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Jul 27, 2003, 04:55 AM
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HF models ASW-28 3M

Has anyone built a HF models ASW-28? I just picked up one of the fully molded kits and am about to start building it and was wondering if anyone has built one and have any suggestions.

The kit looks pretty good with reasonably good quality parts. Unfortunately the instructions are in Czech (I believe). I have been trying to figure out how the heck I am supposed to install the cockpit tray and instrument panel mushroom without much luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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Jul 27, 2003, 11:16 PM
Cal Slope Criminal@DV
Duke58's Avatar
Hey Mo , I just bought an ASW 28 from another Ezoner ( Thank you for the deal) and it sure looks like a fine ship. Mine is the foam/wood wing version but it is well done, the fellow I bought it from had started to build it and then needed to sell it off ( something I never do , I just give up food or clothing).

The building looks straight forward , not really much to do but you mention the canopy/cockpit . Mine came with the whole canopy and tray fitted with the latch installed , is that the way yours came ? If I were to put any detail into the cockpit and a pilot doll I'd have to cut the tray away from the canopy , that ain't gona happen.

The only advice I could give you is about mounting the servo for the stab , make sure you glass in some good supports for the servo , it will be burried and can really take a shock on landings. If you just stick it to the inside of the fuselage you'll be having to dig it out and fix it someday or worse. I will be beefing up the area inside the fuse at the wing rod area , I always end up having to do it anyway.

Good luck with yours and post some photos
Jul 28, 2003, 12:27 AM
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Thanks for the info. My plane came with a cockpit tray as well as an instrument pod/mushroom. I will take some pictures and try to document my building procss as I go along. The canopy is mounted on rails and the hatch is already installed just like yours. I think I figured out what to do with it though. The tray needs to be cut and mounted inside the fusalage and the instrument pod is to be mounted on the canopy rails (there are 3 little knobs where it is supposed to be mounted on).

I am still debating whether I should install the elevator servo inside the fusalage instead of the fin. If I do that, I wouldn't run pushrods around the 90 degree curve of the fin, but will use a crank instead.

Please send more updates as you build yours and once you fly it. I love to hear more.
Aug 15, 2003, 12:15 AM
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I bought and built the HF Models Duo Discus 3M. My buddy have the ASW28 fully molded one while mine is a sheeted foam. Like Earl said, you have to cut the cockpit if you want to redecor the ASW. The Discus come with open Cockpit so you can put in whatever you like.

We don't have slope so we eflight them. Mine AUW about 6.5lbs, can fly quite slow, but it is a hi-aspect wing, can be heart wrenching when it decided to stall at low speed.

I install the elevator servo at the tail, allowing a more precise/positive linkage and a lot more space up front.

The spoiler/brake on that bird is brutal, it literally slow me down, and sink me in at the last 3-4feet height unless I keep the nose down/speed up.

However I recently dork it quite a bit and crack my canopy and the rudder fin along the rudder hump outlet. No big deal as it is not structural damage. My fault for using a low power plant. In progress now to convert it to 12 cells. Currently on 10.
Aug 15, 2003, 01:46 PM
Cal Slope Criminal@DV
Duke58's Avatar
I notice that the cockpit area of my asw28 has more volume than other similar sized scale kits , I'm thinking that the older kits were made that way and that the asw28 is true to scale. I scaled up a 1-34 schweizer and the fuselage came out huge( because it is huge, duh ) , keeping the same length I opted to put the fuselage on a 12% diet , it still looks scale but it ain't!

I had a bear of a time trying to rig the spiolers on the 28 to balance out and lock down too, I sure wish someome would invent a small right angled screwdriver for getting at servo arm screws, something with a miniature worm drive would be great. The time would have been better spent hacking out flaps but I have to try these at least once.

Aug 16, 2003, 02:31 AM
PiLoTuS pArKfLyIcOuS
torcgolf's Avatar

here's my asw27 (mpx)

havent flown it yet but i like it so far. a little more building than i wanted to, but it's finally done. off to it's maiden on sunday!
Aug 21, 2003, 02:23 PM
Where's the lift?
dgliderguy's Avatar

Enlarged 1-34?

Hey, Earl,

You did an enlarged Schweizer 1-34? From the Sterling kit? I plan on doing this, too, going from 1/6th scale (99") to 1/5th scale (118"). I've already got the enlarged plans, will re-engineer it to a clamshell fuselage method, planking first one half of entire fuse, then joining it to the other half along a vertical plane, plus a two-piece wing with no center stub, and a hollow-sheeted tail.

What size is your 1-34? I'd love to hear more!

Aug 21, 2003, 05:49 PM
Cal Slope Criminal@DV
Duke58's Avatar
Don , I think I've thrown you a curve! What I did was scale up a 2-33 Schweizer from "three views" and whatever data I could find and yes the size is about 118" @ 1/5th scale . The fuse is almost 11" high at the center section . The first plan was to build a fuse and pull several glass ones off of it using a sort of quickie disposable mold but the damn thing was looking so large that I got discouraged and sidetracked it . I have the wing cores covered and formers built but that's it. I shrank the forward section on paper and when there is time I'll build it with glass to about mid wing and then use covered structure for the boom.

I do have a Sterling 1-34 kit though and that's why the mind fart on my part , sorry for the confusion. I would love to go the same way you're going with it , 3m with a full house wing ? make a fine scale sloper huh ? ( I have flown the 1-34 and I love that metal airframe sound , it talks to you , it doesn't just whisper)


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