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Feb 28, 2011, 03:59 AM
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First Blog Post

Righteo, first blog post. Not just here, but ever. Feels weird.

Basically I'll just be writing about upcoming builds and/or things I'm doing with RC aircraft, more so I've got a concrete record of what works and what doesn't than anything else. If anyone wants to tag along for the ride then thats fine by me.

So, where to start... I guess it all started about 15 years ago when I was a kid. I was fascinated by flight, and made paper airplanes and models both at school and home. One year I was given a balsa/tissue/dope kit that turned out to look something like a Cessna. It flew by rubber power and would fly along at a nice sedate rate. I loved it, but inevitably it got lost to the sands of time as I grew up. RC was too expensive back then for me to pursue and eventually I forgot about it.

Fast forward to about a month ago, and I'm tooling around online... eBay or something I think. I saw an 800mm wingspan foam airplane, all ready to go with transmitter etc, for about $180. I couldn't believe it - electric stuff had just progressed to NiMh when I had left off in highschool and even that was dear. Now something called 'LiPo' was the big attraction, and could be had cheap as well? This was interesting...

I dug deeper and asked around, and eventually got onto an Aussie modelling site (not that kind you sicko! ) which carried transmitters and planes. After a bit more asking and digging I ordered a ParkZone micro P-51 and a pektrum DX5e... not the recommended beginner kit, but then again I'm adept at flight sims and flight games and figured it couldn't be too ahrd to start on a 4ch plane.

Cut to about a week later and I'd crashed over a dozen times, the little '51 coping admirably. I videoed myself flying with some sunglasses that had a micro digital camera mounted in the frame, and realised Iw as much too close to the ground, and tended to get cocky when nearing the end of a battery pack - just the time when you don't have the power to fix things. I reined those bad habits and have been more or less fine since then, dogfighting with magpies and leading a mighty squadron of galahs around the local ovals. No joke!

A month into this hobby and I've found this site and have a few more planes on the drawing board. A Freewing F6F Hellcat is the pride of my fleet at the moment, awaiting another journey into the skies pending some work on the pathetic stock motor mount. A HobbyKing J3 is on the way, too, to be powered by a ludicrous motor setup that might see the thing performing 3d flight. Lastly, a similar setup to that which will power the J3 is also on the way, which I'm planning to make into a 'Speed Stick' for kicks.

So, thats the ride so far. If you've been reading then all the best to you, fly safe! And if you can't fly safe... fly careful, haha.

Cheers - boingk
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Feb 28, 2011, 08:40 AM
into the wild blue yonder
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It's great to see this hobby is still going strong after all thoes
I myself am new at this. I fly nitro and gas stuff. You can see my stuff on my blog along with some video. You and I have the same story, I was introduced to flying at a young age as well, and had to waite to build and buy till now. (kids)...
The info you will find here is invaluable I use the internet all the time for my project, and questions...they sure didn't have that when I was a kid.
I did join the AMA and a local flying club, so I have a great place to fly. Our field is where the Spruce Gouse is hangered.
Well I will watch your blog and if you have questions fill free to contact me.That's it for now...Fly safe...Shawn.

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