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Aug 02, 2011, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Bart Bever
Thank you all for the nice welcome and the advice..

I looked at the EXI-Servo-D213F at hobbyparts but they were 30 US$ and 45$ transport to get them to Belgium.. but I found them on ebay so they are coming for 40$ in total.
I ordered before I saw Kdean's post about the Hitec 5055 that needed less modification. I'll see how they do and maybe buy the Hitec's afterwards.

Friend of mine has the WK 2801 and looks indeed very nice, I will definitly get that later on, as some say, don't spent all at once and most important thing now is that I'm flying.

That brings me to the main motor; Not sure what to do with the RTF kit... can I use it with the stock WK 2603 ?
Is there a replacement kit for sale on ebay? or asian store?

The batteries I will buy on ebay..

Tail boom support I will order

Stealth blades, switch and fuse are on hold...

I allready checked out some RTF-youtubes about the WK2603 setup

Thanks all!
Will get back with a ton of questions when I have my bird

Hey Bart,

Another thing i forgot to mention...

The batteries at rtf are alot cheaper at Hobbyking.com

You might want to do most of your shopping there as things are real cheap. You may even be able to find some good servos, and brushless stuff there.

Here is the battery that rtf is selling for over $20. They have it for less than $10


And I also have some Turnigy TGY-MG90s servos in one of my V400s', and they are very nice quality anolog servos.
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Aug 02, 2011, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by dilberto
that's a good idea, maybe I should look for walkera parts next time i go. just need to bring an extra suitcase I've been to the Guangzhou area many times and I looked up thats where the walkera factory is located. I haven't been over there since i started flying the bigger size helicopters, but the tiny ones I bought over there and flew in my hotel room when i was bored are what got me started on the rc helis in the first place. I might be going next month, so i'll have to look for the walkera stuff. Where do you get yours? any specific store, or just one of the many small ones in the big electronic market areas? It'd be really cool to tour the factory and get some pictures, but i'm not sure if i'll have time cause i think it's on the other side of the city from where i go.

hi Dilberto,
I guess at Guangzhou will be cheaper, cause most factories are there anyway.

I bought my V400 at my country,
Because at this time none of my relative going to china.. and i so wanting to get one
i have check the price, buying from china will be 15~20% cheaper than buying at my place.. but i guess save my family from bringing the big box home
next year they might go for trip so i hoping to ask their help to to get some parts back
or i might join the trip too

I did some research before on shanghai (cause last time originally i going for a trip there but i cancelled), it was some small electronic shop or hobby shop that we can get best price..
Aug 02, 2011, 11:44 AM
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hi everyone i got one question on servo..
since the 3 servo controlling the pitch

so if either one of them broke down and need changing,
if we going for different servo, than we must make sure all 3 are the same, right?
Aug 02, 2011, 11:54 AM
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Kdean is so totally right about getting the 2801 Pro! I just got mine yesterday, and even when flying my CB180D I could tell a difference. I realize that the primary difference between the 2801 and the other transmitters is the greater number of settings you can control, but I've got to mention that I definitely could tell that the CB180D flew better under the 2801 than my 2603. One thing I noticed right away is that the 2801's trim settings are a lot more accurate.

I have not yet flown the V400D02 with the 2801 as I am still assembling my brushless upgrade (again). But the 2801 is sufficiently different than the 2603 that I feel I should take my time learning how the 2801 works and be careful not to do something to the heli that I'll regret. I have high hopes that the 2801 will enable me to tune my Alpha 400 brushless motor so that it behaves the way I like.

Kdean and Dilberto, thanks for recommending to me the 2801 Pro Tx.
Aug 02, 2011, 11:56 AM
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Hi Sam, I think it would be best to keep all three servos the same. I, too, though about this before I upgraded my servos to the EXIs, but I would not want to crash my heli just to save on a couple of servos (which would probably strip in the crash anyways).
Aug 02, 2011, 01:26 PM
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Because the collective pitch helis depend on all three servos to work together smoothly to control the heli, if one of the servos was a little faster or slower, or if one had more travel than the others, it would mess up the swash interaction, causing irregular movement from your heli. But, If the specs of the servos are similar enough than you might not have that big a problem.
Aug 02, 2011, 05:21 PM
They call me plan B
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Here is my roof landing lol.
v120d02 roof crash.MPG (2 min 24 sec)
Aug 02, 2011, 06:27 PM
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Getting Inverted

Video Lessons, I love em

RC Heli Instructional Video - Inverted Flight (2 min 44 sec)
Aug 02, 2011, 09:11 PM
Human Being
Originally Posted by Heli Biggie
so did it still fly good after that "roof landing"? watching that video of you zipping around really makes me want to get one of those. They have the bind and fly for a good price at xheli right now, so i've been looking at it since the v400 is still out of stock. The little guys seem to hold up better to crashes, so that would be helpful for me
Aug 02, 2011, 09:53 PM
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hi Kdean, nice video on learning inverted flying.
thanks for sharing... i bookmarked it..
Aug 02, 2011, 10:56 PM
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Finally... my v400 is on training wheel... i mean training gear

I use cloth hanger to do this.. but my first attempt is a failure cause the steel is too soft,
my second attempt i use different cloth hanger...
using my hand and 2 pliers also is hard to get it straight .. i know i made the right choise
after some time bending i make it almost-straight

I know.. it looks very .. "native"
after make it almost-straight, i spend some time marking the center of balance, tie them up, make the end round so it wont poke someone's eye
and whalla!! i got my training gear

Training gear on my handsome v400
i name her 'bumblebee' cause it is yellow and black..

(P.S. that camera i using is kinda blur .... )
Aug 03, 2011, 02:03 AM
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My V400D is still holding up after repairing the loose connections on EXI servos. It was 93 degrees at 7:15PM tonight. After flight ,the motor was hot but I could at least touch it.

V400D 02 Soccer Field (4 min 36 sec)
Aug 03, 2011, 03:18 AM
kdean's Avatar
nice flying Barn,

The last time I had the V400 out, it was a joy to fly. It was right after my 450 pro threw its blades. I'm still trying to get them flybarless with the walkera rx's.

I've been doing alot of sim practice, and after watching some of the lesson vids on youtube I found that I have alot to learn.

The next time I take the V400 out I'm going to practice my circles. I can do big swooping 8's all over the place, but cant do controled circles in front of me. I'm really good at getting around inverted on the sim, and just started to do some backwards turns with the v400. If I want to get better at this I need to stop just flying around and start some purposefull practice. I have to get the V400 inverted soon, its begging me everytime I fly it. I know my mechanical set up is not right, every got changed after I took the hitecs out for a while then changed the arms and put them back in, but I think if i squeeze my but cheeks hard enough I can get it upsidedown.

Anyway, thats my rant for the day. Now back to youtube and sim.
Aug 03, 2011, 04:27 AM
kdean's Avatar
Here is my plan for next flying session. Subscribe to this channel, very valuable flying info.

Aug 03, 2011, 08:22 AM
They call me plan B
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It seems to keep flying . I love the v120. Its good for the back yard. Its hard getting to a field with 2 kids

Originally Posted by dilberto
so did it still fly good after that "roof landing"? watching that video of you zipping around really makes me want to get one of those. They have the bind and fly for a good price at xheli right now, so i've been looking at it since the v400 is still out of stock. The little guys seem to hold up better to crashes, so that would be helpful for me

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