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Jul 18, 2003, 02:03 PM
Veni, Vidi, Fragoris
djslack's Avatar

Brushless Choice for 36" Wing: Aveox/Mega?

Hi guys,

I'd like to pick your brains for a minute, I've done some searching here on the boards and not come up with much useful to my situation.

I have ordered a WingWarrior eZipper MkII wing. The bay is cut for 8x950KAN and 8x1100 HECell packs, and I will be flying both of these. I ordered the combo with a Castle Creations 25 amp speed controller and a Mega 16/15/4 motor.

The Megas are taking some time to come in and I have been offered the chance to upgrade to an Aveox 27/13/3 instead. I would also assume the 27/13/4 is an option but not sure.

I would like fast aerobatic performance out of this wing; I do not intend to combat with it. Some vertical would be nice but unlimited is not a necessity.

Since my battery selection is limited to these smaller 8 cell packs, would the 27/13/3 be used to its potential here? I looked at Motocalc but I am not technical enough with my motor knowledge to know what all it was telling me. What I am looking for is speed (the combo comes with a CAM 6x5.5 prop but I am open to getting the right prop if there is a better one) and to some extent battery life, I'd like to be able to fly for at least 10 minutes on a charge (not all WOT).

Thanks in advance for helping me pick the right motor,
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Jul 18, 2003, 03:44 PM
Registered User
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The Aveox Virtual Motor Test Stand on this page can help figure out which motor is best for you.""

I am guessing that the 27/13/4 will be close to what you need.
Jul 18, 2003, 04:03 PM
Jay C's Avatar
What speed, how much thrust, what batteries, how much current, what duration of flight?

You have to choose some of those before you can choose the one for you. Look for my thread (Brushless Window Shopping) in the forum to see some of the virtual numbers I have been running. Maybe they will help.

Jul 18, 2003, 04:09 PM
Veni, Vidi, Fragoris
djslack's Avatar
Thanks Steve,

That seems similar to Motocalc, except that it doesn't let me specify my batteries, but the results are a little simpler too. I put in what I assume to be the specs for the 16-15-4 and the important features that I get from the results are:

27/13/3: 19195 RPM/44.3 A/265 W out/100mph pitch/21 oz
27/13/4: 16512 RPM/24.8 A/169 W out/86 mph pitch/16 oz
Mega 16/15/4: 17002 RPM/25 A/184W out/89mph pitch/17 oz

Like I said I am not technical enough with my brushless knowledge (I am a newbie to brushless) to know what all of this really means. What I get is that the 27/13/3 will kill my ESC and batteries, and for only ~15% more speed. The 27/13/4 seems a little less efficient than the Mega but they are probably a wash.

What I am looking for more than a technical bunch of numbers, though, is experience. Things like my batteries will not be good enough for any of the setups, or that one motor is superior to the other, or any kind of information like that that raw numbers won't really help me out on.

Even if it's a little slower the Aveox may be worth the upgrade price for better service as I have heard that Mega's service is not good.

Jul 18, 2003, 04:34 PM
Yogi's Avatar

had to chime in here....

I have the Aveox 27/13/4 on my Zagi. I run 10 cells of 1700 AUP NiMh, and the 5.5x4.5 Graupner Cam prop. It pulls 23 amps static (tested) with flight times around 4.5 minutes at full throttle. This is too much prop for this motor, and it should be run on either a smaller prop or less cells. This Zagi HAULS butt. It is very fast, and fairly heavy too.

6.5X5 is WAYYY to big. KAN 950s will only handle a max of about 16-18 amps, and that is pushing it. Forget about the 3 turn mega OR the Aveox, its too much for the KANs in a wing. The 3 turn motors can do OK on a fast plane like the VIP or some sort of pylon type plane though.

I would look at the 4 turn Aveox or the 4 turn Mega on 8 cells and the Graupner Cam Carbon 4.75x4.75 prop, and MAYbe the 5.5x4.3. This will be really fast, and still have decent duration. More cells, and you will really weigh this plane down.

Aveox customer service is TOP notch. They recently did an out of warrantee free repair on my Zagi motor. Great fast service with good communication.

Good Luck,

Jul 18, 2003, 04:51 PM
Jay C's Avatar
Ah, but it's not speed that is the's current draw and efficiency that are "worse" on the Aveox. Thus you'll need "bigger" batteries that can handle it. BTW, what prop were/are you using in your calculations? Try the 6x3...the 4 turns can turn a larger prop. You need to prop down on the 3 turn, or gear it.

Jul 18, 2003, 05:51 PM
Veni, Vidi, Fragoris
djslack's Avatar
Thanks, guys.

I think I'm ruling out the 3 turns completely. I was using a 6x5.5 prop in my calculations as that is what comes with the combo, but I don't know how to simulate a Graupner CAM prop versus any other type of prop.

I read up on your other thread and that was a little more proof of the conclusion I was coming to, that the Mega might be a little bit faster, but the Aveox has customer service to back it up. I think that I really won't be wrong either way. If I can get the 4 turn Aveox I will get it as the customer service upgrade will probably come in useful and be worth the extra cash, otherwise I will just stick with the Mega.