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Dec 24, 2010, 06:25 PM
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Don't put up with lousy service or quality.

You shouldn't put up with crap quality from any vendor. It isn't necessary. Think about the suppliers that have been around for a number of years. most notably Great Planes (Tower, Hobbico, etc) and Horizon and I should include Hobby-Lobby. I know there are others of course, but they are the prime examples. In almost every case they stand behind their products, stock spare parts and answer their phones and respond to emails. I know not all their stuff is the best or may cost more than elsewhere. But, at least you know they'll be in business next week. I just can't see why you would buy copy stuff with no backing. The same goes for some of the smaller dealers around the country. You know who they are. They may have stuff that is cheap, but it is seldom unique and can be had from other sources. The key is if they respond to customer questions posed via email or if they do something as simple as answer their phones. If they don't I will not buy from them and in my opinion, no one should unless they get their acts together. Just because this is a hobby, there is no reason to accept second best. Even in the interest of getting low cost components, there are some places better than others. We need to keep posting information about vendors and if they take care of us, their customers in a resonable way.
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Dec 24, 2010, 11:31 PM
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I agree with you.
Yesterday saw a trip over to the Vendor forums and a look at Banana Hobby..whom I merely have wished to see straighten out, for themselves. Last I looked things were getting much better for them, I was happy to see it. Alas, their golden girl Saralyn went and things are rolling back...I hope not. Latest problem there, using a The Samaritans charity logo, edited to promote their top aircraft !!! The logo is registered !

So, being as i'm no mover and shaker in the buying world, but, interested in probable future purchases, I went over to Nitro Planes. Just a look see, to compare the two perhaps. I was horrified to see the lack of bother from their PR representative ! 'Hey their bud' not only being within every reply from them, but the wrong spelling of 'there' anyway. The impression was that neither company really gets the point about customer return business.

Any popularised recreation activity will see fly by night (literally) companies, time will weed out the worst.
Banging home the message that we're not quite as clueless or fault picking as some seem to believe, is very well worth supporting !
Dec 25, 2010, 03:15 AM
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gouda, I don't really believe there's anyone that's been in the hobby for any length of time that would disagree with you. That being said, there's no vendor (US or otherwise) that can assure the buyer their products are infallible. We get inexpensive products because that's where the consumer demand dollars are. It's the old cheap Foreign labor vs American labor that's killing us. You can thank the US Government for this. Remember NAFTA? In a way, it's good for the consumer (lower prices), but on the other hand it's bad for business (bad products).

Yes, there are small and big vendors out there that could really care less about the consumers. On the plus side, the smaller vendors are going to get the doors slammed in their face because of bad service and the propensity of buyers to alert the RC community about those shady vendors. While the same may apply to a large vendor, it'll take, unfortunately, a little longer. Even at that, there's buyers that swear how good a vendor is even though the vendor has a 10% or more return rate with unholy delays.

Ideally, I'd love to see a sticky here on RCG that rates vendors in some fashion. Even better, I'd love for the RC community to come together in a manner that shuts a vendor down for being irresponsible in handling claims with valid issues from a buyer. Although this might seem harsh, something along the line of the vendor is blacklisted. However, trying to implement anything along that line would be a phenomenal undertaking. Just who would the judging panel be? You can see where this is headed.

Personally, I have a few vendors I deal with and each are responsible and trustworthy. (See my Blog) But it's been a relationship established over time. Although I do believe every customer should be treated as a life-long customer, it's just not, unfortunately, going to happen. More so when the business is as big as HH or HL and they're dealing with thousands of customers. I do have to give some credit to HH & HL with respect to handling phone calls and warranty issues. Having dealt with both, my issues have been handled quite quickly and fairly. But that's just 'my' experience, others may vary.

If you ever find a way to get something set up to rate the vendors and stop the rip-off vendors, please drop me a line. I'd dearly love to participate if it's a fair situation of buyers vs. sellers. My pet peeve is the website vendors that have no phone numbers, no 'direct e-mail addy' nor physical location on their web site. A PO Box doesn't mean diddly in my book. I consider them as a "Stay-Away-From" vendor! Forms based e-mails are fine to a point, but only to a point.

Dec 25, 2010, 08:52 AM
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Thread OP
FYI, I spent my entire working career working with SE Asian electronics vendors and manufacturers. They will give to you whatever quality product you want, from bottom of the barrel to world class, obviously one costs more than the other, but they are very capable. That's what's behind my comment of demanding better. In everthing there is a sweet spot of quality vs. cost. Ultimately, the retailer or distributor sorts that out, usually based on returns. I have been told to expect bad stuff from XX, it's part of the deal. If you need 2, buy 3. Not even reasonable, that is why it never gets better..
Dec 25, 2010, 12:10 PM
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One idea, is a Java based vote system, running in the Vendor talk forum.
Only registered RCGroups users can use the system and our web hosts here could easily track dodgy double votes etc, as well as the software doing that.
It would be recommended regularly in posts, to vote on what you thought of the transaction when you make a purchase.
Drop down choices and ratings..a simple set up.
The end result is a graph, updated all the time, by us.

A Top 10 would be shown and also the lowest performing 10...such that the graph would be easily readable.
People would know who to trust, who to avoid. Middle rankings would be so so, but all would be known about especially at the bottom end.

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