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Dec 15, 2010, 10:13 AM
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My "Stick Glider"/Slow Stick Type Hybrid

I've got a few pics of the stick glider's progression. I couldn't get it to balance with a 750ma lipo, so I used my standard 2250ma lipo and it turns out it's perfect for COG with current electronics placement. The 750 3 cells were just ones I had on hand that I bought to power my metal detector anyway, as I prefer 2200ma sized lipos. With the low amp draw of the custom winded blue wonder south of 10 amps being powered by this big of battery, along with this plane's intended low wing loading and generous wing area, I should be able to ride the lightest of thermals all day long with this thing.

I've got to cut the wing bolts down to size yet, shorten and clean up the ESC/motor connection wires, and glue in the battery velcro loops. Unlike the pictures show, one strap of the velcro is going to be positioned from front to back of the battery to avoid it sliding forward on an impact. So this plane is just about done. I'm also going to build some removable landing gear for it that I can throw on or take off as wanted. There won't be a tail wheel but rather I'm going to glue a head from a zip tie on the bottom of the tail boom to act as a skid plate. I decided to use a JR Sport RX I had laying around in this plane, as with it's 47" wingspan and thermal intentions this plane will be roaming off at some pretty far distances. These JR RXs are the most glitch free RXs I've ever used and I trust them more at very long distances.

The color scheme of the plane is intended to insure high visibility and with the markings on the left side of the wing and tail along with a black bottom tail surface, it should increase my ability to figure out orientation of the plane in a pinch.

The current prop is an APC 7x6SF using a prop saver, but I intend to eventually put either an APC 8x3.8 on it or more likely around an 8x4 folder to reduce the low drag design even further. ESC is a 20 AMP Mag 8 Tower Pro. Servos are HXT900s. The boom/fuse is two carbon arrow shafts glued side by side for maximum stiffness and ease in mounting components to a more broad area. Wing is EPS foam with two carbon arrow shafts to stiffen it, 47" long and slightly modified USA27 airfoil with the trailing edge swept forward. Plane length from tip to tail is roughly about 33". Tail feathers are Cell Foam 88 embedded with bambo skewers to really stiffen things up. Anxious to complete it and figure out the wing loading. By far it should be the lightest plane I've ever built in those terms.

Does anybody think the low wing stance (not much fuse area hanging lower on this plane like most would have) might cause some issues with stability using a rudder and no ailerons, or do you think the dihedral will more than compensate like it would on more conventional designs?

Excuse the mess in the garage. I'm over due to give it a good cleaning.
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Dec 16, 2010, 07:30 AM
Build straight - Fly twisty
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The stick fuselage will not cause any stability issues.
Dec 16, 2010, 09:07 AM
Theres no place like Foam
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Actually a pod and boom (stick) gives the best aerodynamic benefits on a glider ...
Dec 16, 2010, 01:56 PM
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Looking good there buddy here's the one I made back in July, It flies like a kite on a string with the 60 inch span and just hovers for fun. I get around 30 minutes flying on the 2200 lipo but I do scoot it around a fair bit.

They handle a fair bit of wind to, I gave control to my 13 year old son dean, this was the outcome.
SS Flight After Maiden Setup (3 min 19 sec)
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Dec 16, 2010, 02:49 PM
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Thanks for the input/info. The idea of building a stick fuse wasn't for aerodynamic drag reasons, but rather for maximum weight savings in this big of bird. I almost always build my planes heavy with all the strength mods I usually use, and I mostly use a real dense EPS foam (like what I hot wired the wing from), so as a result my planes are all pushing heavier weights. Which is fine, as they handle the wind well, but I wanted a floater to toy around with in low winds, and one that could have some ability to ride the lightest of therms. Not a true glider (wing isn't as narrow or as long), but not a true Slow Stick or Slow V (longer wing than those), so it should do a bit of both types of planes. Some thermal riding and some lofting along at ultra slow cruising speeds. That's what I wanted.
Dec 16, 2010, 02:52 PM
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And oh ya, I'm sure your right about a stick plane like this handling more wind than you would expect. While it's ultra light, it also has very little surface area on the fuse to get pushed around by cross winds. I know my Ember2 front yard flyer, which is a stick plane much like this one, handles the wind much better than other micro flyers I've owned, and you would think otherwise with it's bigger wing.
Dec 17, 2010, 04:31 PM
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It's a good Trainer plane as you see in the video, I strapped my go pro to it and I was surprised how stable the video turned out.The plane was crashed once by my son in a high wind test, it blew away and he downed it on my instruction.The only damage was the motor mount broke and as I carry spares it was back up in 5 minutes. Great plane and great design, good luck with yours.

Dec 18, 2010, 09:47 AM
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Thanks, it's just about done, other than I accidently CA'd the nylon wing bolts to the blind nuts! I have to fix that before I can shim the wing properly, glue the battery loops at precise balance COG point, and then it's off to it's maiden. I'll get some easier to see pics/details up when done.
Dec 28, 2010, 07:38 PM
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Finished up my stick glider, which Im calling the Yellow Jacket because of the color scheme. Its design and wing falls somewhere in between a glider and a Slow Stick/Slow-V type plane. Im hoping it will do both some thermal riding as well as some very slow flying, sort of combining both worlds from gliders and Slow Stick type airframes.

By far this is the lightest plane Ive ever built thanks to the twin carbon arrow shaft fuse booms glued side by side, despite my ever present tendency to over do the strength mods like I do with all my planes. The wing loading is also the by far the lowest Ive done.

She should be a real floater even at almost non-existent speeds lofting slowly just above the ground, but also with the ability to ride the faintest of thermal action on calm days.

This is also the first time Im using something other than my standard 2200ma 3 cell lipo, this time using a 750ma 3 cell Rhino pack. I only did that because I bought these packs to convert my metal detector to run on them to save some weight.

Another first for me is having landing gear. I figured having such low drag with the almost non-existent fuse I could burn a little on some landing gear. The tail end uses the head of a zip tie as a skid plate.

So with all that in mind, heres the stats on this puppy.

Yellow Jacket Stick Glider (For My Reference, Radio Name Is YEL)

Wing: Hotwired EPS foam. Two carbon arrow shafts joined at the center to strengthen it and hold the dihedral. Wing bolts on via two nylon bolts. Shimmed almost in the back for incidence.

Airfoil: Slightly Modified USA27

Wingspan: 47

Root: 7 5/8

Tips: 6 1/8

Trailing Edge Swept Forward 1 . Leading Edge is straight.

COG: 2 & 1/4 From Leading Edge (I Hope)

Wing Area: 323.125 sq. inches

Wing Loading: 7.086 oz/sq.ft (She should be a real floater! I think the lightest Ive done so far was like 10 to 12oz or so.)

AUW: 15.9 oz (Wow! Thats real light for me!)

Tail Feathers: Cell Foam 88 strengthened with bamboo skewers & some flat sticks.

Plane Length From Trailing Edge Of V-Stab To Tip Of Spinner Cone: 34

Controls: Rudder/Elevator

Wing/Tail Covering: Ultra Coat Yellow With Black Stripes & Black Bottom Of Tail For Orientation At Far Distances

RX: JR Sport

Servos: Two HXT900s

Motor: Blue Wonder Custom Wind. 1300 k/v 13 Turn Y

Prop Options: 7x5, 7x6SF, 8x3.8SF, 8x4 (All should be under 10 amps)

Prop: Siren EP Hotliner 8x4 Folder

ESC: Tower Pro Mag 8 20 Amp

Lipo: 3 Cell Rhino 750ma 20C

Amp Draw: Somewhere south of 10 amps

Sorry about the picture quality. The colors look washed out. Its a very bright/solid yellow color and not what the pics show. Felt good to build a plane again. This one went together real fast but I ran into some odd problems that took time to resolve. Hope to maiden it this week.
Dec 30, 2010, 11:56 AM
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Those pics were kind'a hard to see the plane in, so here's a much better one. It maidened yesterday and flew great without a hitch, just needing some trimming on the radio, rates adjustment, and one ounce of nose weight because it was acting tail heavy. Couldn't be happier with it! Landings and take offs in a parking lot! She's a real floater!

I took the cautious route since I haven't flown in a while and had a friend maiden the plane for me since his skills weren't rusty. I let him do the take offs/landings and I took over the sticks when it was up in the air just to scrape the rust off my skills. She flew about 3 or 4 times getting the trim/nose weight/rates right and now she's smooth as silk. Any time you come home from a maiden without a wrecked plane is a big bonus, and if it did crash I could have blamed it on my friend.

I can't move the battery any further forward without risking it getting hit by the folding prop, so the nose weight was required. However, I may build a basswood battery box for it slug under the fuse where it is now. That would make installs of the battery easier (it's a pain messing with two velcro loops that are in a criss cross pattern to hold the sides/front/back of the lipo from all sides) and also provide a bit of "constructive" weight where I could then remove some or all of the one ounce led noise weight. I figure a enclosed flat box that just bearly fits the lipo inside it. One side of the box would be open so the lipo would just slide in sideways, with a single velcro strap over that side of the box to contain it.
Dec 30, 2010, 12:25 PM
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With the 1 ounce of nose weight it's 16.9 ounces now and 7.531 oz/sq.ft of wing loading. Still pretty darn light.
Dec 30, 2010, 12:57 PM
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Looks well buddy, any chance of video on the next flight as its always a pleasure to watch someones creation take to the air. Again congratulations on a successful flight and it coming back in the condition you left.
Jan 03, 2011, 09:28 AM
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I'll try to get a video of it to post sooner or later. The winter weather around here is pretty bad so it might be a while.

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