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Aug 04, 2003, 04:02 AM
D'Anne Thompson
D'Anne Thompson

[RCSE] Update #4 from USA F3B team

JT just sent his report #4

"Todays report. The guys did much better today as a team. Looking better.

Sunday, Aug. 4 marked the end of the Kirchheim Open. The team got the kinks
out and looked much better as a working unit. Tomorrow the flying begins in

The opening ceremonies followed the end of flying about 5 pm. These consisted
of a parade of the nations, introduction of all the pilots and TMs, speeches
by local dignitaries, and a really neat aerobatic demonstration by a local in
a Laser 300. A nice addition was the pilot calling his maneuvers (in German)
on the radio which was piped over the PA. Nice touch.

We set up for tomorrow's beginning of the Worlds, then headed out for
dinner. And the fun begins..."

D'Anne Thompson
F3B admin flunkie

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