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Jan 18, 2011, 12:47 AM
M Seid
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New Official F3k Team Thread!

Website is
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Jan 18, 2011, 12:48 AM
M Seid
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Essential items from the first thread:

Where we are headed: Sweden
When we are going: Last week of June, 2011
How long we are there: 10 days.


Some facts about Sweden:

Individuals pay both national income tax and municipal income tax. In 2010, individual income tax rates in Sweden change between 54% and 61%, 57.77%being the average tax rate.

Average municipal tax rate by 2010 is 31,56% (was 31.52% previous year)
Average contribution to the Swedish Church excluding funeral fee is 0.99%
Average funeral fee is 0.22%
National Income Tax: 25%
(was 57.73% previous year)

Maximum municipal tax rate by 2010, including contribution to the Swedish Church and funeral fee is: 36% (in SOLLEFTEÅ)
National Income Tax: 25%

(how do you say holy s&^T in swedish???)

November, 1972 issue of Playboy magazine sold 7,161,561 copies. A cropped image of the issue's centerfold, featuring Swedish model Lena Soderberg, became a standard image for testing image processing algorithms.

Sweden has an official Bikini Team.

The swedes like to drink:

"Successful businessman at 10 and entrepreneur at 14, Lars Olsson Smith controlled one third of all the vodka in Sweden while he was still learning to shave. For almost half of the 19th century he was known as "The King of Vodka". In 1879, he introduced a new kind of vodka called "Absolut Rent Bränvin" (Absolute Pure Vodka) produced using a revolutionary new distillation method. The method was called rectification, a method we still use today.

Without knowing it, Lars Olsson Smith had introduced what exactly a century later, would become Absolut Vodka. "

* On July 4th, 2011 in Stockholme, Sunrise will be at 3:40 AM and Sunset will be at 10:04 PM for day that will be 18h 24m 45s long!


This is the first FAI F3K World Championships! The team is honored to represent the United States and needs your help to make the effort successful. The team will be campaigning for sponsorship in a number of ways. We expect to have a raffle, a post contest auction where you will be able to bid on items used or flown by team members, and will be selling team gear. Some of this will take a few more weeks to organize and communicate. We would like to thank many of our industries product sponsors that have already been in contact with me about helping the team. There will be many ways you can help, but to start...

Many of you work for companies that have corporate donation matching programs. Your contribution to the team is tax deductible, and may be eligible for corporate gift matching programs. Please ask your employer if you have a program at work, and what the eligibility is. We need to stretch our dollars as far as they can go. You can make your contributions payable to:

"Academy of Model Aeronautics F3K Team Fund" and sent to the following address:

Academy of Model Aeronautics Competition Department
5161 E. Memorial Drive
Muncie, Indiana 47302

All sponsorship inquiries should be sent to Michael Seid - with the subject line "f3k sponsorship". We are actively looking for all types of soaring manufacturers to DONATE product to our auction. Those of you who have relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, hobby stores etc- please introduce them to the F3k Team and ask them to help.

On behalf of the entire team

Paul Anderson (sr)
Jun Catacutan (sr)
George Morris(sr)
Nick Tasto (jr)
David Ashinsky (jr)
Lee Atchison (jr)

- we are excited to represent the largest, best, and most supportive community of pilots in the US. Thank you in advance for you support!

Michael Seid- Team Manager
Jan 18, 2011, 12:49 AM
M Seid
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Ode to Ed White- The first official "Update"

I dont know Ed White. I know a lot of people in Florida. I know two that fly handlaunch. Never met an Ed White. He has a cool avatar, though. It looks like betty boop with a garter, holding a basket of fruit. She's smiling, and is either very careful to make sure her chest is always in full view, or she doesnt care.
Eds choice of avatar makes me like him.
Ive never noticed anyone's avatar before.

Ed PM'd me tonite and said the following:

__________________________________________________ ______________
"Mike, I want a t shirt!!
If you are interested I could post on the Florida contest site and handle some orders over here on the east coast.
We are looking at 40 plus pilots and I am sure many of these guys would like to support the team.
Congrats on team manager.
Let me know.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Ed left me his email. I havent used it yet to ask his permission to re post his PM. I hope hes ok with it....

I like Ed.
No hello, no goodbye. Just, how can I help?

Thankfully, he is not alone in his desire to help. We need it, until I can be sure we don't. Ed, thank you. The team appreciates you, and Ed has a unique talent.... he can read minds.

This is a highly sought after skill. Luckily, in my business I have a couple people that work with me, that have -over many years -learned to read my mind. Ed is a thoughtful guy, maybe he runs a business himself, or he really is clairvoyant.

We have a lot of guys like Ed in f3k. This weekend at the JEM, i had many conversations with pilots about the team, the fundraising, and how they can help. Specifically the team would like to recognize several outstanding contributions. Thanks to Doug Montgomery for raising money for the team though your excellent shirts! Thanks to Clay and Eldo for their support. Thank you to Bruce Davidson. Thank you Futaba for donating gear for the Contest Raffle, benefitting the team. I want to personally thank both Phil Barnes, and Gavin Trussel for your thoughts, perspective, and support. Thank you to each and every pilot who spent money on the entry fee, on gas, on lodging, on betting, and on Tee Shirts.

For those like phil and gavin who dont share Eds curse, I thought I would put out the first official team update.

The F3K team had its first meeting in early december. We have had 3 meetings since. The latest was this past monday. The agenda was strategy for the JEM. Our goal for the contest was for each pilot to work at least one round with a teamate, and to shadow each pilot's primary timer at least once. Each time a team member shadowed the primary timer, they did so to observe, and listen. Our objective is to build a level of trust and confidence in each other early, and know that we can rely on each other when it matters. These sessions were video'd. We will continue to work together as a team in every contest. The next contest is the SWC, then the phoenix open, some regionals, then the IHLGF. The team did very well at the JEM, both in placing very high in both the prelims, and taking 2 of the top 3 spots in the flyoffs.

The team is also doing very well with sponsorship and fundraising, but faces some unique challenges. We have a very high per person expense, and we have an obligation to make sure every pilot, their equipment, and their guardians are able to make the comp with as little out of pocket as possible. We have an awesome opportunity to take 3 juniors to the first ever worlds, and each of these juniors represents something very unique to the future of soaring. We need to make our fundraising strategy known, and introduce the community to our supportive sponsors.

The team has completed the website, and will be launching the teams website at the following URL:

The website is NOT up yet. The primary purpose of the website is to focus your attention on our sponsors, our Raffle, and to publicly track our fundraising goal, and the money we have raised.

First: The Raffle:

We are waiting for a few key sponsors to finalize their inventory of donated product. Very similar to the framework used by J recently, the raffle will run through the end of the contest, and the final drawing will be held after the contest in Arboga concludes. The team recently traveled to the AMA show to meet with existing and potential sponsors. We looked for sponsors both in, and out of sailplanes. We expect to have product in the raffle that will appeal to many enthusiasts outside of sailplanes. We want them to learn about DLG, and we are happy to sell them tickets so they have a chance to win some goodies that they want! We came prepared with flyers, which introduced DLG, and the team, outlined our objectives. You can take a look at the flyer and if you have a local shop you think would like to participate, or happen to own an rc helicopter manufacturer and are reading this, you can see what its about. We had many manufacturers that committed on the spot, and several we are in the process of negotiating with. CST will be doing a Sales Day for the team that is expect to be the held in April. The Gewains are so supportive of DLG, they actually fly them! I expect to officially launch the raffle when we have a respectable inventory of product that will excite you like a 100 million dollar lottery does. By the middle of march, I expect it to be a like the "Eds Avatar" of hobby goods, so captivating to everyone that we blow past our budget by April 15th. Thats what we are working towords, at least. The team needs your help. Although at this point, it is premature, but if you belong to a club, fly at a power field, or can loop a ornithopter, please remember to mention the site, and the raffle. Every bit helps, which is why I started a new thread just for the good stuff supplied by the folks below:

Here is our current list of raffle sponsors:

RC Radio Network
Soaring USA/LE Composites
Atlanta Hobby
CST Sales
Mercury Adhesives

The team will be working this week and next to finalize the product list and launch the raffle by next week. We will be selling tickets to the raffle at each on contest we attend, and online. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support.
BTW- Ed will have a box of shirts shipped to him this week.

AMA Flyer is below. Check it out.
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Jan 18, 2011, 01:02 AM
launch low, fly high
Trolling for snipes from the non-USA F3K pilots again???

OT: I really wish I could have made it to the JEM this past weekend. I think the world of JE and would have liked to have been there with everyone. Just one weekend off, otherwise I could have made sufficient excuses to be there. One item that would have been a detraction would be to fly against the US team. Some formidable competition there!
Jan 18, 2011, 01:51 AM
M Seid
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Currency Fact: Joe W will spend 1.30 (NZD) for each raffle ticket he buys today.

If Joe W wants to buy 100 tickets at todays rate, and the Raffle is not launched until Feb 1st, how much will Joe spend to completely hedge his adverse currency risk?

A-$0 – Joe W.s broker would need him to buy 100,000 tickets to consider it worthwhile
B- 0$ - Joe W. does not speculate.
C- Joe W. will price Average Spot Rate Call Options and get back to you
D- 0$ Joe is saving his 130 NZD for shots of "Podium Vodka" in Sweden
Jan 18, 2011, 04:57 PM
Registered User
C - Joe will buy a $100 4x option. He probably won't honor it in Feb if Obama keeps printing money.

Jan 18, 2011, 10:26 PM
Registered User

Just a thought: Have someone write up the team selections, contact the RC Soaring Digest, I'll bet they would run it.

Follow up with the JEM.

Follow up with Poway.

Get info in front of people in the soaring community, not in hlg.

Jan 21, 2011, 12:24 AM
M Seid
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question for you:what would the coolest item be in a the team raffle? what product would blow you away?

question for the mods:what does it take to stick this thread?

readers... dont post an answer. i know. how about you all pm the mods to stick your usa teams thread?. at the very least i wont have to go searching for it each time i want to thank a sponsor, or tell you we have a stobel in the raffle.

Jan 21, 2011, 12:27 AM
Throw it like you hate it
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Originally Posted by M Seid
question for you:what would the coolest item be in a the team raffle? what peoduct would blow you away?
i want George's USA themed stobel V2
Jan 21, 2011, 12:38 AM
The Detritus of Rcgroups
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Originally Posted by M Seid
question for you:what would the coolest item be in a the team raffle? what product would blow you away?
How about a fundraising meter and if the $s reaches a certian goal George promises to only post in full English sentences?

Here is a raffle idea that is a step above. Kind of like one of DP's I2s was a F3J prize, how about one of the team's planes but instead of just the plane it is the complete deal. Plane and all radio gear. That way you can have the exact setup, radio programing, everything of one of the US's best pilots. Now would that be cool or what?

Jan 21, 2011, 12:54 AM
Registered User
Last F3J raffle I was lucky enough to have my ticket picked and a Sirius Charger was shipped to me by Peak Electronics. It is the best charger if you use NiMH in your DLG.

Jan 21, 2011, 01:53 AM
Throw it like you hate it
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Originally Posted by rdwoebke
How about a fundraising meter and if the $s reaches a certian goal George promises to only post in full English sentences?
if you cant understand George's posts then he is not addressing you
Jan 21, 2011, 02:16 AM
Jim C
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No offense, but too many stickies make the Hand Launch home page less useful.

Is there a donation site or is the majority of fund raising being driven by purchase and gamble?
Jan 21, 2011, 03:33 AM
Registered User
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No offense, but too many stickies make the Hand Launch home page less useful

Perhaps slightly more busy at the top of the page, but it would sure make finding out what's going on with the USA F3K team easier, and easier is better if you are trying to raise funds. It would always be one of the first threads in the forum until shortly after the Worlds, then it could be unstickied.

Great idea to give away a RTF Stobel, with the pilot's setup copied onto a new transmitter!. Interesting that all three senior team members fly three different radios.

Nice job Mike. I'll be in the raffle early and often.


Jan 21, 2011, 08:41 AM
The Detritus of Rcgroups
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Originally Posted by ShadowFalken
No offense, but too many stickies make the Hand Launch home page less useful.
Perhaps a comprimise would be for the time being to unstick the F3K selection leauge and stick this? Then after the champs switch back?

Originally Posted by ShadowFalken
Is there a donation site or is the majority of fund raising being driven by purchase and gamble?
You can donate directly to FAI team funds (even cooler if your company matches), you can buy FAI team wares (shirts, what not), or you can buy raffle tickets.

Originally Posted by RCPC
if you cant understand George's posts then he is not addressing you
Maybe it's also a F3K skills thing? I didn't think about that before. Maybe he only makes sense to decent pilots? Interesting....


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