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Feb 15, 2011, 11:59 AM
Gone Huckin'
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Next Plane - PZ Stinson Reliant or Flyzone Cessna Corvalis

The title says it all but first let me give some basic background info. I started flying RC planes on 12/17/2010 and my first plane was the HZ Champ. The next day I bought the HZ Super Cub. About a week later I bought the Parkzone T-28.

I'm having a blast with all my planes so far and thanks to this forum I've learned a ton.

I most recently completed an upgrade project on my Super Cub - I converted it to brushless and also changed out all the internals so that I can control it with my DX6i.

I want my next plane to be a scale, relaxing flyer - not looking to do much aerobatics at all, mainly just scale flying and touch and go's. Through my T-28 I've gotten accustomed to using ailerons and I want my next plane to at least be 4ch.

So I'd been eying the Stinson Reliant and apparently it's well liked by those that have it but to be honest - I'm not loving the looks of that plane. And then last night - I just happened to see a You Tube video of the Cessna Corvalis and evidently it's a fairly new plane that just came out in December or January. It looks beautiful and the reviews on it are good as well although there's not nearly as much info on it compared to the Stinson.

I also don't know much about the Flyzone brand.

So... my question is, between those two which would you buy and why? Secondly, if there's something else that you would consider please feel free to mention it as well and why you'd buy it over the other two options.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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Feb 15, 2011, 04:25 PM
Team Better Than Yours
AD.'s Avatar
I would say the Cessna, Mainly because it is more stable.
Do you really need a new plane, I say get to grips with your T-28 first and then move on.
Feb 15, 2011, 05:31 PM
Gone Huckin'
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Originally Posted by AD.
I would say the Cessna, Mainly because it is more stable.
Do you really need a new plane, I say get to grips with your T-28 first and then move on.
You been talking to my wife or something?? Of COURSE I need a new plane man!! Geez!!
Feb 16, 2011, 12:20 AM
Registered User
I really like that Corvalis as well, I've only flown the Stinson on my sim and wasn't too crazy about it, but I'm just a beginner. I do have a few planes I need to master first, but I think it will most likely get the corvalis as my next plane when I do buy one. The flaps, tricycle gear, and low wings will give my collection a little variety.
Feb 16, 2011, 08:02 PM
Old gasbag glider guy...
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Re: Next Plane - PZ Stinson Reliant or Flyzone Cessna Corvalis

I vote for the Cessna Corvalis, but I'm a little biased.

12 years of my blood, sweat and tears went into the development and production of the full sized plane, from its inception at Lancair International (the full size kitplane manufacturer), through the establishment of all the various and sundry companies that produced the actual certified airplane; Pacific Aviation Composites, The Lancair Company, Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing, and finally Cessna, which bought us out of bankruptcy near the end of 2007. I worked for them until 2009, when they shut down the factory in Oregon and moved final assembly to Wichita, and composite fabrication to Mexico. That still sticks in my craw a little...

All that aside, everything I've seen regarding this model looks sweet, including the planform and profile, which some other manufacturers haven't respected as much. From the videos it looks like it handles just fine, but that's conjecture on my part. Talk to the guys that have actually flown it.

I'll be getting one whether it flies well or not, but only because of my connection to it. If it flies as good as it looks, that's just icing on the cake...

Kind regards,

Feb 16, 2011, 08:36 PM
Registered User
It looks so nice! A few folks that have them (Corvalis) seem to love them! It may well be my "next" a/c! I have 4 now and have only flown 2 of them with no real issues. 2 are over my head, right now, but I am looking forward!!

The Stinson looks good also, saw a nice demo at my favorite HS!
Feb 16, 2011, 09:15 PM
Registered User
E-reevo's Avatar
I would say Stinson, I have flown one and they fly beautifully . Also I think the Parkzone planes are a little bit more reliable.
Feb 16, 2011, 09:22 PM
Gone Huckin'
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Originally Posted by E-reevo
I would say Stinson, I have flown one and they fly beautifully . Also I think the Parkzone planes are a little bit more reliable.
I also think the Parkzone replacement parts are probably more readily available. And my local hobby shop said that if you break the cowl that you have to buy a whole fuse...

So far I'm leaning towards the Stinson. Love the looks of the Cessna but I'm just concerned about the brand, availability of spare parts, and how easily it can be repaired.
Apr 12, 2011, 09:27 PM
John 14 (NLT)
Dude, you need another plane!!! Why haven't you gotten the Cessna yet? haha.
Apr 12, 2011, 10:06 PM
Gone Huckin'
turnerm's Avatar
Too busy looking at the mCP X and learning collective pitch on Phoenix!!

Plus... Isn't 6 planes enough in 3.5 months?? LOL

Cessna and mCP x is coming up next!
Apr 17, 2011, 08:59 AM
Slow Flyer
Stinson is neat, I have this one, but it doesn't fly as easily as the Corvalis. Can't believe I purchased the Corvalis as some of the other Flyzone are to me at the lower end tho most will defintely fly.

Gads Flyzone did it all correctly on the Corvalis, landing gear is stronger than most of this type, no flimsy wire wheels, and to boot a reinforced front landing gear, as I've tested on more than a few skippy landings on the first flights.

Also has cool lights, yep fly it in total darkness with the aid of parking lot lights, I've done night flying before several trainers, but this one is ready out of the box if you dare. So far had 2 months of unbelieveable fun with this puppie, flew twilight as dang sun comes up so early, in 15 MPH breeze, piece of cake, no issue, yeah, love this plane ..

Quick total dark pass, see the moon in upper right, reflection is from the top of my car, what fun.

RC Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis LED Lights Night Flight Low Pass Lit Vacant Parking Lot (0 min 15 sec)

Plane is actually easy to see with the well lit large parking lot lights, not picked up by the camera but the Corvalis is visible even in the going away view and turn arounds, just keep it reasonably close. Had several twilight flghts before venturing into total darkness, but even twilight flights are dazzling.

But the Corvalis's big feature is its landings, deadsticks unbelieveable, flaps or not, I applaude Flyzone on this release.

Pssst, had as many or even more night flights, at the field they ask if I'm going to fly, reply, nope not dark enough, as they are about to pack things in, yep out with a twilight flight, strobe blazing, end tips blinking, dang its still too light out here, hah...
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Apr 18, 2011, 11:37 PM
E sailplane thermal hack

Get this plane!!!

I've flown ALOT of planes from high performance composite sailplanes to edf jets, right now I have a Habu, Wildcat, extra 300, eflite p40, hobbyking 91in wingspan Fox aerobatic motor glider ,,,, and this sweet little corvalis is my new favorite!!!!! Very wide speed range from slow to super fast, but very stable, smooth and easy to fly, it really inspires alot of confidence,,, it's also supriseingly fast and aerobatic ,,, tried to get it stall and or spin, and couldn't,,, just a great all around flyer, and a total blast to fly!!!!! Highly recommended
Apr 19, 2011, 08:24 AM
Gone Huckin'
turnerm's Avatar
Thanks - the corvalis is next on my list. I can't wait to get it up in the air!
Apr 19, 2011, 10:03 PM
Slow Flyer
Yep, Corvalis is fantastic, on my questionable landings at times, you can correct it several times before touchdown, nearly refuses to stall. And it does have a touch of speed as mentioned if you wish, again don't forget the lights, even dusk flying is a super treat, wing tip lights hold solid with also a blinking effect, and the white front strobe, can't get enough night flying...

Your landings will improve quickly with this bird, my earliest flights I bumped it more than once, here's a firm skip landing, gads, but the landing gear is tuff, no issue.


Flyzone Corvalis 350 Flaps, early bumpy landing, gear held well (0 min 15 sec)

Looking closely you can see the nose is down, simply needed more up elevator at the time of flare, this was all deadstick, it will allow quite abit of up elevator at the very last moment for a perfect touchdown, as difficult to stall this one, nice....
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