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Jun 25, 2011, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by demonjay
Another elevator servo failure here... can anyone recommend a better replacement?
I used the HS82, works well.
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Jun 25, 2011, 08:00 PM
Never fly an A model anything!
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I use these...... They are Very Good and are cheap enough to not blow the relative pricing. If you sign in they are under $9 each. Just consider shipping if you don't need to buy anything else. J
Jul 05, 2011, 05:44 PM
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Wow ive been flying my carbon z for a yeah and had no idea there were so many issues with it. Mine did eventually get a cracked motor mount. But ovrall its been one of if not the best plane in my hanger
Jul 07, 2011, 11:05 AM
Hook 'Em Horns!
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Jul 14, 2011, 10:53 PM
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Could someone please list all the know defects in this yak?
So far I hear, 1 elevator servo. 2 motor mount.. What else???
Jul 14, 2011, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by capt soap
Could someone please list all the know defects in this yak?
So far I hear, 1 elevator servo. 2 motor mount.. What else???

Replace the stock prop with an APC 12x6E prop.

The stock prop is terribly out of balance.

I did this and have had no other problems.

The earlier yaks had servo problems.

Make sure the wings are pushed on correctly so the wing bolts actually go throught the fuse mount holes. seen some wings fall off in flight.

An easy fix is to just paint the fuse mount white so you can easily see it
in the wing screw hole.

Great plane.
Aug 05, 2011, 10:01 PM
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I guess I've been lucky mine has had 1 minor crash and 1 major, the first was from trying to land from a harrier, everything was going great until the front of the elevator grabbed the grass and snapped, the second was from flying knife edge when I lost orientation and nosed in from about 15ft.
I couldn't believe how tough this plane is though, from my nose in crash there was no damage to the front at all except for a broken prop but for some wierd reason the damage was all at the back which was just a snapped elevator on both sides and the canopy was knocked off. Were I fly the ground is semi rock under about 10cm of grass and I had exactly the same crash about 3 months ago with my extreme flight exp and that was a total write off.
I have just noticed now though that after fixing the plane the servos seem to be full of slop especially the rudder but it looks like it's just the servo arms which is understandable after the hell I've put them through. All up I'm a happy camper, total damage is about $50, it certainly doesn't fly as well as the extreme flight exp does but for an intermediate 3D pilot who isn't a millionaire it's probably the way to go.
Aug 05, 2011, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by capt soap
Could someone please list all the know defects in this yak?
So far I hear, 1 elevator servo. 2 motor mount.. What else???
I also replaced the prop with a 13x4 APC and both my plane and a friends has had problems with the spinner/prop flying off mid flight, twice for me and once for him. I removed the spinner and just used a standard prop adaptor.
Our theory was that being mid winter when this was happening it might have had something to do with the really cold mornings because I had the same problem with my electric shock around the same time too
Aug 05, 2011, 11:37 PM
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Hi guys,

I have been flying the Yak for some time now and really do love it. I might even learn to do a little 3D in the far future - maybe.

When the airplane came one servo was dead. I took the hint and replaced all of the servos with the JR DS3421 Digital Mini MG Servo. Yes it is expensive (~$90) but it is also silky smooth, fast and powerful. I'll use the old servos in a small sport airplane of some sort.

I did manage to do a flip over on landing (I hit the end of the runway edge and flipped it over - a cure is to land on the runway) and broke the fuselage right at the aft of the cockpit and through the front cooling vent. Due to the location of that cooling vent there is a stress concentration right at that point allowing the fuselage to break easier there than at any other point. There is a cure for this.

Make a small plug that is the shape of the vents. Push the plug almost all of the way through the vent so that it acts as a bottom of the cavity that is now formed. Mix some 15 minute epoxy and fill in the cavity. When the epoxy is hard it will, of course, be harder than the foam around it.

Fill in the first two vents on each side of the fuselage and it will no longer be weak at those points. The fuselage aft of those points is adequately strong. This is a simple and easily implemented fix for the model.

I do take the Yak out when ever I go to the flying field no matter what else I take. It is a fun flier and well worth the cost to me.

Good Flying all,

Ben Lanterman
Aug 05, 2011, 11:48 PM
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Regarding vibration issues with the CZ...this is my opinion on cracked motor mounts.
I have read the threads on off center prop hubs, cracked fuse mounts, and wobbly prop adapters at high throttle. I believe it is an issue with an out of balance motor.
Here is why and what my solution was. I had the vibe issue with the motor and replaced and balanced the prop, changed the prop adapter and still the same issue. I then replaced the motor with a new one, figuring the bearings were shot with the old one and still had the higher rpm vibrations.
This is my solution.....I put an EFlite Power 32 into the plane and after 35 flights, no issues whatsoever. It runs smooth as silk and pulls a little harder than the original 25 that was in it.
Here is how to put the 32 in. It won,t go through the front of the fuse!
First I lengthened and widened the original motor X mount and pre fit it to the 32, then I snuck it up through the fuse hole that contains the esc and shoved it forward in the fuse. There is an interference issue with the mount in the fuse that the X mount screws into. I got out the dremel and sanded the rear of those mounts at about a 40 degree angle, pushed the 32 forward and screwed the X mount to the motor and mounted it to the fuse mounts. The next issue is an interference issue with the 3 wires exiting the motor with the tunnel that the motor sit's into, I marked where it hit and dremeled out about a quarter sized hole for the wires to come straight out and sit into the hole and then routed them through the 3 original wire retainer holes on the back of the tunnel and hooked up the esc back into the rear vent hole where it was originally.
This setup has definitely solved all the vibration issues with the plane and it runs strong, quiet and smooth. The stock mount has no cracks, even though it was drilled wider and longer. I have put it through full throttle snaps, thrown it hard through all moves and basically beat the crap out of it in the air and absolutely no issues whatsoever.
Aug 24, 2011, 09:26 AM
This is NOT a TOY?
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OOps! WRong place
Sep 03, 2011, 12:35 AM
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Servo failur crash

It was a great plain.
Sep 03, 2011, 01:12 AM
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Servo failur crash

IT WAS A GREAT PLAIN. The left servo gears striped you know what happened next. It broke the tail & bent motor shaft & prop ADT. & Broke both wing mounts. & striped 3 more servos.cracked one wing & it all so broke two ailron hinges. WHY DID THAY USE A SUB MICRO SERVO IN THIS BIG OF A PLAIN!!!!!! After I took the motor out I found thay installed the E.S.C to far up it was rubbing the back of the motor it ground into the on/off switch wires & into the capacitors on E.S.C so you might want to check yours if theirs any left. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...=4254061&stc=1.
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Sep 03, 2011, 12:47 PM
Obsessive Information Sponge

If it sucks, ARF it...

I've been looking into this plane and with all the stories posted here of failing servos, motor mounts, motors, spinners, and props and I'm obviously a bit put off. My question is, what is keeping y'all from buying the foam parts ($96 plus taxes and shipping) and basically making it an ARF with your own electronics? That way you know the quality (or lack thereof) you put into it?
Sep 04, 2011, 04:38 PM
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i started a new thread and didn't know about this one...

this is from my thread.

So today I decided to give in and buy a Carbon-Z. I've always liked the plane and decided to get one. Bought it and got out to the flying field with about an hour of light to spare.

I was flying in a school parking lot. had plenty of room to fly around, take off, land, come in low, with no light poles in the way. So I taxi out and power up for take off. The tail lifted off nicely and she pulled into the air. She only needed a few clicks of trim to get her flying level.

The flight was normal. The climb rate, speed, and maneuverability of this airplane is AMAZING!!! When my timer started to go off, I was climbing to a hammerhead to come down to land. as I came over the top, I LOST ALL CONTROL, I pulled back on the elevator to take her out of the dive, cut back on the power, and she went straight into the concrete. NOSE FIRST and FULL SPEED! The motor mount bent, motor won't spin anymore, motor, esc, and battery came out the nose of the aircraft on the strike, the lipo is busted open (luckily no fire, just smells really sweet), Fuse is broken in 3 places, and nose is shattered. Oh..... and the pilot got ejected...

So I lost all power to the receiver, I range tested the bird too and it was FINE! I am not extremely upset that she is dead because this kind of stuff happens, but I expect to not have issues like that. I have never once had a single issue with my x9303 and spektrum rx's. I plan on calling Horizon on Monday and letting them know about what happened and see what they can do to help me out. It just sucks. I was hoping I was gonna fly this thing tomorrow and that is not gonna happen. What am I gonna do now....

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