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Jan 14, 2011, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by r/cmark
I striped all three packs. When flying I can not tell the differance between the Rhinos and the Hyperinons. When I use the Thunderpowers you can tell they have more power. If you get used to flying the Thunderpowers it is hard to go back to the Rhinos or the Hyperinons. In flying the F3P-AP pattern the Rhinos and the Hyperinons have enough power. If you are flying a 'advanced' pattern like Andrew I think you would like the TP's. The TP's are 4 times the price of the Rhinos and they weigh 3 grams more.
The TP kick ass ... big difference in power.
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Jan 17, 2011, 10:58 PM
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After bending the ailerons and elevator back and forth several times, the remaining depron surface seems to make an easy, perfect hinge. Has anyone else left the depron surface to act as the hinge?
Jan 17, 2011, 11:02 PM
Fly lower!
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Originally Posted by Jim Woodward
After bending the ailerons and elevator back and forth several times, the remaining depron surface seems to make an easy, perfect hinge. Has anyone else left the depron surface to act as the hinge?
I'm pretty sure the kit is designed to leave the depron hinge intact. You still have to apply the blenderm tape on top.

I just tape the hinge line, then fold the control surface back, and lightly sand inside the beveled area so the surface is not stiff. I never cut the control surface away from the wing. I believe this method is covered in the build manual.

hope this helps,
Jan 21, 2011, 06:15 PM
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Added flightmax to the battery tests. I also redid all the previous tests. These figures look a lot better. I think the Flightmax are the real deal! Just bought 12 for $43.25 shipped, that makes them $3.60 per pack!!
Anybody what to buy the TP's?
Jan 22, 2011, 07:58 AM
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r/cMark - please post a link to the FLightmax. Jim
Jan 22, 2011, 10:35 AM
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We have also tested rhino 360s and nanotechs 370. The hold much better 30+ flights. The nanotechs are the strongest but heaviest. Flightmaxes might be the best for some F3P flying, but other than that nanotechs are the way to go!!
Jan 24, 2011, 09:29 AM
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Scott S. and I were able to fly the Osiris V2, Clik, and milled Delux V3 yesterday over several flights and it was a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for the help yesterday Scott!!

* All three planes used the same rotation of Dualsky 16 & 20C 250, most with wrapper removed for a weight of 15 g per battery. All flights at 4.5 minutes.

1. Osirus V2, milled - 110g , 125 g with battery installed. A10-15 GWS 8x4.3, 2 D4.7, 1 FUT 3114 on ailerons, also tried GWS 8x4. CG was tested at 9.0", 10", and finally 9.5" from firewall. 10" was just too goofy for me and what I describe as 'divergent-yaw' was way too noticeable. At 9.5", rudder use and lift transistion from the wing to the fuse during rolling manevuers was much more predictable. I liked the GWS 8x4 HD best but this prop had a different humming sound to it. The hum was low freq. and did not seem dangerous to the model, but I put back the 8x4.3 again to finish the day - but liked the 8x4 hd better. The new A10-15 motors have a rearward extending shaft that doesn't make sense for indoor use. I might switch to a Neu later. Also, used an older CC T-Bird 9 controller (thanks Scott ). Model has about 6% of rudder to roll mix and a little up elevator mix.

The left side of the hangar has extra ceiling availble for turnarounds and some of the Top Hats and Humpty bumps looked EXACTLY like 2M manevuers. It was uncanny. I could tell that plane was going straight up and not pulling or pushing uplines. All flights were with brakes installed and the downline effect is awesome. Commanding stallturns even though the rudder/fin looks to be on the small side. The aileron design gave a pretty quick torque roll switch from left to right.

While the brakes are awesome, they do drain the battery. Between all three planes, the Osirus V2 had the highest mah usage. The plane flew really great and you can see the design features in the flight profile. As a comparison, here is what we saw as well.

Clik - A10-15, GWS 8.43, CC 10, 250 mah, 3 D4.7, AUW 126 G - original Clik with aileron brakes - was slightly faster than Osirus in downlines, but not by much. Still the standard in my eye for an excellent flying plane that is not hard on the power package. Least mah usage of three planes.

Delux V3, milled, Neu 1210 10Y, GWS 9x5 HD, 2 D4.7, 1 FUT 3114 Dualsky 6 amp ESC, 250 mah, AUW 138 G - this is the 40% of foamies! Has awesome look to it in the air. With parachute brakes installed, no aileron brakes, seems to match the Clik in downline speed (Osirus still the slowest on downlines of the planes I have). The Delux V3 seems to fly a little more normal (less goofy potential if you mis use the rudder). Approx 10% higher mah usage than Clik (Neu 1210 and 9x5 HD prop are easy on the system).

Overall it was a great day and really fun to see all three plane back to back. For the money, time, flying quality, kit quality, availability, shopping (lots of stuff you can order at one time from FF) etc, I think the Osirus V2 is an outstanding deal! The kit went together really easy and depron is nice to work with. Two thumbs up!!
Jim W.
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Jan 25, 2011, 11:29 AM
Fly it like you stole it
Nice reviews Jim

I am going to build my Osirus V2 & Deluxe V3 and try that same flight test against my Clik and Clik 2.0 and see if I get similar downline/mAh results.

I have had the Clik for years and consider it one of the very best indoor F3P foamies out there. Now if I could fly the Deluxe exactly like Donatas I think I could decide more easily between the three.

Osirus V2 looks like a big winner to me, compared to the Osirus 1 which is an awesome plane, maybe just a tad long.
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Jan 31, 2011, 10:02 AM
Fly it like you stole it
Decided to fly the "old" Osirus yesterday at our gym fly-in before building the version 2.

I forgot how much I liked that plane, flies great, a little slow in any kind of stall/snap turn, but a great stable beautiful flier. I am more eager about building version 2 now. Sadly after flying it I immediately looked on Fancy Foam to see if they still had version 1 for sale and they no longer do.

Thats okay Version 2 looks like a big winner.
Feb 12, 2011, 08:16 PM
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Just posted a new video in the first post. After a couple months of flying(over 100 flights) it is the 'bomb'!!!
Apr 20, 2011, 06:14 PM
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Been a while sense the last post. It would be interesting to see how the 45c hyperion compares.
May 17, 2011, 02:11 AM
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Originally Posted by TopDave
I installed Phoenix 10 in mine and had the same no start with the Hacker A10-15s motor as we have with the T-9 esc. I upgraded to the newest software with no improvement, THEN I went back to the original software version 1.55 and she runs fine. Hacker A10 or Phoenix? ....I'm going flying!! Thanks All for the help, Dave
Any chance I can get a copy of software version 1.55 or any other known version that will work with the small hacker motors?
Fancy Foam
Jun 15, 2011, 08:41 PM
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I still need to build my Deluxe v3.
Jul 19, 2011, 03:16 PM
F3P and Sailplanes-Great!
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New Osiris V2

The Robert Youens Arrow II that I have been flying for the last 6 months is getting rather battered, so I wanted to replace it. Unfortunately, Budget RC, where I bought the plane, is out of business. Since I couldn't buy another Arrow II, and I have been very interested in the Osiris since it came out, I ordered an Osiris V2. (I have since seen that it might have been possible to get an Arrow II from another source)

Here are a couple of photos of my Osiris V2. Since this was my first Osiris, I just ordered the unprinted version. My next one will be the printed version. I moved my Hacker A10-15S and Blue Arrow 3.6 gram servos from my Index 3 to the new Osiris. For the ailerons, I bought a Futaba S3114. I really like the power and speed of the Futaba S3114 for ailerons on this size plane. All up weight with a 22 gram battery is 145 grams. To cut down on the strong smell of CA in our basement, I used UHU Por exclusively.

I am really looking forward to the maiden flight of my new Osiris. I'll start out with the CG just forward of 10" from the firewall and adjust it from there. The CG at the battery placement in the photo is right at 10".


Made the maiden flight this evening!
I am so pleased. The plane almost floated off the floor and didn't need any trim adjustments at all. It flies very "light", and the air brakes (I know there is a more correct term) slow the down lines beautifully. I had dialed in about 60% expo and had set up my DX8's "dual" rates (actually, they are 3-position switches) to have small, medium and full control surface movements. I was worried about over controlling. No problem there. The plane is very, very controllable. I found that I liked full control movement with expo in the 40% range. I also found I liked the CG right at the 10" position.

I really like the way my Arrow II flies. It can fly quite slowly and its roll rate is easily twice that of the Osiris V2. However, I really do like how the Osiris V2 flies too, and F3P maneuvers don't require the rapid roll rate of the Arrow II. I've enjoyed the Arrow II and am sure I'm going to enjoy the Osiris V2 also.

By the way, my maiden flight this evening was in the local college field house, and there were some challenges. The lights were only on at each end of the building, and there were volleyball nets stretched down half the length of the building. Not the best circumstances for a maiden flight, but the Osiris V2 flew so well that the poor visibility and the obstructions didn't matter.

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