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Jan 01, 2013, 07:12 PM
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my next idea..

I was curious to see if what I'm seeing in my minds eye is close to what it would look like.. which is another cool thing about making copies.. which is what gave me this idea... I shot a copy.. then took a Sharpie and colored it real quick, enough to give an idea of what it will look like when done.

This quick little step not only was time well spent, but energized me greatly, as I have an idea of what the finished piece will look like, and I was able to make a few adjustments, I'm sure the final will look much better.. but here it is.. a simple sheet copied, colored, and cut, just layed on for a quick pic.. hmm.. I'm liking this alot...and it could only lead to more ideas.. thinkin here..
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Jan 06, 2013, 06:06 PM
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warning: graphic images

Ha.. I always wanted to say that..

A little while ago, I decided to try another technique on the tail of this plane.. It was a link I ran across on about 5yrs ago to a YouTube video.

I saved it in my favorites for a rainy day. Well... its raining as I'm writing and working here.. literally.. and I would like to thank the creator of the vid, and the original poster on RCU.. this is very good info, and is being enjoyed by alot of people, and made alot of things possible that we couldn't do before..
Thanks very much.

Here's the link:
Monokote 301 (9 min 56 sec)

Its a great video for us film-covering nuts.. very nice technique, very cost effective, and just enough challenge to make it interesting. I highly recomend you give it a look.

I made my templates in previous posts, then I used the above technique to achieve the ready-to-apply graphic piece.. actual application was a little tougher then anticipated though..

I used Windex when cutting the graphic out on the table, then I used TrimSolvent to lay the whole piece onto the base.

I have to say, I've not used TrimSolvent to lay down anything that big before. I used cotton swabs to put a coat of solvent on the base surface, then working quickly, I simply layed the graphic as best and close to my position as I could. I did have to lift it and shift it a bit, and the "peal and seal" let me move it around in spite of the solvent.. but with that said.. once its in place, and you press it down(I used dry cotton balls), it isn't going anywhere.. no way .. no how. If anything attacks it, it will be glow fuel.. I don't even want to go there now though.. I'm just having too much fun here...

pic1. Template, and a swatch of Monokote ready to adhere to glass with Windex.

pic2. The graphic is ready to apply to the base. Thats the "holiday" peal-n-seal FYI..its all I could find in the store this time of year, my wife really likes it, shes used 10x what I have too.

pic3. Finish before final trim and seal(which will be done after the other side graphic is layed down.. this is the real deal.. nothing "Sharpie" about it.

So.. one side down.. now to hopefully get the other side in very near/exact spot.. we'll see... to be cont'd.
Jan 11, 2013, 07:34 PM
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The second half of the hor.stab went much smoother. I figured out to spray the Windex on the glass, lay my Monokote down, squeegy it with an old credit-card type thing.. then keep wiping the Windex until its all but dry, then the Monokote is adhered enough to lay the stencil on, and cut.

After each cut, I literally sharpened my X-acto with a small stone I've had for years for just such things.. its amazing what a few swipes of a stone does for a blade.. the blade didn't miss a beat.. everything cut perfectly. I'd also like to say the technique described in the above video worked perfectly, and its safe to say it would get much better with practice... but its a very worthy technique.. for sure.

So.. here's a few pics of the affect...

Now... what to do with the vert.stab/rudder?... I've got a few simple ideas..

I really don't want to do any more radical stuff here, as I've got other planes that need building too. At this rate, I'm sure I have enough to keep me busy for a looong time.. but I've enjoyed writing, taking pics.. all that stuff... and pictures really do these planes justice.. the pics always look better then the real thing... not much though.. but enough to definately make it worthwhile. . I'll be baaaack..
Jan 13, 2013, 12:40 AM
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Got the last of the "checkerboard" stuff on.. and its not too bad. Definately not perfect, but for the first time out with the above mentioned technique, and the fact it didn't cost me one dime, as it was done with off-cut remnants that I saved for just such a purpose.

I have to say, I'm impressed with the technique, and it did get easier for sure. I don't know how it would work on large(ish) graphics.. that would lead to more challenges.. more material.. etc.. but this is great for smaller graphics.. I'm definately going to use it in the future.. not just for this style art, but the possiblities are endless really.

I did deviate a bit on the video, in that when it was time to put the graphic down..I used Trim Solvent.. the gentleman in the video used Windex I believe...I don't know how well his stuck.. I tried it like he did, and I got terrible results.. I can't remember Monokote sticking that good with an iron either.. nothing compares to the solvent.... man... I tried a small piece on another plane just to see how easy it would lift.. and it WILL NOT lift.. basically it will lift the base off the wood before the top layer even thinks about coming off.. so inotherwords TrimSolvent is my new friend for graphics like this...

Heres a few pics... I will hopefully have some more done tomorrow.. its getting there slowly.. but at least its moving again.
Feb 12, 2013, 04:44 PM
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Looking awesome keep it up!
Feb 23, 2013, 11:25 AM
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I've been slowly plugging away on this Dazzler.. I found this interesting, and wanted to get the weights at different stages.. and it was interesting to find the weight of the covering to be a fuzz over 1/4lb..

Yep.. I calculated 4.25oz. total weight in covering.. Monokote. There's only a few more stripes to go on it.. at this point the plane has all covering and major graphics done.. and I'll be moving onto the radio install, as well as getting the finish graphics on...

Pic.#1 before covering. 20.75oz

Pic #2 after major covering is complete. 25.00oz (difference of 4.25oz's)

Pic #3 flight-pack.. I just threw it on the scale.. I was curious. 12.65oz

Pic #4 engine 16.55oz

So I'm at about 3 1/4lbs so far, as it sits... There's landing gear/wheels..canopy/pilot(I've got a few ideas)... fuel-tank.. engine-mount.. misc.screws/nuts/stuff..and of course the engine/prop/spinner.. I think it'll come in a tad over 4lbs finished.. no more the 4 1/2lbs though.. thats pretty cool.. it should fly great!
Feb 24, 2013, 10:19 AM
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Quite a covering job
I don't remember just where I had the CG on my Dazzler as far as the instructions. (I had a .46 AX on it) But after a few flights I cut a hatch in the bottom of the fuse,and put the flight battery back there to put more weight towards the tail. (it also made it less cramped for radio equipment).
It was a fun plane. I think I flew it 3 seasons until the motor died while inverted. I was going to U-turn it right side up and land on the runway. But I badly miscalculated the altitude,and that was the end of that poor plane.

Feb 24, 2013, 03:10 PM
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Thanks Crow.. It was quite a bit more then I'd planned when I started this plane, and its taken a bit longer.. but the end result is well worth it.. and it was a nice learning experience to give a few things a try that I'd seen over the years... and now that its near done.. I know it can be reproduced in many different ways... as much as my imagination lets me..

I've got ideas on how to do a sea-scape... and a tropical theme.. just simple graphic like stuff.. kind of like this flag theme.. but its different..
I've got a flame-job P-51 I've worked on, off and on for years.. its not flown.. the cowling still needs to be painted and finished.. but I'll throw a pic of that up here too.. It was saved from the big trash can about 12yrs ago.. and it was still a very decent airframe.. and it ended up clean and new.. with a whole new finish...

Pic 1 ..Here's the aileron servos, ready to throw on in there.. . the lead wire was just a tad short for me.. the extension will make it easier.

Pic 2 .. there's not as much room in there as I'd rememebered, the cover hasn't been off in quite a while. I'll make good use of those tubes though, as I'll be stuff all excess wiring into them.. hopefully neat and tidy.. we'll see though..

Pic 3 .. The CG range.. which is very easy to see, on the plans and the plane.. it lands smack between the main-spar and the bottom front-hatch bulk-head.. with the bottom trans blue, there will be no question there.

I'm using Futaba S-148 servos all around... as well as I'm using my trusty Futaba9C on 72mhz.. ch.60. I've never had any problems in my area. I know there's a first time for everything..but I definately trust my radio.. and ch.60 is very open around here. I've only had to wait for the channel a few times in over 10yrs.
Feb 24, 2013, 05:22 PM
ARFs Are Me
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I haven't commented in a while, but I can't let Fred show me up.

Your covering job is well above anything that I could ever attempt. Nice job !!!
Mar 09, 2013, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TomCrump
I haven't commented in a while, but I can't let Fred show me up.

Your covering job is well above anything that I could ever attempt. Nice job !!!
Hello there Tom.. and everyone that might catch this... and Thanks a bunch Tom.. as well.. I totally admire your work.. and I consider you.. 'da Master!.. so its totally for sure appreciated bud'..

I've been again pluggin along.. and plugging stuff in. Its about time that the work areas become crazy.. and I usually end up with a ton of stuff around on the finish of most planes.. I'm trying to be organized.. and if I go slow its not bad, but anything faster then slow is just not as productive.. .. if that makes sense.. in any case.. I'm enjoying a real building day in the man cave..

So check it out.. getting ready for the radio install.. tank install.. engine mounting.. it all seems to be running together with this little plane..

You can't install the radio or fuel-tank before running the throttle cable tubing.. You can't install the tank before the main landing-gear either, as there's screws that come through the floor... and I have to make sure the screws are properly sheilded.. so when I install the plastic tank it won't chafe or worse on any sharp screws.. no big deal, and very easy to remedy.. I just like putting the tank in once.. and knowing its secure.

It then becomes a matter of order that lends to a smooth finish.. Its taken me this long.. no need to hurry it now.. and hopefully it should all be nice for a while when its done.

Pic 1 is the throttle tube. I used Nyrod.. the stuff is fool proof for this app I think, and it snakes nicely, and works very smooth.

Pic 2 Inside.. pretty tight quarters but its all doable... I just have to be careful that my fat fingers don't get in the way.

Pic 5 Aileron servo w/arm.. installed. I'm using Dubro super-strength servo arms. I've been addicted to these for years... probably since they've been on the market. They make for a clean linkage, and I've never had one fail.

Pic 3 "If I only had a brain...".The brain of the plane..... All plugged in.. making sure everything is positioned correctly.. and will end up where its supposed to.

Pic 4 Servos all battoned down. I used some awesome servo-screws I got at my favorite out-of-town hobby shop. RC Country, Sacramento, Ca., These screws are allen-head, with a nice pan-head, they work perfectly.

Pic 5 Inside.. pretty tight quarters but its all doable... I just have to be careful that my fat fingers don't get in the way.

Pic 5 Aileron servo w/arm.. installed. I'm using Dubro super-strength servo arms. I've been addicted to these for years... probably since they've been on the market. They make for a clean linkage, and I've never had one fail.

Hopefully more to follow soon... its getting close.. and I'm ready to finish this little thing..
Aug 18, 2013, 01:32 PM
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You get the plane up and flying yet! :P, hope you are doing well, just checking back in
Sep 14, 2013, 11:57 PM
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I think I just about got it....

Here's a few pics of the "closing"... and a few other tid-bits..

and.. HEY STEVEN!!! whats up buddy?? . Nice to hear from you dude... yes the plane is coming along.. and very nearly in the record books(for something I hope..haha)..

As I write this.. I'm calling this plane done. Its taught me alot.. served its purpose.. and I'm ready to fly it and move on. It should prove to be a nice fun plane. I will try and upload a video when that takes place... I don't have any time frame I'm against..

The next set of pics are the finished prize!!!. I'm really pleased, all things considered and life changes in the process.. I was inspired by many.. and tried things that I'd wanted to check out for years... it shows me there's alot possible if things are just studied... So.. heres the first few pics of a somewhat finish... more to follow soon... ..
Sep 15, 2013, 12:33 AM
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Here , she is!..

I'd have to say I'm somewhat impressed.. for not having an actual direction on scheme.. other then a flag which I'd wanted for 10yrs.. the rest of the graphics just fell out of me... it came out alright I think.
Sep 15, 2013, 12:41 AM
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here ya go...
Sep 15, 2013, 12:51 AM
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and here's one last set...

Thats it.. I hope to upload a vid at some point on the maiden voyage sometime in the future... but we'll see how that goes too.. haha.. I fully expect this plane to perform to its full potential.. its very well built.. regardless of how it looks, its built by the book. I'm also thinking some of the graphics will peel.. maybe some in short order... thats ok too.. she's made to fly.. and that's what she'll do.

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