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Mar 15, 2011, 12:54 PM
certified crash instructor
Originally Posted by ESylin
Yeah.. my tail was not staying put even in a hover. Constant ccw drift. I twisted the tail rotor to add pitch, and it came right back to that happy stable hover.

Where is your stick for inverted hover after changing the link length?

I brought both sides closer to center by using a bit of an S in my pitch curve.
I'm still trying to dial in the pitch, I was hovering at 50% throttle, too much pitch, went 2 turns cw on the servo links and now the hover is around 60% throttle, hoping around 40% throttle for the inverted hover but I'm a new cp pilot and haven't hovered inverted yet.
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Mar 15, 2011, 01:41 PM
Heli Nut
Originally Posted by slo-fly
I'm still trying to dial in the pitch, I was hovering at 50% throttle, too much pitch, went 2 turns cw on the servo links and now the hover is around 60% throttle, hoping around 40% throttle for the inverted hover but I'm a new cp pilot and haven't hovered inverted yet.
What radio are you using?

What I did is set the linkages so the blades are at zero pitch, mid stick. That's been described elsewhere in this thread. Then I just played with the pitch curves until I had the hover where I wanted it. It does make the pitch more sensitive around mid stick, but that was my goal. I found that flipping it with the linear pitch curve, I would have to go almost all the way to max negative pitch before I could bring the heli into an inverted hover. I just don't like throwing the sticks so far.

Mar 15, 2011, 01:48 PM
Can't get enough
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Originally Posted by Razors edge 29
What's causing them to fly off? Bad screws? No locktite?
Bearing failure. There is also no washer on outer bearing to catch it if it fails. I have been using 4G6 feathering shaft and bearings, and the screws are a bit bigger to hold in the bearings. No problems out of dozens of flights. My stock outer bearing failed after a few flights.
Mar 15, 2011, 02:45 PM
Registered User

Main gear rotates after a crash

Hi all,

Just a heads up to possibly save your main gear. If your a little slow on TH in a crash the main gear will push down a little and sometimes rotate a little so that the flat on the shaft is no longer keyed properly in the gear. You have to remove the main gear and reinstall it properly keyed with the shaft. If you just push the gear on it may deform and become unusable.

Mar 15, 2011, 03:13 PM
Tail-in hover expert ;)
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My second mCP-X arrived today. I quickly noticed how the bearings are installed differently from my first one. This time the brass colored retainer is facing outward (towards the blade). I won't replace these bearings and see how it holds up.

I like how the pitch trim is spot on (zero pitch at mid-stick) just like the first one, so I won't have to adjust the length of servo links.
Mar 15, 2011, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by mcp_x
i really think hh knocked it out of the park with the mcp x , they got slapped by murphie's law on the bearings though
Mar 15, 2011, 04:14 PM
2 seconds from crashing
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Originally Posted by RobinBennett
Which way around were the bearings that failed? Was the brass retaining ring closest to the main shaft?

I think the theory is that the ball cage (which spaces the balls around the bearing) can be thrown out by centrifugal force, allowing the balls to bunch up on one side of the bearing, which leaves enough space for the inner and outer to separate.

The bearing is designed to take a reasonable axial load, but not to be spun around at high speed.
I have one side copper out and one side copper in, so if it is a directional issue i should know soon
Mar 15, 2011, 04:37 PM
Sussex, UK
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Originally Posted by Razors edge 29
So what are the main/common issues with this heli?
I'm trying to keep this list up to date:

Of course, the biggest problem is that it's not in the UK yet!
Mar 15, 2011, 04:43 PM
Tech Junkie
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A "Beginner's" Review of the Blade MCP X

While I've had some flight time (hovering) on an HK 450 and a Walkera cp Micros, I can't say with all honesty that I'm truly a "beginner" in the heli world. But, considering that the MCP X is for Intermediate+ users, I WOULD consider myself at the tail end of the Intermediate range.

That being said, I did grab a BNF MCP X and wanted to give my impressions after the first few flights:

- This is NOT a beginners heli, although it has features that make it more stable in flight.
- There is a learning curve, even for taking off. It takes a little getting used to.
- While quite stable in a hover, this little heli requires all of your attention when flying. Don't expect to be able to glance down at your transmitter or out at your surroundings. The MCP X responds quickly and it can get away from you.
- Getting the pitch set properly is CRUCIAL. Refer to previous posts on how to get your blades at 0 pitch at mid stick while in Stunt mode.
- You WILL be adjusting pitch and throttle curves to dial your bird in to your tastes. Getting this set up will make learning on it MUCH easier.
- You most likely will want to replace the bearings with T Rex 250 bearings (681x) as there are numerous reported problems with the stock bearings, although some users seem perfectly fine with stock.
- Don't give ANY cyclic input till your bird has lifted off. This does not work with the Flybarless system and can result in broken parts from tip overs.
- Check your main gear to make sure it is properly seated after EVERY crash/Flight. Gear slippage is the number one cause of odd behaviour from this heli.

All in all, I think it's a great unit that has wonderous potential for pilots like me who are still on the lower end of the CP learning curve. After just a handful of flights, I'm comfortable enough to start pushing it around a bit instead of just static hovering. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get out in the field where I can try more of this (My other flight option is my 10x12 living room... I suppose in a way this will pay off in tighter hovers and overall control... lol).

I'm happy with the performance, but a little disappointed in flight times from the stock batteries. I'm looking forward to 3rd party alternatives.

Comparing this heli to the Walkera FBL micros, I HAVE to give the nod to the MCP X for all around performance and stability. After just a few flights, I can keep the MCP X in a tighter hover than the Walkeras.

Overall, my recommendation to those who have a bit of experience with Fixed Pitch helis like the BSR or SR 120 is that you CAN learn to fly this and transition to CP, but it will take getting used to. You're not going to magically do crazy stunts just by owning one.

For those with some CP experience, even just hovering practice, you'll come to appreciate this bird once you get used to its idiosyncracies and get a few full battery hovers under your belt.
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Mar 15, 2011, 05:28 PM
Rocket Programmer
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Guess I should post this here too...
E-Flite Blade mCPx Unboxing (1 of 3) (8 min 32 sec)

Any comments? I'll be working on the setup video tonight. If there's anything you don't want me to miss, let me know.
Mar 15, 2011, 05:53 PM
A man without a plan
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just picked mine up from the LHS about 2 hours ago and I am impressed! after messing with the d/r and expo a little bit to find my personal "sweet spot" I took it outside and tried a roll to inverted and WOW! a super micro helicopter hovering upside down in front of me! look how far we have come since I started 14+ years ago!!! this little thing rocks.

after my first two packs were used up I came here and found out about the bearing issues and some of the other problems. only two flights and so far so good...... I plan to tether the grips together and the links for safety. I found out that I really need to setup the timer, once that batt gets low it drops out of the sky.....

my issue so far, I haven't messed with anything yet but coming out of fff or after a roll or in little gusts of wind the head starts doing a weird shaking and stops if I pump the pitch real quick, anyone else have this problem? thanks guys. can't wait to fly this little bugger again. "batteries are charged, time to go!"

Mar 15, 2011, 06:47 PM
Cranky old fart
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The LHS didn't have any more in stock, but I got to try the demo unit they had, with the supplied transmitter. My first impression was it feels kind of odd. I guess I wasn't sure if would be something like an MSR or something like my 250. It's neither. Very quick and positive response with no drifting or sliding. It has a lot more power than I was expecting from that little motor. It recovers and climbs out very quickly. Piros are kind of uneven, like the MSR. It could use a little more feel in the turns, but not bad considering the weight. I crashed it a few times (avoiding customers opening the door) and didn't hurt anything! That's a real first for CP heli for me.

Now, I'm not good at doing loops with a 450. But one of the LHS guys talked me into it, after I got used to how it flies. I was really surprised how easy it was and how tight the loop was. I'm a lot more impressed than I thought I'd be. I'll be getting one in the LHS next shipment.
Mar 15, 2011, 06:52 PM
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As a somewhat rusty intermediate (haven't flown my Trex 450 in about a year), I would suggest that other intermediate's start with the weighted "bullet" blades. I found they made the heli much less twitchy.

My general impressions after doing some hovering and forward flight is that it behaves like a small CP heli (shocker!). Stability wise, I don't know that I can tell the difference between fly-bar and no-fly-bar. To me it handled similar to my Trex, only it was touchier, owing to having less mass. Perhaps a similar micro sized fly-bared CP heli would be less stable, but the Trex is the only other CP heli I've flown so its hard to tell.
Mar 15, 2011, 07:07 PM
Registered User

Normal mode settings?

I just got the mCPx . I kept the pre-installed "stunt" blades on. I have a DX7 and set it up according to the manual. I set the Rudder D/R to act as the throttle hold with 0% throttle (not the default negative 5%).

I am pretty got at flying the mSR in any orientation, and minor flights. I need more space and spring to hit to really "fly" it. I was ok at hovering and manuevering at Helimax Axe CP, though at the time, before the mSR, I still did everything tail in and a little sideways stuff. I am pretty good at flying a number of helis on the sim now, including inverted etc.

So far the mCPx is pretty easy to control, but I am still getting the feel and getting past the pucker factor.

I found two issues with the maual settings (especially for newbies)

1. On Throttle Hold (TH) the Pitch Curve (PC) is set to 0 , 50, 100%. If you are in normal mode I think there is still a tendency to lower throttle in trouble even when you hit the TH. This will add negative pitch and slam it down. Also if you are at low throttle and practice cutting it when it tips over it will go to negative pitch. I set my TH pitch curve to 50% across the board. Any issues with this if you are planning on progressing to larger helis? I don't think the mCPx will autorotate so I don't think there is a benefit to having a pitch curve with TH.

2. With the stock Throttle and PC settings I seemed to be hovering around the 70-75% throttle range which felt quite high. If I lowered the throttle to around 60% it would drop like a rock. This doesn't seem normal. I don't have my sim handy (RF 4.5) but I think I was able to lift off and hover by 60%. Could there be something wrong with my mCPx or is this normal? Also a PC of 30% seemed low for the throttle down position. I increased it to 50% so it didn't slam the heli down when I dropped the throttle.

So far I have adjusted the Normal Throttle and Pitch curves as follows so I am roughly airbourne around 60% throttle. I am guessing lower throttle and higher pitch is not good as the general rule especially with a single cell battery.


Any thoughts?

More more question, is the motor super notchy on other peoples mCPx's? With no battery the head / motor is very notchy and hard to turn.

PS with the stock and the above settings occassionally I get the heli shakes as well.
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Mar 15, 2011, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by helifrek

my issue so far, I haven't messed with anything yet but coming out of fff or after a roll or in little gusts of wind the head starts doing a weird shaking and stops if I pump the pitch real quick, anyone else have this problem?

Yep - I think it's the FBL resonating... it does that every once in a while. Try getting the mcpx's skids to just lightly touch the ground from a hover. On mine, the mcpx starts the jiggy almost every single time I do that...

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