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Dec 29, 2010, 07:22 PM
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Please help newbie start Savage X, flooded and now cannot start

Hello, my first time here and I'm a newbie to the hobby.

I cannot get my engine started today. It worked fine several times yesterday.

My rotostart is stopping and resetting, and the engine was flooded pretty bad but I've removed the plug and cleared it properly several times, and it does not seem to be flooded any more. But the rotostart still struggles.

The odd thing is if I prime the engine the rotostart has no trouble usually (but sometimes will not be able to do this either), but as soon as I touch it with my glow plug starter the rotostart can no longer turn over the engine, and then the red reset switch pops out after a couple seconds.

At one point the truck made a strange gurgling sound for a second, possible there is fuel up in the air filter area or something?
All settings are flush and default.
My glow plug lights up fine.

Thanks for any help, can't wait to run this thing some more.
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Dec 29, 2010, 11:45 PM
Kowalski !.....Options
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It sounds like you are getting to much fuel. If the engine has been broke in lean it .You should be getting a constant tone and a steady blue plume of smoke. You should need just a small shot with the primmer. don't over do it. It sounds like the engine is locking up from to much fuel in the cylinder.
Dec 30, 2010, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by mredzadventure
It sounds like you are getting to much fuel. If the engine has been broke in lean it .You should be getting a constant tone and a steady blue plume of smoke. You should need just a small shot with the primmer. don't over do it. It sounds like the engine is locking up from to much fuel in the cylinder.
As a newbie, can you tell me how to fix this? Lean the LSN or HSN, both?

Another thing I was wondering about.. Before the engine starts, you're supposed to hold your finger over the exhaust to make fuel travel to the engine? Why is that? Fuel seems to flow to my engine just fine without doing that. There can be no fuel in the line at all, and about 3 seconds on the rotostart without touching the exhaust and fuel is all the way up to the engine. Is it flowing too easily and causing it to flood? Maybe I'm just a super n00b.
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Dec 30, 2010, 10:29 AM
Kowalski !.....Options
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A few questions first
Is this a brand new engine?
If so how many tanks of fuel have you run through it?
What engine and Car/Truck is it.

When you hold your finger over the exhaust it forces more pressure into the tank forcing the fuel in to the carburetor.
You can get the same effect by holding your finger over the carb inlet and acting as a choke. If you have a Roto start on your engine it spins the engine pretty fast you shouldn't need to do any of the "choke" methods described above unless the tank is completely dry.

What is causing the engine to flood is hard to say over the keyboard hundreds of miles away. Take of your air cleaner so you can see what is going on in the carb. as long as it is off you can clean it and re-oil it. If the carb is wide open during the starting sequence it will flood. If there are any air leaks that could do it.
Use the HSN needle and set it back to factory setting. Look in your manual it will tell you. The factory setting are always on the rich side.

1.Make sure there is no fuel in the engine or lines clear it all out.

2.Run the Roto start with the glow plug out.Put a rag over the head when you do this to catch any fuel that comes out.

3.Once your at the factory settings lean it 1/4 of a turn and try to start it If the glow plug is good it should fire or at least fart in a few seconds. If it takes longer then ten seconds to start give it a break try a new glow plug.
While the glow plug is out give it a quick bump see if any fuel come out. Stay back when you do this or wear safety glasses in case you get a big spray Nitro in your eye is no fun.

4.Try leaning it another 1/4 of a turn and repeat. Depending on the engine one or one and a half turns maybe two could be to lean.

5. Check for leaks and tighten all the bolts.
Look for leaks around the carb and rear seals.
When I say tighten the bolts you I don't mean a Iron grip AAAAaarg kind of tight. Just make sure nothing is loose. If it is a firm snug is all that is needed.

6.When you get it running you tune for tone and smoke. A steady note and steady blue smoke coming out of the exhaust.
a:Temperature,humidity and elevation have a big effect on your tuning.
b:Tuning can change daily it's not a set it and forget it thing.
c :Fuel filter is a good thing to have so are extra glow plugs.
d:Burn all of the fuel out of the engine at the end of the day every day you run it. Turn over the engine with the glow light attached with no fuel in it
e:Use a few drops of after run oil in the carb and turn the engine over with no glow light attached to oil the whole engine.

7 Go have some fun Nitro is a bit picky but once you figure out the little odd things it's all good.

Feel free to P.M me if you need to.
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Jan 23, 2011, 02:15 PM
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tyvm Mredzadventure you just helped a complete nitro noob out here as well,wondered how i can tell if fuel is dead or just replace it,was given a car today,stuck solid popped the engine in hot hot water, did the trick .
Jan 23, 2011, 08:55 PM
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If that was the fuel that caused that engine to stick, its time to buy fresh. When you don't know how its been or not been taken care of, its easier and cheaper in the long run to just buy some fresh.

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