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Jan 05, 2012, 11:43 AM
me, right now.
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Originally Posted by djdavies83
Ok a little stealthily with the full details not mentioned but I have found a way to upgrade my S022 not only with a Gyro but also up to 100meter range (Vs 30meter stock) with DSM2 technology, it will also have two remotely switched outputs Nav/search light and Bomb/paratrooper drop.

Sound interesting, at the moment the DSM2 upgrade is still at the prototyping stage with its creator, myself and one other lucky RCG member (you know who you are ) as beta testers, were about to test the second software release, as soon as I have it I'll try and get a S022 flight test video up on YouTube.

Hope you've all had fun over Christmas!

That sounds awesome! I look forward to the details.
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Jan 09, 2012, 09:26 PM
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The E-Sky Tandem (civvy Orange) arrived today but it was in bad shape. The shippers had thought to secure the helicopter box inside the shipping box with the help of a cardboard "wedge" that, of course, came loose during shipping and the heli box bounced all over the place. Here's what broke:

- The front landing gear mount broke (taking the screw with it) off of the frame.
- ALL FOUR of the mounts that hold the plastic body shell to the frame snapped off (also with their screws still in them!!!

I can't believe how crappily this poor heli was packed! I've sent email to Xheli's support as well as tried to file a support case on their web page. I hope that they come through and don't make me pay for return shipping or something because they really messed badly with how they sent me the helicopter!
Jan 10, 2012, 08:38 PM
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Here's my support thread for the broken E-Sky Tandem from XHeli.

You'll need to have an account to see the pictures, but I'm quite sad with the broken state of this heli. No word yet on what they'll do for me, but I have at least received a response from the guy on the forums who typically responds to these things. I also contacted someone on the livechat today who have me an email address to contact.

We'll's hoping!

EDIT : I've been sent the UPS label and the broken heli is on its way back to XHeli. They promised me a working model in exchange.
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Jan 10, 2012, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by hooligan russ
That sounds awesome! I look forward to the details.
Just popped in to say : Nav/searchlights, and paratroopers etc? I'm anxiously awaiting the details

Curious as to how you're rigging this etc.
Jan 12, 2012, 01:42 PM
We can rebuild it!
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DSM2ir (3Ch ir and rf to DSM2 upgrade)

Originally Posted by Tony Twoskids
Just popped in to say : Nav/searchlights, and paratroopers etc? I'm anxiously awaiting the details

Curious as to how you're rigging this etc.
Hi Tony twoskids, I'll use the S022 Chinook as my example here. The DSM2ir for coaxial helis
is a specially reprogrammed OrangeRX type receiver than can be used in one of two ways....

1. plug in a simple Ir array, set it down anywhere in your flying area and it will receive the DSM2 protocol from your Spekrum type transmitter and transcode/translate the DSM2 protocol into the Ir protocol for your heli and then transmit the Ir, no modification what so ever to the heli (the range will be whatever your heli is rated at).

2. Direct connect, using instructions from the product page you can connect the DSM2ir directly to the heli to give it the maximum range of your DSM2 Transmitter as the receiver will be part off your heli.

S107 with the smallest DSM2ir fitted

The S022 claims to have a 100ft (30M) range, this upgrade will do away with the need for the long stupid dangling wire and give it something like 100M (~300Ft) range here are a couple of photos of the connector soldered onto the PCB.

Where to cut a trace on the PCB, this is to disconnect the 27Mhz part of the board.

And here's where the power to DSM2ir and singnal into S022 gets soldered on

and the switched outputs? The guy doing the programming is reworking the S022 controls at the moment but it looks like when you hold the stick not used for rudder to it's left or right (for more than 4 seconds) it will toggle a pin on the DSM2ir on/off, so these outputs can be used for anything you want, lights, bomb drop...... you could even rig the output up to a micro camera and use it to take snap-shots from the air!

The current list of support heli....

-Protocol 1: S107/R5 (default)
-Protocol 2: S107/R3
-Protocol 3: SH6020/6020-1/6025
-Protocol 4: S026G/S108
-Protocol 5: S022 (direct connection only)
-Protocol 6: Udi

This is still a work in progress so nothing about it is set in stone yet, I have the first version for beta testing, I can't wait to get the V2 and do a proper review, until then here's a link to the prototype page and a Video a did a few nights ago flying my Carbon fiber MOD S107 with it.

DSM2ir product sneak peek (1 min 36 sec)
Jan 12, 2012, 11:33 PM
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Thank you for that detailed explanation I greatly appreciate it. I had no idea there was anything like this out there, not even in the prototype stage.

This stuff is fascinating.
Jan 16, 2012, 09:00 PM
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Hey all, does anyone have a Walkera #38 Tandem?

Why's it so expensive at $219 (not that it's available...)? The esky, nine eagles, and eflite tandems were all around $100 (+- $20 or so).

Walkera 38# (1 min 4 sec)

EDIT: A quick Google search tells me that Balr14 had one of these at one point:
Mar 19, 2012, 09:18 PM
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My 4Ch Tandem fleet has grown by another member. I got a red/white Walkera YS8001 Tandem from Hobby King:

Of course, it's BNF with no radio or battery charger so I had to go order those from another place. However, it flies pretty well for having a swashplate that supports elevator as well as cyclic roll. Like the Esky Tandem, hovering it is still a bit like balancing on a beach ball and if you get distracted for a second, it will try to tip its arse down and commit suicide by bashing into the nearest wall...but other than that, it's a fun little scale model to fly around.

That brings my 4ch tandem fleet up to:

Blade Rescue
Nine Eagles Twingo
Esky Tandem
Walkera YS8001

and of course, all four are discontinued.

Right now there still seems to be a fairly large set of spare parts to be had if you are willing to scour the earth looking for stock in asia, europe, and australia/new zealand. However, I find that flybars are a bit harder to find. I guess everyone breaks those (ESPECIALLY THE SKY TANDEM!!!!) and tries to buy up all stock.

Has anybody ever tried these:

MIA Flybar Stability Tuning Kit

which consist of little red weights that have setscrews that you use to attach to an existing flybar. It just seems that you'd REALLY have to dig those bolts into the flybar to keep them from being launched like little bullets...

I noticed that the YS8001 flybar uses little weights and keeps them on by actually having a physically bent wire that fits into the weight.
Mar 20, 2012, 01:01 PM
Different fly 4 different guy
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RoboHeli - Are you still flying the NE Twingo? Looks like a fun little indoor tandem. Any issues with it? How does the aileron function on these?

I had the 3 channel s026 and s022 a while back but sold them. I do miss the s022 though.

I am thinking about getting another tandem and wanted to here your thoughts on your fleet.
Mar 20, 2012, 02:04 PM
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Hi gordonzo

I love the S026. It's my favorite 3Ch heli.

Yes, I'm still flying all my tandems. I like the NE Twingo. It's a nice lightweight four channel heli. As far as I can tell, it's a direct competitor to the E-Flite Tandem Rescue. The Twingo and the Rescue are roughly the same size and weight and they both use a single servo for aileron but do not have a servo for elevator. The aileron performs exactly like any other 4 channel coaxial really only that the servo is at 90 degrees to the body of the heli I believe (I don't have my helicopter with me to look at right now though). Pitch is controlled by changing blade speed between the front and back shafts.

Both helicopters both have a very similar sized battery and have similar flight times (~5-6 minutes? I haven't timed them recently..) However, I do like the Twingo's battery plug much better than the E-flite battery plug since the former is larger and easier to insert into the helicopter. The recharge time is the same for both battery types (about 45-50 minutes on recommend charger settings).

The TX for the NE Twingo is the standard NE "gamepad" style of controller that you can mechanically switch between mode 1 and mode 2. On this issue, I much prefer flying the E-flite Rescue because I use my DX6i to fly it. Another complaint I have is that the throttle on the Twingo's controller is a bit touchy. I have a harder time hovering the Twingo at a fixed height than I do with the Rescue. In fact, the E-flite Rescue has no such issues and hovers hands-free at any altitude. Also, as the Twingo battery runs out of charge, its ability to pitch will be greatly hampered. The Twingo has the same LVC behavior "landing" behavior as the other mcx (and I suppose the other NE) coaxials.

The Twingo is a Chinook like your S026 and S022 while the E-flite Rescue is a Sea Knight. You can get the Twingo in both civilian yellow and green/brown camo. I have both canopies and manually installed the LEDs into the "extra" one so I can swap them out when I want a change in scenery.

In terms of FF and "acrobatics" (as much as a coaxial can) like piros or tail-in/nose-in "funnels" (once again I use that term VERY loosely with these tandems), both of these helis fly well. They're not as good at FF as the single shaft coaxials but I don't care. There's simply something that I LOVE about tandems. I think it's because they're a bit more challenging to maneuver around than the other helis. It's a different kind of flying.

I've crashed both the Twingo and Rescue multiple times and have never broken anything. Their landing gear are flexible wires so it acts like a spring if you crash. The blades on both helicopters are fixed (e.g. don't pivot) but once again I've never broken anything. I was learning to fly 4 channels on my Rescue (and mcx2) and I put it through a bit more abuse than I would have liked. I think the Twingo could take the same kind of abuse and not have problems.

Of my four Tandems, I'd highly recommend the Twingo and Eflite Rescue over the other two in terms of their ease of control. I've never owned a S022 (unfortunately) so I can't comment there. In contrast, the Esky Tandem and the Walkera YS8001 are MUCH more powerful and challenging to fly. Those two helis use servos to control elevator AND aileron. I believe that this is the main reason why they are more difficult to fly. Even after adjusting the servo arms and giving it full trim, I still have to "balance" my elevator stick with my Esky Tandem to get them to hover. You can't just hover hands-free. You have to continually fly both of those helicopters. The Walkera has only been flown once but I've encountered the same issue with needing to balance the elevator stick rather than letting it sit at neutral position.

In terms of crash-resistance, the Esky Tandem is very fragile and will chip/split blades if they hit anything (including each other). The ends of the Esky's flybars will also chip really easily which will cause vibrations due to the imbalanced weight (I believe). The Walkera seems stronger as it's mostly metal (save for the blades) but I haven't had it as long though so time will tell. The fuselage of the Walkera is also quite fragile and will crack if you crash. It's easily fixed with a CA patch but you have to be careful. All of the other 3 tandems have much more flexible plastic canopies that will bend but not crack like the Walkera.

That being said, the ESky and Walkera Tandems are great if you can get them outside or in a big area like a gym. They really do want to move in big spaces and so it's hard to fly them comfortably indoors. The Rescue and Twingo work fine in either environment. However, all of these helis cannot handle any wind and the tandems have nice big cross sections that can catch the wind and send them flying.
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Mar 20, 2012, 03:03 PM
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Roboheli - Thank you for that very informative response. I use the full size NE-24TX to control my 2 Solo Pros and Solo 210a. I expect it would also bind to the Twingo. This is why I am specifically interested in the Twingo.

Is the battery the same connector as other NE micros? Do you know if it would fit into my Solo Pro V2 charger?

Thanks again for your help!
Mar 20, 2012, 03:13 PM
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Hmmm...I'm afraid I cannot answer either question regarding the TX or the battery as this is the only NE heli I own.. I get my NE stuff from and they're pretty good about answering email questions. You might want to ping them.
Mar 28, 2012, 05:09 PM
Different fly 4 different guy
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Is this JXD-332 something new? Looks to be similar to s026.
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Mar 28, 2012, 05:33 PM
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I have asthma 22 and 26, both very cool the 22 is tough to fly outside , wind pushes it around, but besides that mine tends to drift to the right even indoors with no wind, I have had some spectacular crashes, tees, houses, more trees, any ideas on what may be causing the drift? I thought it may have been a weight balance issue but I opened it up and it all seemed evenly balanced, I am to new to this to spot any other tech issue
Mar 28, 2012, 05:49 PM
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Whoops , auto correct seems to think I have asthma , it should read I have a syma 22 and 26.......

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