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Dec 11, 2010, 01:32 PM a Johnny Cash voice.
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Lazy FPBee Build

Build Log: Foam Lazy Bee equipped for FPV (First Person View) flying

Span: 52" KFm3
Chord: 15"
Length: about 33"

Details: 2210 1400KV 180 watts, 2200mah 3S, 8x4, Castle Creations Phoenix 25A, Hitec HS-82MG x2, dubro hinges/wheels (3.5)/horns

Materials: 2" white foam fuse, 1/2" pink v/h stabs, 1" blue foam wing, Elmer's foam board control surfaces, Krylon H2O under tape, Lexan windshield, 3/8" dowels, packing tape covering, music wire, misc etc.

I've been flying foam versions of the Clancy Lazy Bee airplane and I'm really impressed with how versatile a platform it can be. Forgiving in both build and flight it ranks highly with me. My goal has always been FPV flying and after seeing a video online with a Lazy Bee as the AP platform I was sold. Slow, Low, and Stable. Ka-ching!

To make an electric Lazy Bee you must build with as much mass in the nose as possible. The plans expected a large chunk of metal hanging out there and a brushless outrunner doesn't come in so portly. We also have LiPo batteries now and that doesn't have as much mass as the fuel tank that used to be out there too! So.. in the example of the original Beaver to Turbo Beaver conversion we have to get that nose pushed out waaaaaaay far. How far? At least 5-6 inches. Get a big battery and some heavy tires or lighten the stern.

FPV considerations: Since the Lazy Bee is a cavernous critter we have lots of room for transmitters and cameras. Since we're going for scale flying placing the camera in the original "cockpit" location is just fine. Seeing some dashboard and propeller gives the illusion we're going for. When it comes time for speed, distance and HD we'll probably move up to a flying wing (Zephyr?) but for now it's good old fashioned seat of the pants bush flying with minimal to no instruments....except a compass.


Control: Spektrum DX6i and AR6200 Rx

FPV Equipment: 540TVL CCD Camera on a simple P/T mount, Best Offer Buy Fox 700 1.2GHz Video Tx w/2db Omni antenna, 12 Channel VRx w/2db Omni, Canon MiniDV, 13" Video screen

This should get me 600m or so but I'll edit this when I have an accurate range. I would really enjoy a Cyclops Easy OSD to log my distance and get an RSSI reading but that's after a Hercules MK4.

UPDATE: December 15, 2010 - 1,433 grams (50.5 oz!) AUW This includes 88g wheels, 2200mah 3S LiPo, Spektrum system w/HS-82MG, 8x4 prop, led nav lighting system w/wires.

UPDATE: December 17, 2010 - Complete and waiting for maiden.

UPDATE: February 6, 2012- This thing flew and flew and flew and flew...thermals, lifting, ap..the works. Build one but use a real foil. I upgraded to a 66" RAF-19 polyhedral and it became a lifting linebacker. Needs more elevator for that much wing though! It's dead Jim...but did some silly winds, silly flying areas and many tree landings.


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Dec 13, 2010, 07:03 AM a Johnny Cash voice.
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UPDATE: January 29, 2011
The weather finally broke and she did maiden at Christmas time. It's been blowing and cold since then but the lake has finally frozen thick enough to be my play field.

Flies great and is very slippery compared to the earlier more square designs. +1 for aerodynamics. :P

Mounted the FPV camera finally and will take video today.
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Mar 31, 2011, 09:48 PM
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Wow - I want to do this!

How is it going now? Please write an update!

I am nearly ready to order some parts from lazer-works,

Would you recommend the normal Lazy Bee or the Big Bee? (70")

Aug 11, 2011, 10:16 AM a Johnny Cash voice.
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Hi Strudel!
Sorry for the no update, I didn't realize you had left a message. My bad.. :/

I would suggest the Big Bee if you plan on doing any lifting. The normal Bee is more than adequate for squaring off against annoying funjets at any fly-site. I called my old blue Bee the "Bruiser Bee" since other planes had more or less bounced off of it during flight. No damage and no loss of control on my end. You might find sexier but not better. :P

The Bee is awesome. Lifting? Big Bee. The Bee design will surprise you all over the place and fly into/out-of your hands if you want to or surf in 40mph winds.
Aug 31, 2011, 07:20 AM a Johnny Cash voice.
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New update: The flat-ish foam wing is a no-go. It generated enough lift to get this 1,500+g bird aloft but barely. :S I'm now flying with a 60"+ span RAF-19 airfoil. Now we're talking serious lift at low speeds.

It will soon be time for a new fuselage to house the internal gear in a new manner that will allow for a simple cam-mount with no motion. Essentially I've now hacked the foam until there's not much structure left.

PS- this is on a 130w bp motor and a 9 x 4.5 prop.

Flies awesome and scale-slow.
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