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Mar 14, 2011, 06:39 AM
Father Francis, formerly Apach

I am sorry to hear that, though I honor your decision as I have been on that same fence many times. I would like to wish you the best of luck. PLease keep us all posted.


It was an honor creating a short video for everyone here. I, too believe that sharing of information is what makes this a wonderful place to come when looking for answers to ones questions. flatterman, yes I prefer to fly this bird like a eagle, soaring overhead keeping a well trained eye on the ground below.

Remember, I still plan on installing a digital sound card with predatory eagle screaching sounds controled from a spare channel on my Tx. If a can, I might even install a waste channel that will ooze out a bit of white lotion as I cruise overhead.

My wife has also become interested in these kites after showing her a few videos. With that it looks like we may already have a second thrust vectored kite in our fold in the near future.

Happy flying,

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Mar 14, 2011, 08:49 PM
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Ok, I maidened my Eagle this afternoon and all I can say is that it was awesome!!!

I followed ApachePilot's flight recommendations and it flew pretty good on the first toss. There was a little more wind than I would have liked (8-10 mph) but it went pretty good. I had the stock battery in the forward position of the rear velcro and it wanted to climb so I trimmed in some down thrust and flew much better.

My 2nd flight was with a Hyperion G3 1800 mAh battery with the same settings and I liked the way it flew much better, I trimmed in a little more down thrust and it was just perfect, I wish I had taken more batteries. I ran the Hyperion for 7 minutes to get a battery reading and at 7 minutes of flight the battery had 37% left so that was just about right and the battery/motor/ESC was just warm.

I did get the feeling that the bird is somewhat under powered and I did a motor check when I got home, thinking another prop might work better. It looks like the stock motor with the 20A ESC and the GWS 8x4 DD prop is about maxed out at 18.6A and 210W. I tried several other APC props and they all took it over 20A.

To sum it up, I'm very happy with the Eagle and it sure has a real WOW factor and is something you don't see at the local flying field or park.

I'll probably get some 2100mAh batteries and look at some motor combinations that will give a little more power.

Hey ApachePilot, it doesn't knife edge very well.......we'll have to work on that.

Mar 14, 2011, 09:29 PM
Father Francis, formerly Apach
Hey ApachePilot, it doesn't knife edge very well.......we'll have to work on that.


Maybe if we print McDonnell Douglas F-15 on the wing somewhere.....ya think then?

Glad to hear you had a good time. Just adjust to your likeing, you might find you have to move the battery back just a touch in no wind situations.

Grab a short video when you can, I would like to see your setup and check out your power off glide.

Thanks for the flight report....

Mar 15, 2011, 07:58 AM
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Anyone know the specs of the motor for the Eagle Generation II power unit?

Mar 17, 2011, 07:37 AM
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Ok, ran (4) batteries yesterday evening and am still very happy with the big bird.

Wind was 5-8 mph when I started but dropped to just a light breeze. I liked the bigger batteries (1800mAH) better than the stock 1000. The 1800's gave me 8 minutes of flying time and came down at about 37% or 3.8v per cell, so that's a pretty good time for these batteries, could possibly stretch it to 10 but I don't like to drain the batteries too far.

CG is spot on in the forward position of the rear velcro and the glide was very good, with no wind it's pretty much hands off at half throttle or less.

Sorry I'm not able to get any video but I'm a little technically challenged in that area.

Overall quite pleased with the Eagle and it's a very interesting and different addition to the hanger.

Mar 17, 2011, 08:11 AM
Father Francis, formerly Apach
Congratulations Mike, I'm glad you have it trimmed and flying nicely. Too bad we can't find a combo to give us a good 15 minutes yet. My video downlink should be here sometime in the next few days for a little FPV type flying. I can't wait....

Mar 17, 2011, 10:05 AM
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Hi ApachePilot

I was thinking the same thing about longer flight times.

I don't think much longer flight times are possible with the stock motor/ESC/prop combination. 2200 batteries might give a little more flight time but not much, the extra weight will be a trade off. I think to get some real extended flight times we'll have to go to a different setup. That 8x4 DD prop is pretty inefficient and we'd need to get a motor/ESC combination that would allow for a bigger more efficient prop. I'm not sure of the specs on the motor or I'd just change out the ESC to a 30A and put a bigger diameter APC prop on it.

I think to that throttle management with this setup is a big key to extended flight times with the stock setup. Last night when the wind calmed down a bit I was able to get it up to some altitude that allowed me to cut the throttle to about 1/4 and basically just soar. At 1/4 throttle you have limited control but it was enough for slight directional changes.

Mar 30, 2011, 01:33 PM
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Ok, I've had the Eagle for awhile and have had a few flights on it, I'm pretty happy with it overall but I still think it's way under powered.

I flew it about a week ago in a little more wind than I should have and it took off on me. I knew the wind was an issue and I was trying to keep it low to the ground but every time I turned into the wind it would climb. I knew I was in trouble. The higher it got the less control I had, I tried to put it into a spiral but every time I tried to turn it would just go back into the wind and get pushed farther away. It got so far away that I knew trees were going to be an issue if it ever came down. Finally I got the wing to tip and I could see it start to spiral down. I lost sight of it beyond the tree line so I got in my truck to go try and retrieve it, it had settled down in a small clearing with no damage at all.

I've bee doing some checking on the stock power system and it appears that it's pretty well maxed out running the GWS 8x4 DD prop. 210 watts & 18.5 amps, there are no other props that will keep from over-maxing the motor/ESC. So it is what it is......perfectly capable of performing as stated by Premier, 5 mph or less, I think 10 mph is a stretch.

I did some calculations on different motor/esc/prop combinations and it's very difficult because we don't know the real specs of the stock motor.

What I'm going to try is a simple motor swap, I think by going to a slightly larger motor I can stay within the 20 amps of the esc and be able to have a few more options with props to make the power and thrust a little more efficient. As soon as I can locate a motor, I'm going to install a little Scorpion SII 2215-900 with a 11x5.5 APC-E prop that should produce 15-18 amps and 160 watts and produce 30 oz of thrust. This setup should also increase flight times a little with the same size battery.

Scorpion motors it seems are always out of stock lately so it may take me awhile to get one, but I think it's worth a try.

Mar 30, 2011, 02:26 PM
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Hi Patron

I see the scorpion moter you are looking for SII 2215 900 is
available at

Mar 30, 2011, 04:03 PM
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Thanks, I hadn't looked there yet.

I'm kind of partial to RC Dude, but he told me on Monday he was having trouble getting the Scorpion motors. I'm not in a big hurry, I'll just make sure the wind is light before I fly the Eagle.

Thanks for the heads up harrisdouma

Mar 30, 2011, 04:15 PM
Just Happy To Be Here!!!
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Take a look at Dan has all size motors that mount the same as the stock motor.

Mar 30, 2011, 05:26 PM
Tom Para
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I don't own one of these but its on my short list. Do you think there is a way to incorporate wing warping in the design?
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Mar 30, 2011, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by harrymc
Take a look at Dan has all size motors that mount the same as the stock motor.

The MicroDAN 2510 3D 970 Kv looks pretty good....30 oz of thrust.

Might have to try that one out.

Thanks Harry

Apr 03, 2011, 06:20 PM
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Hi all,

I currently have the Premier Eagle in its original kite form, and wished to make a vector power unit and frame to convert to RC.

Would anyone that owns one be kind enough to answer a few questions for me before I make the frame.

I have only seen the videos for these and and it is quite hard to judge, but the vector unit appears to have been angled upwards when in relationship to the spine of the kite. Would you have an approximate angle upwards compared to say the spine at horizontal ?

How high above the spine does the vector unit sit ?

And lastly, when viewing downwards from above, how far in front of the kites leading edge would the prop/motor unit be ?

I have attached a couple of screen shots, and the front of the propeller seems quite a fair bit forward from the leading edge.

Hope this all makes sense


Apr 11, 2011, 11:34 AM
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Ok, I tried the MicroDan 2510-3D-970 kv motor and I liked it much better than the stock motor.

The MicroDan is about twice the weight of the stock motor but I don't think that hurt the flight characteristics at all.

I started out with a GWS 11x7 DD prop, which is about the biggest prop that the motor/esc could handle. It looked fine prior to flying but when it was in flight and the body inflated, the 11" prop was too big and hit on the body with maximum down thrust.

I put on an APC 9x4.7 SF and I was really impressed with the control authority it lack of power and it seemed much more controllable in the wind. Another advantage is that I am able to get much longer flight times. With the stock setup and 1800 mAh batteries I was getting about 7 minutes, discharging to about 40%. With the MD motor and the 9x4.7 prop I was able to get 10 minutes with about 40% of my batteries left.

I think the ideal prop would be an APC 10x4.7 SF but I didn't have one at the time so I couldn't test it. I think with the 10x4.7 and some 2100 mAh you could possibly get 12-15 minute flight times.

Boy, the Eagle sure was a hit at the flying field this weekend, I think we ran about 6 batteries but I only flew once.....everybody wanted to try the vector flying.

When I get a chance I'll try the 10x4.7 prop and post an update.


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