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Jan 03, 2011, 01:45 AM
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Horejsi Q11, Anybody heard of it before?

Has anybody heard of the Horejsi Q11 2m bagged electric glider before?

I just saw it advertised on an Australian RC webstore and couldn't find much information about it online and searching here on RC groups didn't turn up anything.

Apparently this is the same company that makes the longshot 3 DLG model and the Q11 appears to use the same technology of glass skinned foam wings and carbon spar caps, just scaled up to 2m. What really got my attention was the weight, the bare airframe apparently comes in at 310 grams (11 oz) and with their recommended equipment it could fly at around 530 grams (19 oz). These weights are really quite low, enough that you could get the floaty performance of a DLG or a covered balsa glider like a Pulsar but with the better aerofoil accuracy and penetration that you could expect with a composite airframe.

I'm really interested in this glider to compliment the 2m bagged supra I made last year which while very nice (and a sentimental favorite for obvious reasons) is hard to thermal in any kind of light conditions due to weighing around 1.2kg.

Here is the link to the webstore page describing it:

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Jan 03, 2011, 03:30 AM
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This is new plane so no review found....here is producer web http://www.horejsi.cz/Pages/DetailPr...?objcislo=1510...cost 375$ for me here.
Jan 03, 2011, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by AndrewBurns
Has anybody heard of the Horejsi Q11 2m bagged electric glider before?

I just saw it advertised on an Australian RC webstore and couldn't find much information about it online and searching here on RC groups didn't turn up anything.
Hi Andrew

I picked up one a few weeks back to use in our postal height
limited event. Will start assembly this week using 3S 800mah Lipo
and a 28mm HC clone outrunner of the Hacker, 30 amp ESC and 10x6 folder.

As our height limit is only 100m in 30 seconds, this small motor
is more suitable giving a WL of about 4.8oz/sq ft.

Now to learn how to program the JR 9303 to utilise the 6 servos.

The glass on the wings is rough as most of the resin has been
removed ???? for lightness, ie it is not the usual shiny surface.

Like you - I found little on the net, but anticipate a slow
floaty glide in calm conditions, the poly pulsar 1.8m is
for when the wind comes up.


Alex in Oz
Jan 03, 2011, 02:48 PM
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Alex, thanks for the info. What height limited postal comp do you compete in? I'm from Sydney and I was considering using this in LEG (an LMR event where you tend to want climbs around 3-5 seconds long) so I'd probably be aiming for a heavier power system, unless altitude limit is going to be taking over soon...

Are you going to make a build thread or take some photos during the build? I'd love to be able to see one from a few different angles before I lay out the cash. Is there any reason you see it as not handling windier conditions as well? My DLG's built with roughly the same construction and wing loading can be great floaters but they also penetrate really well when you want to.

Jan 03, 2011, 05:13 PM
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Hi Andrew

I was thinking of the postal comp that IMAC are running starting
in February, Ian A is thinking of using the Passer X for the same
comp. Initial Tests of the HL revealed that the 2m or smaller
planes just about disappeared from sight at 200m, so a 100m
limit was adopted by IMAC and 5 mins instead of 10min flight time.

If the idea takes off and others start to utilise more efficient 3m+
ws models, I can see where the original 200m and 10 min rules
may come in - maybe ?? as an extra class.

No - no build log, I am a hacker rather than an artist like others
on the forum. Bit disappointed for the price (~A$500) that a few
small pieces were missing (tube guides for the carbon fibre control
rods), but the lightness of the components is amazing, and wish
that it had conventional Xtail rather than the V tail.

While I guess that it may penetrate OK with a bit of reflex on
the wings, its WL would make it bounce around in turbulence
in any wind. This is where the Pulsar with a higher wing loading
would penetrate much better. I would hesitate to even think
of trying to ballast the Q11 with such thin wings (having folded
many wings in the past)

Playing with ecalc and other more powerful outrunners, or geared
inrunners has a remarkable climb rate - BUT it is not constructed
strong enough like a hotliner with Kw power systems. I have the
HC KDA28-20 to try if the original outrunner is not sufficient.

Weights of my "kit" are
Wing - L 95.5 grams, R 94 grams
Pod - 43 grams
Tail - 18 grams
Boom - 17.8 grams
fittings - 28 grams
TOTAL - 296.3 grams + glue/epoxy etc.
Wing Area ~ 505sq in

With light motor/lipo option AUW ~495 grams

heavier outrunner & 2S 1250 lipo ~643 grams
(max prop size that will fit the pod)

If you have downloaded the manual from the MF website
you have just about all you need, however PM me if there
is anything specific that you are interested in.

Of coarse most fliers are much better than me and will
trounce me using a flying brick.


Jan 03, 2011, 09:28 PM
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Alex, thanks again for the info. Are the wings really so weak? I would have thought that if they used the same design practices as with their DLG's then they would be perfectly strong, though I guess it's so light they had to get the weight out from somewhere. For the record I've never folded a wing so maybe I'm gentle on my planes anyway :P

I was considering power trains in the ~400W range for LEG competitions though I do like the sound of the height limited comps. IMAC is a pretty long drive for me but it could be worth going at some time. I have pretty good eyes, I'd be fine with a 2m wingspan at 200m (I tracked a 2m foam glider up to exactly 2000 feet once but at that point it was right on the limit of losing it, I was one of 4 pairs of eyes on it to make sure it came back).

I'm pretty satisfied at this point that I could give this glider a go. Would it be possible for you to see if you could fit hyperion DS09 servos in the fuselage? If you've not used them before they're very thin but very tall which makes them hard to fit into fuselages (but perfect for wings).

Jan 04, 2011, 03:04 AM
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Hi Andrew

No - the wings are not that weak and with a light AUW should be
able to cope with most situations. your 400W would probably be OK.
I am more used to built up balsa wings and this will be my first foamy
other than the Radian. This model is really just a larger DLG, the fus
pod is the glider version, and you have to cut the snout to fit the
supplied fibreglass firewall.

The servo area at the rear of the pod has a cross section of 30mm high
by 33mm wide, not counting the small radius at the bottom, so
your servos should fit. I will be using HTX900 for the rear, Corona 9g
BB for the ailerons and a pair of 9g MKS DS450 3kg MG for the flaps.

I dare say that with your anticipated motor, you could fly both
LER and HL contests, it is just that I will outfloat you with
mine in a HL contest - grin.

I am going to use about 120W with a 180W out-runner in reserve
if needed. With 30 seconds to get to 100m you don't need a heap
of power. As it is electrocalc estimates a 2,000fpm climb with
the hacker clone, and 2,500fpm with a geared inrunner, either
more than I need for the event.

I used to fly old timers, a full size Dallaire (2.7m WS) at the limit of visibility
is "way-up-there" and not much fun when you cannot tell which
way it is going, got familiar with spiral dives to bring it down.
Same with my 3m balsa thermal gliders.

I am not a member of any club anymore and fly locally when possible,
this is why I am going for the postal event, another retired mate and I will
find a paddock somewhere and time for each other.

I attend the IMAC electric special interest meetings occasionally and
can send you any info/contest material as it comes to hand.

I don't think HL contests have taken off here yet as in Europe/England and
now the States, an Adelaide club flies this comp regularly and Greg?
Potter from there is right into it, and stocks the HL switch's needed.
At the club level this event has brought back interest in flying electric
gliders again and at the moment even the Radian is competitive.

Jan 05, 2011, 06:42 PM
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Thanks for the help, I've ordered one and will make a build thread when I receive it and have the time to start putting it together.

Jan 05, 2011, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by AndrewBurns
Thanks for the help, I've ordered one and will make a build thread when I receive it and have the time to start putting it together.

Hi Andrew

I think that you will be happy with the model, it will surprise a few
when you turn up with one, and good luck with the LER contest.

Just cut the snout off mine and CA'd the firewall, and will be ready
or epoxy shortly.

As I hate V tails, am drawing up a fin for conventional R/E.
Thinking of installing a 5 gram servo in the fin for rudder.

Will get the soldering iron warm for servo lead extensions while
the epoxy sets.

Good luck with the build


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