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Nov 01, 2012, 12:35 AM
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Pic #1 Trimmed up a bit. This gives a good perspective of how simple it really is. You can see the differentiation of the Gray and White stars as they're cut and layered on the base colors to give that depth.

Pic #2 This angle gives a very good effect. I'm very pleased so far.'

At this point, after seeing what the first half of the wing looks like, I can move on to the other half, which will be a continuation of the trans Red bars.. of course with some Gray depth-lines underlying.. I'm hoping I can get the other half to unfurl just a tad more.. which should give a really nice balance one half to the other.

The wing will be the "major" graphic on this plane. I will do some smaller stars and striping, all hand cut from Monokote placed around the plane for accent purpose, right now its all still in my head anyway. I love working with films, as there's so much one can do with it.

Striping down to 1/8" or so is a walk in the park.. and it all matches very well when you can do that. A big key is being set up for it, with a decent size piece of glass to work on. A proper T-square that works with the glass to give consistent cuts for your striping is a great tool, as well as a few sharp X-actos, and a stone sharpener will keep your knife in good shape.

I'm hoping a few are still following here.. but there'll be more soon to come I think.
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Nov 01, 2012, 05:53 PM
Love To Fly Anything!!
I really love the way that is turning out! can not wait to see the finished plane !!
Great Job
Nov 04, 2012, 11:50 PM
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Awesome job Dale! I'm still following along buddy ...
Nov 05, 2012, 07:09 PM
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Hey Shortman!! Thanks for checkin in buddy... Hope lifes treating you well.. I hope you been jammin on that AXE you got....

Tom.. thank you for your kind words.. I'm moving along a bit with it.. It seems to happen with every plane I build.. I get to a place and for whatever reason... I don't want to screw it up.. so I just get stalled. I'm asking alot here for a Fun-Flyer I know.. but I am getting excited myself..

My wife thinks I'm some kind of artist.. haha.. she wants me paint/create all kinds of stuff now.. haha.. She is awesome.. and my biggest supporter and fan..likewise as well..

To 'da plane boss... I've now got the "depth stripes" on the right wing half.. I cut these on my glass.. just took rough dimensions.. cut a piece of Gray.. cut the shapes/curves to LAR (looks about right..haha(again))..

First pic are the strips literally just laying down for perspective... I usually take a few or more pics.. then study those as well.. as many perspectives within reason as I can...

Pic 2.. After the main wing strips are down.. I deflect the surface with Scotch tape.. I love that tape.. thing is... tear/fold it down so you get a tab.. and it only needs a micro bit of area to hold things.. just touch it to the film and it will hold.. any more then a touch though and it could be trouble.. but its handy with any film..

Pic 3.. After ironing the hinge-line, and ailerons. I used the Coverite Trim Sealing Iron. Handy little iron.. not near as hot as the bigger iron.. (Coverite 21st Century).. Amazing how a good set of irons makes it nice.

More to follow...
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Nov 05, 2012, 07:27 PM
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Heres a few of the trans Red... and how that starts.. This is all easiest if done in steps.. at least to me.. as with all graphics.. one thing affects the next..then affects the next.. etc.. haha..

Pic 1.. I cut a piece big enough cover the area I need the graphic on.. I tack it using a small "tab" of Scotch tape on each corner.. being careful not to put tape on anything thats been layered.. inotherwords.. only use small tab/tape on base coat and its fine.

Pic 2.. This is a pondering time.. and should be.. I just take my Flair and start gently drawing/sketching. Its not a great surface to get smooth lines..with a Flair anyways..

If I get a good decent Flair line.. when I lay the film on my glass.. and smooth/secure it down.. The X-acto does the flowing.. and cuts lines that are quite acceptable.. I'm no surgeon either.. but it works fine.. I've noticed there is room for flow..not everything has to spot on with this kind of work.

You can draw on it all night with the Flair.. if you don't like it.. Windex/paper towel wipe it off.. matter of fact.. it smears terribly.. so I'm as careful as I can be once I get a pattern I like.. if it does smear though.. I get a chance to do it again.. with the Flair that is... Once it goes under the knife though.. I like to be farely sure.. its much tougher to salvage.. and usually ends up being a re-do..

So.. I've got some cutting and ironing to do now..
Nov 05, 2012, 11:50 PM
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Here's a litte more progress... I've been doing small areas while getting some chores and stuff done... I find walking away and coming back gives a fresh perspective sometimes.. all in all.. I'm pretty satisfied..

I'll have to get over the "Its too nice to fly" thing though... This bird is going up.. no doubt about it.

Pic 1 is after the cut of the top trans Red stripe.. just layed on.. easy to move around for small adjustments..

Pic 2 .. different angle sometimes gives a different look.. maybe.. It is nice to be able to see it as others will.. I know where to hide my mistakes.. haha.. just kidding.. it is what is.. Have a great night.

I'll be ironing this segment down next.. probably tomorrow evening.. we'll see how that looks huh..
Nov 06, 2012, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by scigs30
Dale, Great building an nice covering, who says Monokote has lost its touch? How did you like covering with the household iron? From what I have seen online I think that is all the overseas ARF builders use to cover model planes. The covering probably goes on much faster with the larger iron surface. I think the problem is they apply the covering nice and smooth but don't use enough heat to totally shrink the covering and that is one reason ARF can be pretty baggy when the box is opened. Just curious did you use a heat gun to shrink the monokote?
scigs... Wow.. my aplogies.. I just ran across this, and didn't realize I didn't respond at all.. totally didn't mean to ignore you.. wow..and this was months ago.. Hope you're still watchin..

Yep.. I do love the Monokote.. I've not ever really noticed anything different from older material to todays stuff.... and I'm actually using a combonation of Monokote from about 1970(the wrapper/label on the Dove Gray had copywrite of 1969.. I saved it..its sitting right here..). I knew it was old when I opened it. I got it, with many other colors/rolls in a bulk buy here on RCG I think.. I just didn't expect it to be over 40yrs.. the shelf life of this stuff is amazing if its kept in a climate controlled environment.

I've got alot of it.. different colors.. new, old.. its pretty much all the same from what I can tell. With that.. the transparents I'm using are from brand new recently purchased(within this year) from a major hobby shop.. so I've got a mix here.. and nothin is any different from nothin.

The clothes iron does make quick work of shrinking.. very easy with the area that iron has.. and I think it can, and does get quite a bit hotter then the 21stCentury iron. Thats how I used to cover my planes though..all of them.. probably until about 1990..

It does give about the same overall finish... with exceptions to very small areas. Really.. alot of the tools we use today..the ones that newer modelers think are "must haves", are things that we just dealt with in other ways 25yrs ago.

Like slotting machines, CG machines.. all that "stuff".. I only have it now because I'm spoiled.. its not that I "need" it to get the job done.. I am just plain spoiled. .. haha.. back to 'da plane.. more soon to come.
Nov 06, 2012, 06:27 PM
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Looking awesome, I need to build an airplane kit again here soon . Been flying my helicopter too much and not building anything...
Nov 13, 2012, 06:21 PM
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Shortman.. I'd agree.. get ta buildin' man! haha.. really no hurries though.. you learned young.. its something that you can carry on for years with.. just enjoy life..

Heres a few pics I just couldn't resist shooting.. albeit it wasn't great sunshine.. I just wanted to see it in the outdoors... sometimes they take on a different look in the sun...

Heres a few of the top and bottom.. there will be some mild striping.. can't decide where exactly though.. been wrestling with placement for days.. geez.. I've just gotta get over this stinkin little fun-flyer ya know..

Still pretty pleased though... I've seen alot better.. but then again... it could be alot worse too.. good thing we won't be able to tell as it whizzez by at 150mph!.. haha.. probably more like 50mph.. or so.. The plane is specced with an OS.40LA(bushing engine)...

I was going to put an older Magnum.45 bearing(hot-rod)engine in it... I've recently ran across a pristine OS.46FXi for the whoppin price of "free".. so that was a great deal.. I think I'll try it... engines are very easily swapped in this plane though. The .46 should be an extreme powerhouse on this little 4.5lb plane, hopefully thats finished weight, in any case.. I definatley don't see it going over 5lb.. no way..
Nov 13, 2012, 08:53 PM
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Looks very nice! I see the flag waving right now

Nov 13, 2012, 09:48 PM
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Way cool
Nov 20, 2012, 11:32 PM
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Looking good Dale!
Nov 21, 2012, 11:42 PM
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Thanks a bunch Steven... glad you're checkin it out.. hope lifes' treating you well.. and you get lots of turkey and stuffing this holiday..

I just ran across this at TowerHobbies, thought I'd throw it out here.. This Dazzler kit is now on sale for $54.99. Not too bad huh.. nice to see a smallish builders kit thats hugely balsa based still out there for a reasonable price.. If memory serves... mine was about $40 when I got it.. that was quite a while ago.. over 12yrs ago I'm sure.

I know, I know.. for some of we older(read more experienced builders) some of these could be had for half that, and less.. but still to find a nicely equipped kit like this for less then $60 today is decent..

Heres a link..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Nov 27, 2012, 02:05 AM
Shortman's Avatar
Life's good Dale, my 25th birthday was on Nov 21st and Thanksgiving was good :P. I'll be keeping tabs on this as you get closer to completion. I'll be in Clovis here in a few weeks as well, might have to bring my heli down to fly
Jan 01, 2013, 06:44 PM
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Tail graohics...

Happy New Year!! Had some time to work on the Dazzler.. I've been wanting to do a different type of graphic on the tail.. hopefully to complement the wing work.. as well as give me a chance to try another "new to me" technique I've admired for quite a while..

Its doesn't look all that tough to do.. it was more a matter of thinking about it for a while. I'm sure I've over thought it.. but.. hey.. its a fun hobby right..and stimulates well as being able to try and learn new stuff.. so here we go with the new graphic attempt for 2013...

I've liked checkerboard forever..and have seen many shapes/styles/uses of sometimes very simple checkerboard pattern.. and I ran across a technique on YouTube a few years back that might make this come out decent... Again.. I've tried to adopt the concept.. but using my own techniques when I see fit..
"Check" it out..

pic1. A sheet of 8-1/2"x11" paper, place over stab/elev. I lined up the leading edge.. then very lightly pressed the perimeter/hinge-line, creating an impression crease, very light...

pic2. Thats how light the crease is..very visible in good light though..

pic3. ... which then I simply take my ruler, and draw it out..

pic4. I held the drawn side up to the light, then made small hash-marks on the opposite(side facing me) side of the sheet... effectively giving me 2 sides exactly opposing. Left stab/Right stab inotherwords. From here..this is the "master", that I can simply put on my copier, and I can draw what I want... and if I don't like it. I just shoot another copy of the master, and draw/cut/toss again.

pic5. Start of the graphic.. which I call a very traditional "burst" style.. making 2 mirror sides..

pic6. If you can get your minds eye working, the gap inbetween the sheets is actually exactly where the fuselage is.. and I lined up the hingeline. so I effectively have a very close pallet of my horizontal stab, that I can now scribble on, draw on, etc.. if I don't like it.. guess what.. I just shoot a copy from my master.
In this pic, I also draw out the horizontal line of the checker.. I use the LAR method on that.. Can you see any effect about to happen here?
I'll shoot a copy of each of these, as the next step requires cutting and will destroy the sheet, so I'll destroy a copy, and preserve my work to this point..

I'll get back here in a bit.. if any crickets are still out there..

I hope everyone has a great New Year.. mine is starting off wonderfully.. hmm... I'm thirsty.. I'll have to take care of that...
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