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Aug 02, 2003, 09:50 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar

H-9 T-34 Mentor ARF....

Does anyone out there have any tips, or traps to look for on this one? I'll begin assembly as soon as the retracts get here... I'll keep y'all posted....
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Aug 13, 2003, 09:28 AM
Proud Pro Bro # 13
Ulf Rieder's Avatar
Any progress yet ? First impressions ? Keep us updated.

Aug 13, 2003, 12:42 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
Got all of my parts. Construction should start this weekend. I promised my wife I'd finish the Super Sportster before I start another one. The S S should maiden this weekend.

So far I can't find anything I dislike! Covering, construction quality and hardware all look great! Now those famous last words... It looks like an easy one.

More to come...


Too many planes, I need a 5 day weekend!
Aug 17, 2003, 10:48 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
Sorry troops, life got in the way and the S S still isn't done. Will get it finished up this week and dig in on the T-34. I have the manual memorized already from reading it while in the "library" !

slower than 90w gear oil in Fairbanks in January...
Sep 03, 2003, 09:10 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
Construction commences tomorrow.....

Here's the plan.... OS FS70SII for power, MAS 12-8 K prop, black DuBro 2-1/4 spinner, 12oz Hays tank, Hitec lo-profile retract servos (2), H9 retracts (duh!), Futaba Rx, 1000mah battery and 3001 servos and an the mystery pilot. The rest with the included parts. I'll update tomorrow evening.... Stay tuned!

still slow.... fat too!
Sep 17, 2003, 02:50 PM
Proud Pro Bro # 13
Ulf Rieder's Avatar
well ? How is the project coming along ?

Sep 17, 2003, 05:23 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
Well, let me tell ya, I told everyone I was gonna start on it 2 weeks ago and haven't done anything to the airframe yet so I'm right on time. I did whopper of a break in for my FS70 last weekend. I ran six 10oz. tanks of Cool Power 15% through it. It'll idle forever then rev to 10k with no lag whatsoever. I like this engine.

The gluing begins tonight! For real! I promise! No kidding! I'll post a progress report at bedtime.

10:00 appointment? See ya at noon!
Sep 17, 2003, 08:57 PM
Registered User
hooter's Avatar
yeah, right, I have heard that one before!!!
Sep 17, 2003, 11:07 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
Progress report....

The wing is together. It fought me all the way. The center ribs didn't mate up too well so I sanded them. Both wing joiners fit well. Dihedral is correct. 2 hours invested including double checking the measurements on the wing bolts and aileron interior and exterior opening ribs. It has been mentioned at another site that this could be a problem soooo, measure twice, glue once! Mine is not off as reported.

Test fit into the fuselage presented a new problem. The wing wont seat at the rear. The wing has a flat segment where it meets the fuse in the front of the wing saddle. The corners at the top front of the wing are holding the wing back. I'll need to sand the forward opening about 1/16" at the upper corner. Not a major deal, just a little time.

A few notes about this plane. The covering is impeccable! The wing is fully sheeted too. It has an air of quality about it. I'm still happy.

hooter is a friend of mine, everyone say hello! (waits for "hello hooter") I'm happy to know his first post at RCGroups is a poke at me!

He too is an RCU refugee.

More tomorrow! Stay tuned....

slow? I got passed by a turtle....
Sep 17, 2003, 11:26 PM
I can 3 point
Paul Wilson's Avatar
Glad to see you here Hooter, take some pics Dave if you can.
good Luck
Sep 22, 2003, 01:36 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
Is it tomorrow yet? The horizontal stab is curing as I type. The wing is in and bolted down. I missed a measurement.I found that the pre-drilled wing bolt hole on the port side was dead on, the starboard side however was off by 1/4" away from the centerline of the wing. I still like it!

I'll get some pics soon Paul.

Add 1-1/2 hours, total of 3-1/2 so far.... Stay tuned...

my fingers are stuck to the keyboard...
Sep 22, 2003, 05:25 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
OK, all is proceeding.... The stab's are in and all of the control surfaces are CA'd and fully operational. Only 2 snags on the horizontal stab.

1) This plane has a single control rod to work two elevator halves. It has one of those typical U shaped rods as a joiner. The clevis attaches to a tang that goes straight down after the elevators are installed. This tang was too close to the port side of the planeso I bent it to the centerline of the fuse. Clevis room and interference with the rudder rod assembly is the concern. After the ele's are CA'd this would be very difficult to do so, check yours before hand.

2) They missed the vertical alignment of the outboard hinge slot on the port side elevator by enough to cause the ele half to noticably hang low. I stuck a spare hinge in the original slot, CA'd it, cut it off flush and broke out the Slot Machine. Presto! New slot!

All is well except I CA'd my sock to the floor!

I'm still happy with it. Now that it looks like a plane, it looks kinda' stubby. It's cute in a baby bulldog sorta way....

2-1/2 more hours. 5 total so far...

stuck to the floor...
Sep 24, 2003, 10:15 PM
Carrying a lot of weight!
therotund1's Avatar
SCREEEEECH!!!! Stopped! Reason below.

There is absolutely no fuelproofing done on this plane. No biggie right? Well it's set up for a 2 stroke with the muffler in the cowl so it has a hole in the firewall that the muffler goes in and dumps out on the bottom of the fuse in front of the wing. I made a balsa plate to block this hole off. With the retractable nose gear on this plane, of course there is a "bay" that it retracts into. This bay is also where the muffler ends up so I cant seal it off. Now the bad news. At the back of this bay, the fuel tank hangs out into the interior of the plane and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to seal it off without adding a ton of weight!

My quick fix was to mix up a lot of epoxy thinned with alky and microballoons and start painting! I know it'll get fuel residue in there but, that's all I can see to do to it at this point. Time will tell how well it stands up to it.

Nose gear is on but, the axles that came with the H-9 retracts are too small to fit the strut! I got replacements. I could have drilled them but, I don't trust myself without a drill press.

Time check... 2hours. Total time so far... 7 hours. Still happy but concerned.

OK the Screech part. The Funtana I ordered just as Horizon ran out 2 months ago arrived today! My wife has allowed me to put the T-34 on hold for a bit so I'll give the Mentor a break for a week or so. But, in the words of a certain Californian running for Governor,,, "I'll be back!"

The Dave-inator

Oct 10, 2003, 12:02 AM
check your six!!!
rc.hackmaster's Avatar
hey i have a mentor and love it! i had the same issues as you have had, but the flight of the mentor is all worth it. it does drop the left tip at a stall. not a bad stall but totally managable. it flies straight and true. i installed spring airs and they work exceptionaly well. plenty of room for mods in the fuse. i am now adding electrotek nav lites and mars beacon and landing lites with remote on/off for landing lites. should look totally scale on landing. one thing to watch for is the main gear blocks poping loose after a hard landing. look for a deformation to the outboard side of the main gear. mine made a loud pop on a kinda rough landing. just food for thought on this plane. i still love this plane. btw the hangar9 1/7 scale ww2 pilot looks good in the cocpit and no trimming of the pilot is neccesarry at all. good luck with your t34. i will try to post a pic of mine after the lites are all installed. thanks, hack. btw i am glad that this site is still normal. i hate rcuniverse now.
Feb 10, 2004, 10:52 AM
Registered User

T-34 Mentor first impressions

I just got my T-34 Mentor. So far I am very impressed with the quality of this kit. I have test fitted the wing, canopy, control surfaces, etc..(see image) and everything seems to line up well. The wing appears to join together nicely and the mounting holes seem to be in line. The precut slits of for the control surface hinges are well centered so I dont have any high or low spots on my control surfaces. My only complaint so far is that the covering had guite a bit of wrinkling but these were easily removed.

Factor in the price of this kit and I think its a steal. You get the option of retracts, which I am going to install. I am also going with the Saito 72 4 stroke. Its going to be a few days before I can start constuction. I am picking up the electronics and engine next week and will start then. If I run into snags I will post but so far things look good.

Can anyone suggest a product for fuel proofing? I would think they make something specifically for that.

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