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Nov 27, 2010, 03:36 PM
Registered User

NEWBIE, looking for long flight time.

hello, i am currently deployed in Afghanistan and im getting bored when im not on missions. after watching the mi guys throw up a raven (small uav) i got the idea of buying an rc helicopter. i was almost going to buy a art-tech v-22 osprey until i saw the flight time was estimated 10 mins, i have looked around the forums on other sites and have seen people talking about how they get 25 min flight times with there rc helicopters using bigger batterys. so my question is what would be a good beginner helicopter that i could order that i could also buy a bigger battery to improve flight time? i saw this helicopter:

i thought it looked cool, but i have now idea how i would go about upgrading the battery, if that is even possible. if someone could explain to me how to tell what helicopter can take what size battery you would be a life saver. thank you.
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Nov 27, 2010, 04:23 PM
Fly Runaway Fans
Thanks for your service, and to all your mates.

NO on the 006G. They barely have any climbout power brand new at stock weight, would carry zero additional. Worse, many have lost ALL climb ability in as little as a week. Nobody knows exactly why, motors are suspected. Very handsome model, but it's a dog. (I've got one.)

Speaking of dogs, bananahobby. Very spotty performance. Like, if you have a problem you REALLY have a problem. If it's delivered at all. Pick another. I don't know the regulations for APO, but you're a lot closer to Hong Kong where most of the resellers are, than to anyone in the US.

Now, flight times. The quotes of 10 minutes are generous. It's more like 6-8. If we take 3/10ths off the 25 figure we get 17.5. You have to expertly balance power, weight, efficiency to get that. No off-shelf helicopter will do that.

If it were just a matter of adding batteries, a 2200mAh would fly twice as long as a 1100mAh. But it weighs twice as much and lifting that weight takes proportionally more power. Adding batteries produces diminishing returns, up to the point it might hover in ground effect for a half hour but NEVER "fly".

There is yet another issue, motor heat which builds up exponentially over time. Many if not most motors would get destructively hot if run continuously for 15min. All brush motors are practically limited to 10min, and that's pushing it. Brushless are somewhat more efficient but can still be run to destruction.

Oh, and infrareds won't work in daylight, at all.

What are the wind conditions during your proposed flight times? For all but the more complex/expensive helis, wind must be between zero and 2.5mph. S006G for example, has a maximum forward authority of 0.5mph. Therefore at 2.5mph, the best it will do is fly away from you at 2mph. I take mine outdoors in 2mph, but wind is seldom continuous so if it doesn't hit something it might windsurf for several minutes before I have to land and relocate it upwind.

You might consider a cheap 3ch like Syma 107 for inside flying then something like Blade 120SR for very light wind outdoor. Note the price spread between them. The 107 is a gateway drug. If you like it and want more, move up and pay more. If it does everything you want it to do, you've only spent $30 delivered. I fly (windsurf) the 107 outdoors too, but again, only at night, it's blind in daylight.
Nov 27, 2010, 06:42 PM
Rotor Controller
CaptJac's Avatar
Battery life may be the limitation but pilot endurance is not far behind. It takes an enormous concentration to fly helicopters and after 8 minutes you need a break. It doesn't really matter if you flying big or small - electric or nitro. Normal cycle is 7-8 minutes flight time and 15 minutes rest - for the heli and yourself. This not only applies to newbies it is gospel for the advanced. Anyone telling you different is either marketing or bragging. And there's a whole lot of that in these forums and the ads you read. Banana is one of the worse.
Nov 27, 2010, 09:34 PM
Rocket Programmer
jasmine2501's Avatar
Who is getting 25 minutes? Electrics don't fly that long, and as mentioned you really don't want to fly that long either. Those of us who are doing 3D - we don't like to make more than 5 minute flights, and if we hop up the power levels, we can be down to 3-4 minute flights, but it's intense.

For your situation, I would recommend a small coaxial indoor helicopter. Those can be made to fly 10 minutes or so, and batteries are cheap so you just get a lot of them and keep them charged.

I wonder if a pair of these would be fun? Battle Helis...

Those micro coaxials are tons of fun to blow around the house with. They are super stable and don't take a lot of skill to fly. That contributes to the durability, since you don't tend to crash them as often as the single-rotor helis and the bigger coaxials. They are also super light weight, so when they crash there isn't a lot of energy to dissipate and the damage is usually minimal.

You may also want to consider the fixed-pitch helis like the mSR and the 120SR - both will fly outside in light breezes and can handle a little wind if you have the skills. The 120SR starts to get a bit big for indoor though.

These are not "long flight time" helicopters - if such a thing existed, it would likely be an inappropriate trainer machine.
Nov 28, 2010, 01:23 AM
Fly Runaway Fans
Jas knows this sport (likely) better than anyone responding, (especially) including myself. I know this much, and I think Jas would concur, that no single perspective is definitive. So correlate all the responses you get. Sum and divide by x.

We all have your best interests at heart, and we all come from different POVs. From each others', and from yours. Define yours, and follow it.
Nov 28, 2010, 01:48 AM
Registered User
I have to agree that 25min is BS, unless that is the total time they are out there including rests between 1-2 minute flights. 7-8 min is average on most helis out there. Keep in mind that most modern electric helis use lipos and they DO NOT like being over discharged, you will ruin the battery by doing so.

I have the battle helis (4 of them) and they are a blast to fly and fight. There are a ton of different modes and you can even buy stationary targets for when you're alone to practice.
Nov 28, 2010, 03:29 AM
Yes, I know it's upside down.

My helis will do 8 minutes, but most of the time I land before that. I know 6 minutes doesn't sound like a lot of time, but they take a lot of concentration, and when you are in the air, 6 or 7 minutes is actually quite a while - you will usually want to give your brain a rest by then. Besides, batteries are cheap. Just buy 3 or 4 and you will have plenty to keep you going.

Performance is the key, not long flight times.
Nov 28, 2010, 04:43 AM
Registered User
this is the link i was reading:

thank you jas, im looking at all 3 helis now, im thinking about getting the blade msr.
Nov 28, 2010, 05:10 AM
Registered User
although i think its kinda small
Nov 28, 2010, 05:18 AM
Registered User
i guess this heli is a piece of crap based on its price? i like that its 24.01 inches long.
Nov 28, 2010, 01:43 PM
Rocket Programmer
jasmine2501's Avatar
Originally Posted by medic089
i guess this heli is a piece of crap based on its price? i like that its 24.01 inches long.
Trouble with the bigger coaxials is that they don't do well in breezes, and they are too maneuverable for most indoor locations. I have tons of video of me crashing my CX2 into furniture to make that point. All you can do with the big ones is very carefully hover to keep from running into the walls. With the micro ones, you can open it up and really fly around, in an average size room.
Nov 28, 2010, 01:47 PM
Rocket Programmer
jasmine2501's Avatar
Putting super heavy batteries can increase the amount of motor run time you'll get, but after a point, the aircraft doesn't even get off the ground, or it's using so much power when it finally gets some lift, that you start melting things. Those guys getting super long run times are doing what I thought - trading performance for time. If my heli is barely capable to get off the ground, I'm not going to enjoy flying it. We get into that issue with scale birds sometimes - this one only flies for 5 minutes and none of it is enjoyable, if you can believe that. It is freeking awesome looking, but it flies like crap.
Airwolf Maiden Flight (4 min 6 sec)
Nov 28, 2010, 04:48 PM
Fly Runaway Fans
MSR is a good platform, if a little tee-ninesey for outdoors. 120SR is its grown-up version. BSR, can't recommend it, from (my interpretation of) what buyers say.
Dec 01, 2010, 03:53 AM
Registered User
I would go with the blade MSR or the cheaper Nine Eagles Solo Pro. I got bored of the 3ch coaxial in a matter of hours. I come from a very sports and hands on background, racing motorcycles, hunting, flying hang glides and paragliders, racing go karts, and I'm working on my pilots license. I've been enlisted to the AF since January but won't be leaving till the 24 of Jan '11 (Wooo! Go personnel and budget cutbacks!.... I just wanna leave already). Personally I'm trying to get as experienced as possible (before I leave) so I will have something to do in my spare time as well. I got bored with the coax helis and ordered a solo pro, after about a month I got bored and am now on to my next step. The solo pro is sill a ton of fun indoors, perfect for a fast, fun 4ch living room flier. Because of my lack of space, and also because I don't want to drive somewhere to fly, I'm trying to stick with the micro helis, as they are good back yard, hangar, or empty gym fliers. (And they will also fit in my dorm at tech school).

I guess it depends on your natural talent and hand eye coordination. If your good with that gun, then id say youd probably get bored of coax very quickly like myself.

Just my 2c. Thanks for serving!

Ps. Please excuse any spelling errors. This was posted on my phone....
Dec 01, 2010, 06:34 PM
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just get extra batteries from Hobbyking (turnigy's are pretty good at an incredibely low price)
Using 8 extra batteries i got for my indoor heli for $1.69 a piece, i can fly for over an hour straight and can charge 6 of em at a time in 45 minutes

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