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Feb 22, 2011, 08:41 PM
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Mine had one go around the pattern and displayed some horrible flight characteristics. I moved the battery as far back as possible (4S 2200, as recommended) to achieve proper CG, but it didn't fly with a great degree of control. This wasn't a big deal in itself, but the jet quickly lost thrust and began producing much less power at full throttle than it had during takeoff. I set it down and watched the nose wheel pop off - Not a huge deal, no damage on that - And after a few tests I found that it would no longer create respectable thrust, even at full throttle. I did a high-speed taxi test that was supposed to be a takeoff, and ended up calling it a night until I can source the issue.

I remember earlier posts about throttle end points being way off, but changing those values in the DX8 had zero impact. This seems to be totally related to the ESC. Any ideas?
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Feb 22, 2011, 09:08 PM
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as concern power loss check your battery pack. if not it's the ESC.
I got nanotech 45c and had to move the battery all the way back and also had to put weight to the back.. still not at the perfect point that CG..
also trimmed the nozzle to give 2-3mm up
also had the ailerons mechanically creating lift flap wise at neutral position

this way the plane flies fine.. once it picks up speed it flies really well
but I would love to see more power on a TV plane. with TV disabled it flies really stable with clean lines but you have to have some momentum aka speed aka throttle in .

again as for your power loss two things only
1: battery pack (hope it's not a 20c or something :P)
2: ESC
in the rarest of occasions it's the motor
Feb 22, 2011, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by tshiah
So it looks like this jet won't fly very well stock? I'm not looking to have to make a lot of mods.

I already have 3 of those Jpower 50mm jets. I'm debating either getting this or another of the 50mm series...?
look .. also got those 50mm jets on 4S
the plaen flies well once it picks up some speed but it's better to have TV enable disable switch

once you get your CG right the plane flies fine,You have to trim your elevator aileron surfaces very well though since the slightest difference won't let the jet fly level )
now If you do want some speed do as I'm going to do. a 60amp ESC and a cyclone will give 1.08:1 thrust ratio. the heavier EDF will help the CG issue and you will be able to cruise around at half throttle or a tad more.

I'm now rather happy with it and I'm liking it even more and more as I fly it but as you can understand Id like to have as much power as possible in my planes
Feb 22, 2011, 09:52 PM
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I plan to install a 3700 kv mototurbine ,this little gem has aluminum rotor ,housing,a removable thrust tube ,and the motor leads exit @ the front of the unit.@55 usd. I ordered a couple .It will be interesting to compare to the rc lander cyclone set up.
Feb 22, 2011, 10:53 PM
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Flew mine twice today.. I had the CG at 88 mm aft now and trimmed the elevators and ailerons up to the same degree as the BH video. On the first t/o I was in low rates (60%) on all control surfaces. Ground roll was forever and I had full back stick with no effect. I tried my best to switch to high rates on the elevator, but didn't have time. The end of the pavement dropped off to a downward sloping hill and I had full throttle and full back stick when it went over the side... I was about to turn off my transmitter and go pick up the pieces when I saw it pop up from over the hill clawing for altitude.. I let it get a bit higher then was able to hit my rate switch to high rates.. Now it had the control authority to get the nose up.. It took lots of up trim (2/3rd of the available limit on my DX6i) and it was flying nice and level.. Very under powered, but looks good in the air.. Tried the TV just a bit.. It's easy to flip it.. Not something to try at low altitudes..

The landing was very docile.. You really have to remember that you don't have alot of punch to get out of a low and slow situation.. This is my first EDF and it's fairly predictable.

Prior to the next flight, I adjusted the aileron clevises so they were neutral at the very nose up trim I had in for the 1st flight. I didn't want to take off again with what amounted to spoilers up on both wings. This time I stayed in high rates for the elevator and it took off when I commanded it to.

It's in flight handling was very stable in the pitch axis. Now given that, coupled with the extreme deflection of the elevators when trimmed for level flight, I'm guessing the CG even at 88mm is still WAY too forward.. I really hate the thought of adding more weight (in the tail) to this already underpowered setup, but I may try 95 mm aft. I think the benefit of not having all that control surface deflection may outweigh the added weight. We'll see..

One last thing.. Static tests still show 38-38 amp draw at full throttle (I replaced the stock ESC since it failed) and I flew for 4 minutes each time and put 1500 MAH back into each of my 2200 MAH batteries.. So I used 68% of the capacity, well below the maximum recommended 80%. Don't really love how this flies (yet), but I love a challenge..

This same aircraft has a thread under it's Starmax brand name, but no flight reviews yet over there.. One builder has been very meticulous in making the intake area very smooth with no interruptions in the airflow to the EDF. I though it was overkill for something this size, but if it will give a couple more oz.s of thrust, I'm willing to try it. I think the power system in that product run is much more adequate..

Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated..
Feb 23, 2011, 12:13 AM
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Feb 23, 2011, 05:12 AM
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read above.. give it a couple of flap effect at the ailerons and a few mm of up elevator on the TV nozzle. that's how I fly with the TV off.
this allows me scale take offs without giving full up. just by touching the elevator a bit. ALSO make sure your aileron movement is far less than your elevator because in the end they act like airbrakes on take offs

I always take off with TV off. no reason for it to be on.. and Im doing some stunds ehen I'm up and flip the TV switch. (of course the stunds I'm doing are random and I don't really have full control yet )

do these little things
1) little flap efffect on the ailerons
2) limit the aileron movement mechanically by moing the pushrod 1 hole before the last on both servo arm and moving surface
3) bit elevator up trim at the nozzle even with TV off.

that allows the plane to fly smoothly without any mods

But still a more powerefull PS is what I personally need

this is what I'm buying. If you are in the US there are US distributors that also dynamically balance it

Takis welcome to the thread.
Feb 23, 2011, 10:23 AM
get high
Hey PAVCON, great site^^^^ Do you or anyone else of a place like this in the us?
Feb 23, 2011, 12:58 PM
Suspended Account

are in US

I can't buy from them because they charge me 84 and 50 usd for shipping only
Feb 23, 2011, 01:14 PM
Newton and I are good friends
Pav, ive got one of these im doing a build thread on that nowires was referring to. Im also going to be using my new DX8 for it...would like to share that program you have set up in your radio and talk to you about just how u did the wiring etc...this is my first vt edf and i can see its a bit of a challenge getting it set just right....

In the stock version, where did they place the esc at..if its got cg issues I could move my esc back further in the intake duct to help get the cg right...

Nowires, Im always very particular about my intake and exhaust ducting being very that ive got it all spackled and sanded smooth, im going to coat it with expoxy finishing resin to make it glass like smooth, it does make a big difference in performance... DJ
Feb 23, 2011, 01:37 PM
Suspended Account
The ESC has a slot for it but you need to carv a bit to put it further back.
so better use some weights to get the CG right.. on another thought the cyclone power is a bit heavier and it will help your CG issue so no worries for you there

As for the programming I used an orange clone 6channel receiver with a satellite

I let the wiring stock.. the left aileron and the left elevetor are Y-ed together
so as the right ones
The leads are numbers.. I have a picture to show you which is what...
I connected the TV elevator to the aux and the TV rudder to gear

Then mixed MIX1 Elevator>Flap with rate 100% and 100%
Then mix 2 Rudder > Gear 100%> 100% and assigned both switch FM1 which is the upper left switch
also needed some trim in the rudder >gear mixings but that depends on every plane individually
also if you realise that your trims are not enough see if the gear and flap switches are in the correct position I got flap at 0 and gear needed to move it at 1

ALSO you need to reverse the FLAP...
Feb 23, 2011, 01:45 PM
Newton and I are good friends
Tks Pav, im setting mine up on a ar8000 rcvr so i can turn my lights off and my tv. im also mixing so the vt nozzle moves 360 with the ailerons like it also doing afterburner light set from rclander....
Feb 23, 2011, 01:53 PM
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I bought many times from and with very reasonable shipping cost. Many items are free shipping and for a plane they charge me about 40$ for FMS Mustang. Give them a try, they are highly recommended.
Feb 23, 2011, 01:57 PM
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Takis.. they are charging me 80 usd for just the EDF unit.. is that reasonable?
edf hobbies charge me 50 usd. and those are not even EMS
Feb 23, 2011, 02:00 PM
Registered User
It has to be wrong.
Motors and ESC as well as some Fan/motor combos have freeshipping.
Send an email.

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