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Feb 13, 2011, 01:07 PM
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UMX Beast prop tests


It's 47 above here, but the wind is 20-30 MPH. Since it's a bit windy for flying, I decided to get some static RPM data on the 5030 & 5043 props with my Hyp 2s packs. The testing was done with Beast #2, so I re-tested the stock prop to establish a baseline.

910' AMSL, 70 F, 30 sec into the run on a freshly-charged pack. The GWSProps spreadsheet was used to calculate thrust:

GWS 5043:
Hyp 180 2s: 9600 RPM; Thrust=127g; Pitch-speed: 39.0 MPH**
Hyp 240 2s: 9700 RPM; Thrust=129g; Pitch-speed: 39.5 MPH**

GWS 5030:
Hyp 180 2s: 11300 RPM; Thrust=124g
Hyp 240 2s: 11300 RPM; Thrust=124g; Pitch-speed: 32.1 MPH**

Stock prop:
Hyp 180 2s: 11150 RPM; Thrust=111g*
Hyp 240 2s: 11150 RPM; Thrust=111g*; Pitch-speed: 29.0 MPH**

RemE's testing with the stock 120 mAh pack:

5043: 8574 RPM; 2.75A; Thrust=100g; 34.9 MPH**
5030: 10130 RPM; 2.25A; Thrust=99g; 28.8 MPH**
stock: 10224 RPM; 2.25A; Thrust=92g*; 26.6 MPH**

*May not be accurate, as the stock prop's t-constant may or may not be similar to the GWS prop.

**Calculated pitch-speed. Prop slippage and in-flight unloading not taken into account.


I found it interesting that in my tests, the 5030 spun faster than the stock prop. Seems like an anomaly, but I did get the same result with two packs. I'm not sure what to think about that. Going by the data, the 5030 should provide longer flight-times, a bit more top-speed, and slightly better vertical than the stock prop. Also, the data suggests that the 5043 should not only provide the most thrust of the three props; it should also be significantly faster - provided one uses quality packs.

Also interesting is the RPM difference between the 180 & 240 pack with the 5043 prop. Looks like the 5043 draws just enough current to tax the 180 pack a bit. It is possible that with the 5043 prop & Hyp 180/240 packs, strict throttle-management may be required. Need to measure the current @ WOT to determine if this is indeed the case.

After seeing the static numbers, I am very much looking forward to flight-testing the 5043 with my Hyp 2s packs!

I encourage others to post their findings here, as well. Static RPM, thrust, current draw, flight-reports, etc. are welcome!

A few sources for GWS props:


All e RC:

GWS Props:

BSD Micro:

RemE's Beast Modification thread (start at page one):

Plug & play Hyperion 180 mAh 2s packs from RCBabbel:

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Mar 21, 2011, 06:03 PM
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First flight with the 5043!


Finally had a chance to fly the Beast w/5043 prop & my Hyp 180 2s packs! Yeeehaawww!! Now, we're talkin'! That was just what this bird needed! It is relatively uncommon to get more thrust and speed with a simple prop change, but the 5043 delivers both! Significantly more speed than the stock or 5030 props, with a noticeable increase in thrust, as well!

Vertical performance is nothing short of breathtaking! Firewall the throttle, and the Beast leaps from from the runway. Haul the stick back, and it rockets upward, visibly accelerating during the vertical ascent. Essentially unlimited rolling verticals are possible - limited only by the pilot's eyesight. Absolutely huge, perfectly round loops are also possible - again, limited in size only by the pilot's eyesight! Level out with the throttle still on the stops, and the Beast accelerates to what could be considered nearly 'pylon-racer speed' at this scale.

The added speed during extended verticals noticeably improves crispness & precision - especially when executing rolling verticals, large loops, or when performing maneuvers at the top of an extended upline, such as snaps or point-rolls. At WOT, level KE flight requires hardly more than a 'hint' of top-rudder, and part-throttle KE loops are easy.

I did not assess flight-time. I only flew for about 4 minutes, as a heavy mist was rolling in. Also - the power was interrupted during the recharge, which dumped the charge data. Guess it just wasn't my day to assess the 5043's impact on flight-time.

My first impression is that for precision/pattern flying, the 5043 is definitely the best prop I've tested so far. I didn't get a chance to really assess its performance for hovering & other torque maneuvers, though. That will have to wait until next time.

Of course, the performance noted above is available only to those who use Hyperion packs - or at minimum, a pair of Hyp 180 'M' cells with Glenn's harness (which is heavier & down on power a bit as compared to a homebrew Hyp 180 2s pack). At this time, there are no alternative cells in the desired weight-range that will hold up under the load of the 5043.

Sep 11, 2011, 08:40 PM
I hate winter!
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Joel, thanks for the information. What type of adapter should one use to adapt the GWS 5043 prop to the stock beast prop adapter?

Sep 12, 2011, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by binaryclock
Joel, thanks for the information. What type of adapter should one use to adapt the GWS 5043 prop to the stock beast prop adapter?


You're welcome!

Good news - the GWS 5043/5030 props are a direct fit on the Beast (and Sbach)!

The only thing you may want to do is remove a bit of foam from the inside of the Beast's spinner, as the 5043's hub is a bit thicker than the stock prop's hub.

If the Beast's prop adapter is worn to the point that the threads near the opening are getting "iffy", you may need a longer prop screw to ensure that enough good threads are engaged. Alternatively, one can shore-up the threads by putting a drop of medium ca on the screw, threading it in, removing it, and then letting the ca dry before screwing it back in. I used this method on one of my four Beasts, and it worked well. On my other three Beasts, the stock prop screw tightened up without issue.

Let me know how it goes.

Sep 12, 2011, 06:49 PM
I hate winter!
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Thanks again Joel. I just ordered up some GWS 5043s from HK so we'll see how that goes

Much appreciated sir.
Apr 25, 2015, 04:21 PM
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Just to update this: any thoughts on any of the motors with a 6030?
Apr 28, 2015, 09:23 PM
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Hi Bryan! It's been so long since anyone posted in here that I almost forgot about this thread!

The 6030 is simply too much prop for the UMX 180 motors if you want efficiency and performance. If you're looking for a stump-puller, you'd be be much better-off going with the 5.75" x 2.5" Pitts/Yak prop. If you're looking for speed, the 5043 is way faster than the 6030. If you're looking for endurance, the 5030 is still your best bet.

Apr 28, 2015, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by turboparker
Hi Bryan! It's been so long since anyone posted in here that I almost forgot about this thread!

The 6030 is simply too much prop for the UMX 180 motors if you want efficiency and performance.
No worries. Thank you for the reply!

How is it too much prop? Draws too much current? Runs the motor too hot? From the test I saw in the Owners thread, it seems to be a 20-25% gain in thrust on the stocker on the same motor I'm using (2500kv).

Also, I've seen the Yak prop as 5.75x2.5 and 5.75x2.25. Which one is it?
Apr 30, 2015, 01:24 AM
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Simply switching to a GWS 5043 gives you a 16% increase in thrust over the stock prop, along with a lot more top-end. Plus - the GWS 5043 is much more efficient than the factory prop. So you don't loose all that much flight-time if you use throttle-management - because much less throttle is needed for any given maneuver. The 5030 is the best endurance prop. Thanks to its much higher efficiency, you get more thrust, a bump in top-end, and longer flights than the stock prop:

GWS 5043: Hyp 240 2s: 9700 RPM; Thrust=129g; Pitch-speed: 39.5 MPH
GWS 5030: Hyp 240 2s: 11300 RPM; Thrust=124g; Pitch-speed: 32.1 MPH
Stock prop: Hyp 240 2s: 11150 RPM; Thrust=111g; Pitch-speed: 29.0 MPH

The Pitts/Yak prop is the best stump-puller prop. It produces gobs of thrust, with sufficient top-end for any 2s UMX plane except the Sbach. And it has an efficient blade design, so you still get decent flight-time with a typical 240-300mAh UMX pack. BTW - it is a 5.75" x 2.5". I don't have any bench-test data on it, but the difference in flight is remarkable.

Oh - by 'too much prop' I meant that the 6030 will pull a lot of current & also be really slow for the airframe if you're using the 2300Kv or 2500kv UMX motor. That's a bad combo. Also, there's not much clearance with a 6" prop, so you'd have to do 3-point takeoffs & 3-point greased landings on smooth, debris-free surfaces to avoid prop-strikes. The props above are a much better match for the 2s UMX motors & airframes. BTW - the 2500Kv is the weakest of the three UMX motors. The 2300Kv & 3000Kv UMX motors are much better-suited for the current UMX airframes & commonly-available UMX-sized props.

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Apr 30, 2015, 08:18 AM
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In real-world results, would a more efficient propeller draw less current, thereby allowing either the same flight characteristics on less throttle and/or longer flight times, all else being equal?

I know the 2500kv is the weakest motor. Right now, I'd rather just stick with it because it's what's on the plane, you know?

Thank you for the prop explanations! Correct me if I'm wrong: the stock prop is a 5025, right?
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Apr 30, 2015, 06:32 PM
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The factory prop is a 5" x 2.75". And yes, higher efficiency means that you get more thrust and/or speed at a given current. So if you use throttle-management, you'll get longer flights because less throttle is required for any given fight-routine.


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