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Jul 29, 2003, 06:20 PM
veni,vidi, roto volubilis
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Total Newbie GWS Spitfire build

last month i got a Ģ7500 win on the national lottery that is what finaly
made enough free cash for me to get into r/c flying (i've wanted to start for
a few years now but i was put off with the high maintenace and cost of slimers)
parkflyers are a godsend to those who dont really have the time to drive to a flying
field and set up etc (like me ) but the R/C world can be daunting for a newb so i'm
glad i found this forum . I found this forum through a recomendation from my
lhs and i am so glad i did as the knowledge and advice that your members have
(and give freely ) is second to none. as i'm a complete newb i'm going to
start this thread so i can keep a record of a newcomer to this hobby i will
include picture of builds etc (with my new digital camera i'm a house
father so i have plenty of time for builds etc ) I've already built my beaver so
I've missed that the pics for that but i'm just about to start my spitfire
so with that in mind this is what i've just ordered over the weekend

2 x 1047RS props
2 x 1080RS props
6 x 1060HD props
2 x 51mm Robbe light wheels
2 x 53mm Lightweight wheels
2 x 20mm tailwheels
6 x GWS EPS300 Gearbox case
10 x GWS driveshafts
10 x GWS driveshaft circlips
4 x GWS Bearings
2 x GWS EPS350C Motor
2 x GWS 10tooth pinion(D)
2 x GWS 12tooth pinion(C)
2 x GWS C spur gear
2 x GWS D spur gear
1 x GWS pinion Gear Puller
4 x Deans micro connector
2 x Deans Ultra Male
2 x Deans Ultra Female
2 x HS55 Servo's(have 1 left over from the gws pack for the beaver)
1 x GWS R4N 4Ch receiver
1 x 8Oz Polyurethane glue
1 x 8Oz 5 min epoxy

that's not including 3 weeks ago my first purchases GWS Beaver with full
GWS hardware (including servosx3, ICS-300 ESC, GWT-4A tx, R4N rx
charger and battery and a GWS Spitfire soon i'm going to order the
Brushless motor esc and batteries (once i make up my mind on which to get )
i hope you enjoy reading my experiences and can help me along the way.

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Jul 29, 2003, 07:30 PM
Cheapskate freeloader!
Zeroaltitude's Avatar
Congratulations on your good fortune!

Canīt help you on the GWS Spitfire specifically, but Iīm sure many others will be able to. If you read what those that have the Spitfire say, this plane seems to be the best GWS Warbird yet, and thatīs not a small thing!

Iīm sure you allready know this, but Iīll say it anyway. Donīt attempt to fly the Spitfire until youīve had several weeks (or even moths, depending on how much you fly) practice on the Beaver. Iīm talking several hours of flight here.

I would even suggest that you get a good ailerontrainer as a step between the two. I would definitely advice you against going straight to a brushless equipped GWS Spitfire (I read your post on brushless). It will in all likelyhood be way too much for you to handle coming straight from the Beaver.

Best of luck!

Jul 29, 2003, 07:59 PM
veni,vidi, roto volubilis
Happy|Harry's Avatar
I know some might not beleive me but i've picked up the flying part quite easy
i still have problems in anticipating wind etc and my landings
aint the best. i have very good hand-eye co-odination and
raced r/c cars as a teenager, i also play a lot of computer games
(including flight sims) and after only a week i can hover
and do most aerobatics and have 20 minute+ flights with the switchback3D
modelfrom mountain models in fms.
i also think i'll find a plane with ailerons easier to fly irl.
But i'm still going to wait a while till i try
just in case
as for how often i fly, well when my camera arrives i'll take a
photo from my front door to let you see how close i live to a large
public park

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Jul 29, 2003, 08:11 PM
Cheapskate freeloader!
Zeroaltitude's Avatar
Itīs good to hear that you are making such good progress so soon. Still, flightsims is a good way to learn the basics of R/C flying, but itīs not the same thing. For one thing, nerves can act up pretty badly when you have a real plane in the air in a way that they rearely do when flying a sim.

Everyone has their own pace of learning, so my remarks above are only general recomendations, and may not apply to you specifically at all. But I hope you donīt get mad at me if I say that itīs a lot more common that people overestimate their skills in the beginning than underestimate them. Thatīs what causes all the "ooops, what the @Ģ$& happended now?" and "why the &€$Ģ@ did it do that?" type of situations!

All kidding aside, only you, or someone who knows you can decide whatīs the apropriate next step. Best of luck whichever way you choose to proceed!

Jul 30, 2003, 04:01 AM
Future NFL Champs
Fiasco's Avatar
I started out with the GWS P51 as my introduction into RC flight and did not have problems learning to fly it.
Jul 30, 2003, 04:25 AM
wizard of OZ
james_28's Avatar
wish i won that much cash, i could probably spend that in a couple of nights on model airplanes and excessories.

i built the spitfire in approximately 6 hours spread over a couple of days, it is a real easy build which wont take you long. try and use a slow setting epoxy for the joining of the fusalage sometimes when aligning the pieces that five mins can go real quickly.
just my AUD$0.02
Jul 30, 2003, 06:27 AM
Cheapskate freeloader!
Zeroaltitude's Avatar
Fiasco, the thread "Treeīd my P51" comes to mind when you say "did not have problems". I guess it depends on how you define "problems"

Just kidding, everoneīs different. I donīt think Iīm alone in generally recomending not going straight to a warbird though. We all make up our own minds, and we all have to pay for the decisions we make.
If a person DOES manage to learn to fly with ailerons on a lowwing, brushlesequipped warbird, heīll learn quicker for sure, he HAS to!

Jul 30, 2003, 11:43 AM
veni,vidi, roto volubilis
Happy|Harry's Avatar
Thanks for the advice guys but like i said i'm just going to
wait a while before i try the spit, also i wont be going to brushless
straight away thats why i've ordered the GWS350
i just want to get everything now before the wife spends it all


[edit] i forgot to mention that everything i ordered was between
All e and
both orders were placed on sunday.
I am uk based so i will see how long these orders take to arrive
as All e RC is US based and Aircraft-World is Japan based this
is a sad reflection on the available GWS spares in UK HS .
(especially my lhs which is very glow biased )[/edit]
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Aug 11, 2003, 01:54 PM
veni,vidi, roto volubilis
Happy|Harry's Avatar
Sorry for the lack of updates but i'm sill waiting for my digital camera
to arrive . i've been playing away with my beaver ( lol) and
having great fun while doing it ( lolol) both parcels arrived on
friday morning which is a testament to both stores as the are both
on different continents from me. I'm going to be using TiteBond
Polyurethane Glue from All e RC to do most of the spitfire and am wondering
if anyone has used it before if so how much did you dilute it?
I'll post some pics when the camera gets here till then thanks for reading

Aug 11, 2003, 02:00 PM
Lookin' Good. Real Good.
larsy87's Avatar
Phil - to dilute the glue, take a scrap peice of crdboard and mix various amounts with water. Do 0%, 10%, 20% 30% so on to 50, and see which foams best ansd sets best. Best of luck on your Spit, I know you will enjoy like the rest of the fellow spit pilots. Oh, and if your still in a genourous mood, would you pick up a brushless system for me? I'll send you a postdated check, dated 2099 for your payback!!

Lol j/k. Best of luck with your brushless Endevours!!

Aug 11, 2003, 02:18 PM
veni,vidi, roto volubilis
Happy|Harry's Avatar
thanks cam
i've made a few decisions on the brushless setup with a little help
from splash at e-flightline i'm going for
MPJet 25/35-20 and a castle creations Phoenix25 esc but i'm still
waiting for splash to get the 25/35 in stock ( i could get it elswhere
but i think he deserves my order after taking the time to help me)

Aug 11, 2003, 02:43 PM
Registered User
HU-25c's Avatar
Good luck on your construction of the Spit. I used mostly epoxy (5 and 20min types) I also put carbon fiber strips where the two halves of the fusealage glue together. Using just the stock motor
and a lipo batt it weighs in at about 17 onces. Even being a bit heavy it flies good, but you will find that the center of gravity is VERY IMPORTANT to get right. If you can find a cg balancing machine, get it and you will be glad you did.
I flew an estarter for about 2 weeks and got a bit bored with it so went with the spit. The difference is like night and day! I augured in after letting the plane get a bit to low and a windgust brought her down. In the rework hanger now, but ready to fly later today maybe. Enjoy your flight time...nothing better.
Aug 11, 2003, 02:55 PM
veni,vidi, roto volubilis
Happy|Harry's Avatar
also posted here

after reading all of the spit threads i have only came up with
a short list of advised mods
1 change wing support rod for a c/f one
2 enlarge the battery bay
3 cf hinges for the control surfaces

is there any more that you think i've missed? or how have you
modified/strengthened yours as i want to make a really good
job of my spitfire and give it every chance of surviving my thumbs

Aug 12, 2003, 11:25 AM
Registered User
I built a firewall from some lite plywood purchased at my LHS and it has made some major crashes survivable. It keeps the motor mount from tearing up the foam.
Aug 12, 2003, 11:45 AM
Lookin' Good. Real Good.
larsy87's Avatar
I just try not to crash...but stupid dogs inhibit that quality.

Changing the spar is a good idea

Mine, stock, was like 1.4 of an inch from the front of the motor mount didn't make much sense to hollow ot that little bit of foam.

I found the GWS ones work much better.

Good Luck!!!