, with a very light layer of clouds... Tom, glad you're thawing a bit, at least long enough for some painting. Looks good man. I'm going to have to build and paint one someday. As its been the last several years I've only painted my house.. haha.. thank goodness for Monokote..

anyways.. here I go..

Pic #1. The ply doublers in thier final resting place. There's a doubler on each edge(LE and TE)... then a 1/16" doubler each side of the 1/4" spar, top and bottom. This configuration leaves the front end of the wing inside open, as that's where the Rx and battery will go inside that cavity.

Pic #2. I ripped down all the sheeting, which in this case leaves off-cut for another component... Also.... This is my new-to-me MicroMark mini-table-saw. It made short order of giving me 2 3/8" planks. I cut them two at a time,(1/16" thick each).. very precise cuts. I ended up with 4 identical sheets. There's another thread mentioning saws..I've talked about it in there.. but if anyone needs a mini-table-saw.. I highly recomend this... just buy it. You won't be sorry.. and this is only the second time I've used it, but I was hooked on the first flip of the switch.

Pic. #3. A better look at the saw. Nice little gaurd for that blade.. that I'm sure to use. It's got a miter-fence also. I'm pretty impressed with it.

Pic. #4. LE sheeting down. That was easy. Everything was a perfect fit, and the sheeting ends smack in the middle of the spar, and buts in center very nicely. Just like the plans.. and very straight. On to the cap-strips..
Mar 16, 2011, 01:41 AM
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DGrant's Avatar


Pic #1. I mark the centers of each rib, actually for a few reasons. I make it a very light pencil mark, the biggest reason is by using the mark, I find it very easy to position the cap-strip directly over the rib using LAR(looks about right)method. I cut the strip to a fuzz over length, block sand a swipe or two for a good end, then just center it each end, press it, and its done.
The second reason is, I find that light pencil mark is a good guage for sanding, so I don't oversand, when the mark is gone, its good to go.

Pic #2. Cap-strips down. Ready to pull off the board for the second side, sheeting and cap-strips.

Pic #3. I'm glad I didn't pull if off the board until it was joined. The center joint ended up looking pretty good..

.... and I pulled it off the board, just as I suspected, its very straight, and I won't bore you/me with another "straight-shot".. trust me here. One really can't go wrong with these types of wings if everything is done in detail, and all cuts and joints are precise. Now I'm flipping it over for some more sheeting and cap-strips... before that though, it gets sheer webbing.

Finishing aileron servo-bays, and installing some guide-tubes for the servo wires are also on the schedule tomorrow.

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