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Aug 04, 2003, 11:45 AM
in persuit of low wing loading
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I've finally summarized what people have posted in this thread. There are a lot of flying sites that don't have any contact info like an email or web site. If you know any of that information, please post it and I'll add it to the bullet point for that site to help people find them.

The purpose of this thread is now to be a Yellow Pages of sorts for indoor flying sites around the world. It is also to be a source of information that people are willing to share on how to go about finding and then obtaining a flying site. I know from experience that it can take some selling to convince officials that what we do is pretty harmless.

This thread can also be a place where people post that they are interested in forming or finding an indoor site in a particular area. If there get to be enough of these I may summarize them in one post just to keep things compact.

So, thank you to all who have posted information here. I appologize if I have taken liberties as I summarized what you wrote. My goal was to present the information in a reasonable fashion in bullet point form. Please keep them coming.

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Aug 24, 2003, 05:17 PM
in persuit of low wing loading
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Indoor Site Yellow Pages

I'll list and summarize what people have posted here. If you want additional information to appear, or the information (like email or phone) changes, please post in this thread with a request to make the change and I will do so. Think of this as a yellow pages for indoor flying sites.

  • Alabama (Huntsville): three Indoor flying sites in Huntsville, Alabama. See: post #1 for the latest schedules, and further in for details, photos, etc. All three are free, open to the public, and do not require AMA membership.Plus at Grace United Methodist Church, I bring 4 loaner Vapors and 9 loaner mCX helicopters, without cost or obligation! Contact Jim Marconnet.
  • California: The Simi Valley Indoor Flyers fly at the Rancho Santa Susana Recreational Center in Simi Valley, no charge, AMA license for R/C, FF welcome. Contact Matt Keennon:
  • California: Southern Kern Indoor Flyers (SKIF) is a brand new group starting up about 80 miles north of Los Angeles.
  • California: Fun Fly sessions at JLS Middle School in Palo Alto. Location: 480 E. Meadow Dr., Palo Alto . This is at the intersection of Waverly and E. Meadow. At the light, head south in to the school parking lot. The gym is located at the end of the drive. AMA is required. PM Kasra on the Ezone for more information. More details and pictures are in this thread and this thread. The Palo Alto are said to be under jeopardy, and are currently being held in Milpitas. They have their own own forums for Bay Area folks at:
    The indoor forum:
  • Florida: The Indian River Kontrol Society (IRKS) in Brevard County, FL (Melbourne/Palm Bay area) has a twice-a-year indoor fly at the Cocoa Expo center/fairgrounds near the intersection of I-95 and SR 520. We fly in a gym (3 side-by-side basketball courts with a 33 foot ceiling). We usually have this in conjunction with our Big Bird and our Warbird meets in January and July respectively. We charge everyone (pilots and spectators) $2 to cover the rent, with any excess going to our flying site fund. We usually fly from 7-10pm on a Saturday night, and we usually have a good crowd both flying and spectating. Lately we've broken the flying up into periods of open flying and several half-hour periods devoted to only stick & tissue planes and Free Flight (the planes which don't bounce as well as a Lite Stik.) We've had everything from blimps to Dave Platt's Demoisselle to Gary Jones' big B-36 fly there, and invariably some impromptu silliness breaks out... Lite Stik combat, inverted limbo, carrier landings on card tables, carrier landings UNDER card tables, duct-tape covered IFO's trying to get wayward blimps off the ceiling, etc. Everyone always has a great ole' time. With some luck maybe we can start holding these events more often. BTW, the next indoor event is coming up on Sept. 6th. More info is on the web site.
  • Georgia: Atlanta Indoor RC Aircraft have a huge indoor facility for indoor flying. More information can be found at their AIR web site. They may not have this facility any more. Try this thread: If you live in Atlanta we a new location. Please click the link for more information.
  • Iowa: Black Hawk RC pilots fly at the gym in Hudson, Iowa. RC and Free Flight is flown here. Location — Hudson High School, Hudson, IA. Time: 6:30 PM until 10:00 PM. Dates: all dates are Friday evenings. For more information on the Indoor Flying schedule, contact: Bob Seeger by email:
  • Idaho: The Desert Eagles Model Flying Club in Idaho Falls, ID, flies every two weeks in the winter at Taylor View Middle School in Idaho Falls.
  • Idaho: Boise/Nampa, Skyview Gym in Nampa. Flying dates at
  • Illinois: The Night Owls of White Pines fly at the White Pines Golf Dome in Bensenville, IL. Saturdays 11pm to 1am. The dome is located at 500 West Jefferson, Bensenville, IL 60106. All are welcome.
  • Illinois: N/W Suburban Chicago, weekly indoor flying every friday night from 10PM till 12AM. The site is in Buffalo Grove at the Buffalo Grove Golf Learning Center Dome, 501 McHenry Road in BG. The LHS, Venture Hobbies (847-537-8669 for more details) has made arrangements to collect the admission in advance and a current AMA membership is required.
  • Illinois: Chicago, Northern Suburbs. New Location (sponsored by the Giant Aircraft Society): Forest View Educational Center, 2121 Goebbert Rd, Arlington Heights. Goebbert Road runs North and South between Golf Road and Algonquin Road. It is about 1 mile East of Arlington Heights Road.
    NEW TIME: 1:45 pm TO 3:45 pm. SAME DAY: they continue to meet on Fridays EXCEPT the following days when the school will be CLOSED. NO flying: 11/26, 12/17, 12/24, 12/31, 1/21, 3/4, 3/25, 4/8. START DATE: 11/5/04. FINAL DATE: 5/20/05. DONATION: $3
    NOTE: The administrators at Forest Grove have been very kind in making arrangements for us to use their "Field House" in exchange for our working with their children to assemble "AMA Darts". The dates and times of our working with the children have not yet been set. Everyone who wishes to fly with us at this facility will be expected to volunteer to help in some way with teaching the children when the time comes.
    WHERE AND WHEN TO ENTER: There are two parking lots in front of the building. Use either one. Between the lots, at the center of the building is a flight of stairs leading to an open patio. On the right side (south side) of the patio is an entrance marked "door 34". This is the (only) entrance we will use. PLEASE NOTE: This door is kept locked. Entry is by ringing a bell. The administrators do not want to require someone to leave their office to open the door for each pilot who comes in. Therefore they have strongly requested that we post someone at the door at each start time to open it for our members. One of us will be at the door at 1:30 and for a reasonable time thereafter (20 minutes). THIS MEANS THAT EVERYONE MUST BE ON TIME. Stragglers must not ring the bell. At our first session we will discuss whether we can provide for forbidden latecomers.
  • Maryland: At the Montgomery Jr. College. It's just over two basketball court size and is limited to a few people (10 max) it's free and you can contact me Paul Stamison for further info or 703-445-0392. Both palces are availiable for most of the year if people come out. Both places are good for micro planes and small helis.
  • Massachusetts: The Charles River Radio Controllers put on indoor fun flies at Teamworks (an indoor soccer facility) in Westborough. Cost is $5 per flier, AMA required. These typically occur four or five times during the fall and winter. See the CRRC event calendar for flying dates and directions.
  • Massachusetts: The Boston Micronauts have monthly indoor flying year round. However, the number of pilots is strictly limited (due to the small size of the facility) as are the type of planes (micro is emphasized). "Guest pilots" must be invited by one of the members. Spectators are welcome. Cost is $10 per pilot.
  • Massachusetts (Auburn): Auburn Massachusetts. (about 3 miles from Rt 90/290/395/20 interchange) see this thread Auburn Teamworks Indoor Soccer Dome winter flying thread. Weekly day time flying time usually Fridays noon till 3pm for $10 dollars.Subscribe to the above link/page and stay abreast of updates on dates and times. Jim
  • Minnesota: Saint Clair County, for the winter months. Location is the Birchwood Sports Dome. Time 8:00pm till 11:00pm, every other Friday night. Flying nights are set up to be opposite weekends of the Oakland Yard Dome (Waterford MI.). For more info., or Fee to fly is$15.00 per evening per pilot and AMA is required.
  • Michigan: Ultimate Soccer in Auburn Hills, see
  • Missouri: Kansas City, the KC Flying Circuits are now flying in a new bigger site that has heat in the winter and much better lights. located right off interstate 435 near the mo river, usually 9 am to 4 pm on 1 to 3 saturdays a month. for flying schedule visit their home page at Contact Leonard Gaither at for more info. Oct 2010 update: we have been flying at a church in north kc, hillside christian church. 900 ne vivion rd. We have a webpage on facebook, Kansas City Flying Circuits Cafe. look us up.
  • Missouri: Springfield, we fly at Lake Country Soccer Dome Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 am till 10:00am+ ( new times). Can stay longer if you like. FREE. PM Larry (SPFD-E-FLYER on the Ezone) for more details. 2334 E. Pythian.
  • Nebraska: Indoor Flying at Calvert Recreation Center - Lincoln. Every Sunday 5-7 PM. Large gym suitable for most indoor models. UFO's, Tinys, GWS Tigermoths, litesticks,GymSwallows etc. All are welcome with no need to make arrangements prior to attending. The fee is generally $2.00 per flyer. The address is: Calvert Recreation Center, 4500 Stockwell, Lincoln.
  • New Hampshire: The Litchfield Silent Flyers use the school gym for indoor flying at their monthly meetings. Litchfield Middle School, Litchfield NH.
  • New Jersey: The "Newark Electric Flyers" (New Jersey) is a school club for students and therefore is covered by the schools insurance policy. We fly in our high school's double basketball gym nearly every Sunday afternoon during the fall winter and spring. Hugh Mason is the advisor.
  • New Jersey: The East Coast Indoor Modelers club flies every Sat and Sun at the Lakehurst NJ Hangar one (the old Hindenburg hangar). The Hangar is about 600 ft long, 180 ft high, and 300 ft wide!
  • New York: The Brockport Flyers, AKA Aeroflakes, meet in a double court gym in the Sweeden/Clarkson Recreation Center, Brockport, NY. It is a particluarly loose organization and all are welcome to their funflies. Pilots need AMA membership. They fly in weight classes. More details are available on the Aeroflakes website, maintained by Greg Covey.
  • New York: There's a club in North Syracuse that flies in the Scared Heart Church's Gym.
  • North Carolina: I have organized an indoor fly-in at the Fairview Community Center in Asheville, NC for Tuesday October 20th from 6pm to 10pm. It is a full-size court so micros are recommended as the maximum size. Cost is $3 per person and free to spectate. If enough interest is there this will hopefully turn into a monthly event. For info PM me or email to and
  • Ohio: The Flying Tigers club flies Wednesday nights at the Springfield High School Gym during the winter months. Just miles outside Toledo OH. Flying is open to all, $5 flying fee. Flying time is usually 7:30 or 8:00 until 10:30 or so. Max weight is 15 oz, heli's are welcome. Only time it doesn't happen is if the school is closed for breaks/holidays, snow, etc. Usually have 10 or so fliers. DIRECTIONS & INFO: If you're coming from 475, get off on airport highway, go west approx 1/2 mile, turn north (right) on McCord, the school is on your left.
  • Ohio: There are perodic flying sessions inside Nutter Center in Dayton Ohio.
  • Ohio: In Cleveland, Ohio area see or Flying seems to be on Sundays from 4pm to 10pm.
  • Ohio: The TORKS indoor flying has moved from the Falcons Nest to the golf dome on the east side of Columbus on Broat Street (Rt. 16). The golf dome is a much bigger facility. Flying Torks site has more info. Select "About TORKS" and scroll down to "indoor electric fly" and select that link.
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City. There is an indoor free flight club that meets a the armory on 23rd street once a month. They invite RCers to fly from 2pm till 4:30. Schedule is posted in most of the OKC LHS's.
  • Oregon: Clackamas, the Clackamas Armory at Camp Withycombe, 10101 SE Clackamas Rd. Flying starts at 5:30pm. AMA $5 to fly. Free to watch.
  • Texas: The Flour Bluff Independant School Didtrict in Corpus Christi TX lets the Gulf Coast Gulls use a gym every Friday night, (except during basketball season).
  • Texas: the Georgetown Aeromodelers Association, flies once a month in the gym at Tippet Middle school in Georgetown, Texas.
  • Texas: Indoor flying the first Monday of each month from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Family Life Center at Faith Lutheran Church, 4600 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, Texas. One block East of Loop 610 West at the corner of Bellaire Blvd and Avenue B with parking behind the church. A current AMA Membership is required. There is a $10.00 Flying Fee. ALL SAFETY RULES STRICTLY ENFORCED
  • Texas: In Sherman Texas we have a free gym we can get in to most any day of the week depending on school practice. It’s not a big gym but it’s free and better then nothing. We are there every Friday night for sure; from 7pm tell we decide to leave. If you want to come email me and let me know and ill tell you where it is and when we will be there. Our club had been able to fly at the Austin Collage here in Sherman in the past. It is a REALLY REALY nice gym. if we can get enough people to come annually once a month I think I can get use in there for a small fee, but its well worth it. and
  • Washington DC: The D.C. Maxecuters fly four times a year at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Last session was Nov. 9, '03. There are two sites in the building, one for RC the other for FF. Each site is about an 80 foot cube. Participation is limited to club members and their guests. The Maxecuters web site is
  • Virginia (Alexandria): There's a fly in at West Potomac High School in Alexanderia Va. put on by the students of the Engineering club on Feb.20th from 8am-2pm $5 charge great people and very family fun,concessions availiable . contact Joseph Franco @ Ph:703 718-2574.
  • Virginia (Centerville): At the Stone Middle school 5500 Sully Park Drive Centerville Va 20120
    Alan Anderson is the contact person. Every Sunday at the gym, good place donations goes towards his air tech class. From 8:30-12 Ph:703-815-2039.
  • Washington State: Barn Owls Indoor Flyers is an AMA chartered club in Seattle WA. They fly on Thursday evenings, twice a month and use a large hanger (82,000 sq ft former navy PBY) at Sand Point Magnuson Park. More info at including dates for summer flying. We pay the City of Seattle $10/flier. They have all types of flying from micro to 3D.
  • Wisconsin: The River Valley Flyers use a gym in Wisconsin Rapids on Friday nights after the first of the year. Their web site is; Look for information on when the season starts. They've been looking for a place in Eastern Wis., but haven't had much luck so far.
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Aug 24, 2003, 11:07 PM
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Obtaining an Indoor Site

In this post I'll put down what I know about getting the use of an indoor site. Periodically I'll sumarize what other people post about their experiences and tips.


School gyms are one of the most common potential indoor sites around. Flying indoor planes will come after any official school activities like basketball games, then after school club related activities. You will be competing with adult basket ball leagues and other non-school activities. Typically you pay a fee to file for the use of the gym. Then you generally pay a rate per hour to rent the gym, like $15 to $20 per hour. You will also generally pay a custodian by the hour to open up the gym and close it down, for the entire time you have the use of the gym. This is also often $15 to 20 per hour. Custodian rates can be higher in the evenings and/or on Saturday or Sunday. Schools generally don't start setting their schedules until the middle of the summer for the following school year. In some cases Schools don't charge the rental fee. And there are cases of getting involved with the school via a club and then paying no fee.

National Guard Armories are another common flying site. Most areas have them. And, they generally have a single basket ball court or larger gym. And advantage is that you are not competing with all sorts of school activities for flying time. You are only competing with the Guard (which often doesn't use the facilities that much) and other groups such as yourself. Typically you are renting the facility from your state. And, there will generally be a rental fee and a custodial fee.

Churches seem to be a good possibility. Perhaps someone can give more detail or suggestions that I can summarize here.

University facilities have the advantage of being large, but are often expensive. If you have a contact at the university go for it. Your fellow micro flyers will love you.

Most facilities will require insurance coverage. In the US this means you will need it via the AMA. If you are part of an existing club, an additional flying site like an indoor facility can be covered for $60 for one year. If you are not part of a local club, you can form your own with five members (only a couple of whom need to be over 18). The annual cost to have a AMA chartered club is $30, plus the $60 for your indoor flying site.


John Gardener writes: Last year the AeroFlakes organized and started up. The process was quite simple. I wanted a venue nearby and there was none operating. I checked with the local college, the golf dome, and our new rec center. The college wanted $400/hr. The sports dome wanted $150/hr and would be late evenings. The Rec center wanted $130 per four hour session and had weekend day openings. Armed with a workable venue I contacted local e-zoners and asked about interest. It did not take long to find some interested parties willing to work at setting up things. Greg Covey had great connections with the local clubs, and Dan Hurd was interested in sponsoring the events. The workload spread out and the group was born.
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Dec 05, 2003, 02:51 PM
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  • Shropshire: Shropshire Indoor Modellers , Meet on the third sunday of each month at the Sports Hanger RAF Shawbury. Both free flight and RC Indoor Areas supported. This group is run by Gerry York. For more details and local map see
  • Yorkshire: John Thompson has organised some indoor R/C events in Yorkshire UK for the following Sunday dates. Nov16; 30th; Dec 14th; March 2004 7th & 14th. Venue is Army College off B6161 Harrogate. 2 to 5pm, fliers £6, sub400 motors only, BMFA Insurance. John Thompson 01924 515595
  • Ontario (Windsor): The Sun Parlor R/C Flyers fly indoor every Sunday 1:00PM to 3:00PM from Nov 9th 2010 to March 27Th 2011 . MAAC or AMA membership is required. See for more info.
  • Ontario (London):, LIFT Indoor Program, Boys and Girls club, 184 Horton St. London..
    Indoor program starts November 13th at 10 AM for two hours... One event each month to Apirl next year.
    Contact: for further info...
    MAAC or AMA is needed...
  • Toronto: the Markham Indoor Group in the Toronto area. Friday nights during the regular school year from 7pm to 10pm. Location is the Markham District High School, 89 Church Street, Markham, Ontario.
  • Brisbane: Strathpine Sporting Center, Cribb Road Brendale. Last friday of the month 7:30pm-11:30pm, $10 pernight to cover cost of hall.
  • Brisbane: Redbank sports hall , 3rd Friday of the month. 7pm to 10 pm, $10 per pilot to cover costs. MAAA cover required and normal indoor rules as per Maaa apply. Corner of Ipswich Motorway and Collingwood Drive, opersite the redbank Plans Shopping centre near the roadworks site office. Good crowd and interesting models.
  • Sydney: Seventh Day Adventist School Gymnasium - near the corner of Albert Road and Allenby Cresent, Strathfield. Held once a month. Schedule for 2010 is coming soon!
  • Sydney: Menai Indoor Sports Centre - 98 Allison Road Menai NSW 2234. Held once a month. Check this link for 2010 dates
  • Queensland: Every saturday morning normally.[looking at some nights as well], some sunday mornings at the MCC[mackay christian college school. Or a 2nd back-up site. Contact MCC for furthur details.[lookup net or phone book]. Ask for Maurice[who flys the model planes].
  • Western Australia:
    Evening session once a month at Midland Speed Dome. Please contact Ross Cant for more details at
  • Bundaberg QLD: Burnet Minature Aircraft Club hold indoor flying on the first friday of the month at the Bundaberg State High School in the sports hall. Contact the club president Dallas Laing on (07) 41527763. Cost was $2 /nightfor members $4/ night for visitors who must hold a FAI approved licence
  • Romont , Canton Fribourg: Seven Sundays are scheduled December, January, and Febuary in an army gym just outside. Times are from 4 to 7pm. Any one interested in participating or spectatering please contact Urs at this e-mail
  • A list of indoor sessions countrywide with dates, locations and contacts at continuously updated list here. Foreign visitors are welcome.
  • Guadalajara: PARQUE PLANETARIO SEVERO DIAZ GALINDO. Periferico Norte Manuel Gómez Morín No. 401
    Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. 36-74-41-06 or 36-74-03-97. Domingos de 11.00 a 16.00 hrs.

    now I am in negotiations in new places, maybe 4 diferent places.
    tel (33) 36-84-62-89 and 36-17-58-45
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Jan 17, 2004, 02:43 AM
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For Idaho indoor fly ins see
The forum R/C events section is being kept up to date. Feel free to list your Idaho R/C events.

Jan 17, 2004, 03:23 AM
Professional idiot has details of indoor flying at Eastleigh near Southampton here in the UK.

Jan 27, 2004, 12:48 AM
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San Antonio, Texas
TRIC (Texas Radio Control Indoor Club) flys every Monday night at the Samuel Clemens High School basket ball gym. The gym is a large two court gym with a very high ceiling. AMA is required and a $1 pilot's donation is needed as well. Very good turnout with a variety of plane types flown; floaters, IFOs, 3-D, GWS products. A great time.

For more information, contact Jime Rice at 2nd Chance Hobbies in San Antonio

2nd Chance Hobbies
Nov 10, 2004, 09:44 AM
in persuit of low wing loading
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I am in the process of updating the "yellow pages" part of this thread. We now have about 43 sites listed. Thanks.

I've had to split out the International flying sites into a separate post as we had too much text for the text limitations in one post. I need to do some rearranging within the thread, so please be patient till I get it moved up with the US sites listing.

I'm in the process of deleting posts that have out of date flying dates. Please feel free to list dates here as you learn of them or schedule them now that we are in indoor season.

Also feel free to start or continue using separate threads for your individual site to announce dates, etc. That's a better place to talk to each other about whether you plan to come to a flying session or not.

Let's keep this thread for new flying sites to be added to the "yellow pages" part of the thread, and to post date or time changes or updates.

Keep them coming.

[last updated Indoor Yellow Pages 11/10/2004]

Nov 10, 2004, 10:26 AM
Gravity is a harsh mistress.
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Originally Posted by Gordon Johnson
Ohio: The Flying Tigers club flies Wednesday nights at the Springfield High School Gym during the winter months. Just miles outside Toledo OH. Flying is open to all, $5 flying fee. Flying time is usually 7:30 or 8:00 until 10:30 or so. Max weight is 15 oz, heli's are welcome. Only time it doesn't happen is if the school is closed for breaks/holidays, snow, etc. Usually have 10 or so fliers. DIRECTIONS & INFO: If you're coming from 475, get off on airport highway, go west approx 1/2 mile, turn north (right) on McCord, the school is on your left.
This one is history. Another possible site in the area in a few weeks...maybe.
Nov 10, 2004, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Beaux
San Antonio, Texas
TRIC (Texas Radio Control Indoor Club) flys every Monday night at the Samuel Clemens High School basket ball gym. The gym is a large two court gym with a very high ceiling. AMA is required and a $1 pilot's donation is needed as well. Very good turnout with a variety of plane types flown; floaters, IFOs, 3-D, GWS products. A great time.

For more information, contact Jime Rice at 2nd Chance Hobbies in San Antonio

2nd Chance Hobbies
I haven't made this one in a while but it's my understanding that it has moved to Sunday night.
Nov 10, 2004, 11:35 AM
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National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.

New dates are Jan. 30 and Mar 6. This building has a flying site which is about an 80 foot cube.Anyone wishing to fly RC there needs to advise me. I am the RC Flight Director and there are restrictions related to weight, wing loading, with the goal of slow airspeed.
Nov 10, 2004, 05:44 PM
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Wi Rapids WI River Valley Flyers 2005 indoor Flying

Wi Rapids WI River Valley Flyers 2005 indoor Flying

---------------Thanks Gordon for your work on this thread

Indoor aircraft will be powered by ; Electric motors, C 02 motors, Rubber
band or Free flight. No internal combustion engines!
The indoor R/C electric flying season for RVF is almost here. Our first
evening of flying is Friday, 11-12-04. There are several nights
scheduled over the course of the winter. I have listed the dates
below. There won't be any real changes over the procedure from last
year. Everything seemed to work smoothly and I don't see a need to
change anything.
The $5 cost for flying for the night will remain the same. I ask
anyone who is planning to come and fly to please let me know by the
Thursday morning before the flying night. This is so I can make
sure we have enough people to pay for the gym rental. Once I am
sure we will have enough people I will send out an e-mail to
everyone confirming that Friday nights flying is a go. Also make
sure you watch the weather. If they close school due to weather we
won't be flying. If you want to call me before you leave to come
fly my phone # and e-mail address are listed below.
As in the past everyone must be a current AMA member. I ask
everyone to please bring your AMA card with you when you come to
fly. Also, anyone using a lead acid battery for charging you planes
batteries, please have the battery in a protective container for
the protection of the gym floor and tables.

The following dates are reserved for us for flying:

November 12, 2004
December 10, 2004
January 7, 14, 21, 28, 2005
February 11, 18, 2005
March 4, 2004

All dates listed are on a Friday from 7pm to 10pm
If you have any questions feel free to call me or e-mail me.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Wisconsin Rapids when you attend
the indoor flying some Friday night, we'd suggest either the Best Western
715.423.3211 (around $70, but no pool, cereal/toast breakfast is included in
room price) or the AmericInn 715.424.3444. The AmericInn has an Italian
restaurant next door, a pool, etc. if you are looking for more amenities for
a little more $.

East Junior High School is the location for the indoor electric flying
events. The junior high school is two blocks west of 8th Street, on 6th
Street. >From the stoplight intersection of 8th Street and Grand Avenue, turn
west on Grand Avenue, towards Hanger's Cleaners and Dairy Queen. Turn south
(left) after 2 blocks, just past Taco John's, on 6th Street. The stop sign
intersection after the turn is the corner of Peach and 6th. The school gym
is ahead and to the right, and you can park in the lot just east of the
school gymnasium.

Chuck Korte715-213-2346
Hope to see you flying at the gym!

Chuck Benner
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Nov 13, 2004, 09:24 PM
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Dec 16, 2004, 12:23 AM
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Holt Indoor Flying Club-Indoor flying every Tuesday 9-10 at the Holt Ninth Grade campus gym.
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Jan 28, 2005, 04:53 PM
Gravity is a harsh mistress.
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Saline Middle School Saline MI

Added dates to the one-off session that was held on the 12th.
Jan. 28
Feb. 11
Feb. 25
Mar. 4
Mar. 18

Airtime divided between 3D, parkflyers, and micros assuming some of each show up. 2 plus court gym. This venue has not been overrun by 3-D. At least not yet...

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