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Dec 28, 2010, 11:52 PM
flyin' fool
goldguy's Avatar

Kit Bashin' the ParkJet from HK

Some improvements if your not in a hurry.

Hints......when painting, sand the shiny skin off and make sure you poke lots of holes through the skin where glued.
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Dec 29, 2010, 12:26 AM
Registered User
ed_khan's Avatar
I am embarking on the same project. And would like to follow you up closely, please provide more details to how we can improve this plane:
1. What size carbon rods did you use on the plane?
2. Please explain your mod to the motor mount?
3. Are you using Acrylic colors for the surface. Any glassing ideas?
Dec 29, 2010, 12:34 AM
Registered User
ed_khan's Avatar

my "project" :D

This is my kit sitting in the box. And want this to be my all rounder funjet kit. and am following Gold closely. Need a lots of guidance and feedback on this project.


Dec 29, 2010, 12:38 AM
Registered User
ed_khan's Avatar


I plan to fly it stock for now. However these are the options I have at hand now. What are people using on this plane?
Dec 29, 2010, 04:39 AM
Registered User
lipoflyer's Avatar
What kv is the bell motor.
Dec 29, 2010, 11:45 AM
flyin' fool
goldguy's Avatar
If you assemble it right from the box, I'm sure it's no more than a 20 minute job. But, from poking around on the interwebs, I found that the motor mount is the number one complaint. So, at least take a few extra minutes and beef that up before you glue it in place.

I'm going with the stock setup, the 2300kv motor and the 5X5 prop on 2S. Seen it on Youtube. If that's not to my liking, I'll drop the prop size and go 3S. My number one goal when building anything is to keep it light as possible.

The one weak point of this kit is the motor mount. I beefed it up using bass wood, 1/16" ply and 5 min epoxy. Attached as pictured.

I had a fair amount of blemishes on my kit and to cover the worst ones up went with the air intake for flying on hot summer days. That's why the hatch is cut short at the back end, to let the air out.

The CF rods used came with the kit.

Adding the bottom skid protects both the prop and the control horns from touching terra firma. I also added strapping tape to the bottom of the fuse and at the wing tips to help avoid landing rash.

I tried many different methods of applying paint and yes, it's artist acrylic paint brushed on after the skin was sanded off with 220 grit.

I mostly use hot melt glue. Make sure if you do, attach the wing panels sighting from the bottom to make sure the grooves for the CF rod and servo leads line up. There is some slop in the moundings. The canopy is attached with that white water based vinyl glue sold as RC56 or Formula 560 in hobby shops.
Dec 29, 2010, 11:59 PM
Registered User
ed_khan's Avatar
1 Gold guy thank you for the details. Do you think wing leading edge needs some carbon on it; as i like your idea of a tail skid. Also my fear is that i am gonna strip the servos, how about moving these on top of the wings?
2 Lipo flyer, what do you think is a suitable lipo for this plane. As i suppose anything less then 3S may not be ideal. And the range may be 1200ma - 3000ma?
3 I also like the air intakes. And what magnets are you using for canopy hold down?

One of the Motors is a Bell 12T, a TR 2836, and a Razor 400 that I have lying around. And I am debating about the bell at the lower end; while TR 2836 for fast set up...
Dec 30, 2010, 05:41 AM
flyin' fool
goldguy's Avatar
Some have done upgrades that result in ballistic, no, make that outrageously ballistic peformance. If you go that route, I would recommend a better quality and stronger servo. If your concerned about the servos, just cut the elevon horns down so that they don't touch the ground. I cut them off at the end hole and moved the clevis in one.

The magnets came installed in the HK version and no, I don't think it needs anything other than a strip of filiment tape on the LE.

There's loads of info in these threads and lots of videos to be viewed on Youtube and other sites. Just do a search.
Last edited by goldguy; Dec 30, 2010 at 06:43 AM.
Jan 01, 2011, 09:32 PM
flyin' fool
goldguy's Avatar
Got to play with it today, stock setup with 2S 750s at 200g, one fine flyer.
Jan 03, 2011, 12:25 AM
Registered User
ed_khan's Avatar
I flew min on Sunday as well, my first flight for the New Year. Happy New Year to all
Its a good plane, and it needs to be thrown into the wind. once I misjudged, and had to abort the takeoff. Once it is on the step, it gains height pretty quickly, on 3S2200. Will post more pics by next weekend.
I am thinking about taping up the leading edge, in order to make it robust. Goldguy, did you take any more pics?
Jan 03, 2011, 10:03 AM
flyin' fool
goldguy's Avatar
Wow!!! Just your battery weighs almost as much as mine whole plane does RTF.

Mine flies with authority, plenty fast, great vertical, yet floats with the throttle off like a glider.

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