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Nov 22, 2010, 09:14 AM
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======Master CP======

My brushless main motor setup: The lit is from RTF-HELI and is very nice. Ready assembled all you do is install it to your liking. No foraging for components, soldering, trial and error mistakes. The kits are tested before they are shipped. No D.O.A kits.

Turnigy 2628 3800KV / Hitec 5055 Servos / V200D03 Swash Plate.
Pictured here naked with the training gear on. A crude application of electrical tape over the Zip Ties so they don't shift.

After getting my swash and blade pitch setup she still went to the right. I know my swash and blades were spot on as I used machinist dial indicators to level the swash and a RClogger for the blade pitch.
I remember a member here, forgot who but thanks! - his experience is that Walkeras will do that with a level swash and to adjust the Aileron servo rod accordingly. It worked.
I gave the Aileron rod 2-turns out and BAM! I'm hovering in my living room with this monster. All my TX trims are centered.
I just need to tame the TX settings some now.just

The Hitec 5055 servo upgrade seems made to order for the Master CP compared to other after market brands.

1st - They are metal and digital and if you spring for the HPP-21 Programmer/Tester its a dream. The HPP-21 lets you reverse them and set the center and travel if you want to. And you can test any servo brand for function.
The software download to my Win 7 machine required me to disable User Account Control first. Then re-enable it. If I did not it would install and not run. I found that work around in a Google search.

I heard if you reverse the servo travel in the TX you may have to rotate the RX 180 on its mount. But I did not try it by going this route.

2nd - The mounting tabs on the servos are the same thickness as the OE servo tabs so they fit in the AIL & Pitch mounting slots with a little trim fitting to narrow the widths.
All you need to do for the AIL & Pitch servos is use a small file to narrow the tabs.
All thats needed for the Elevation is the holes elongated and the bottom Tab may need shorting a tad, I think.

You want to do the bottom tabs inside edges first.
Lean the servo in place and look how much you need to file away and still keep the servo leaning on the frame. This takes good light and eyes and maybe even a magnifying glass to see this better can be used.
The file will remove material fast so go easy. Do a little and check, and do some more and so on. You want it to fit into the slot and be against the frame on the inside.
Then trim the outside edges so the servos drop in.

Other notes are:
* The top mounting bracket for the AIL & Pitch servos needs just a touch of filing on the bottom so when you pop it on the screw holes align perfectly. You will see it when to look through them.

*For the Elevation servo to slide under the the top mounting arm, its a very tight fit. I went ahead and filed a "Smidgen" off so it slid in just a little firmly.

* I used a small round file to elongate the Elevation screw holes.

The frame places to file on a little for the AIL & Pitch top bracket fit and screw hole alignment. And for the ELE fit under the mounting arm.

Tail Boom Reinforcement.[/CENTER]

The tail boom struts slide out of the rod ends as if they are cosmetic only or made for down force support only. After mine hit with up force and bent it like a banana and broke the rod ends off at the frame I found the V200D03 has metal rod ends. I installed them and CA glued them to the rods.
How it broke the rod ends at the frame and who knows but it looks like the tabs on the tail boom stabilizer wing will take the first hit and that's cheaper.

==== Where The Frame Breaks ====

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Mar 23, 2013, 12:35 PM
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My V400D02

============ Walkera V400DO2 Servo Mods ============

Hitec HS-5055MG installation on a V400D02
This was a rode hard and put up wet V400 I got from Chopper Jack. I have a new one also but since this one was battle scarred I dove into it taking some of MASH unit work Jack put into it and cleaning it up adding the Hitec 5055's.

We fixed the 5055's RX2614V-D binding issue of having to unplug the Aileron (bind jumper) port first by jumping a 4.7kohm - 1/2 Watt resistor across the Signal and Negative wires on the aileron servo and it binds just like any other Devo now. No more pulling a servo plug to bind. Those pics will come later.

Here is the R&D session pic

The install
I cut the ends of the resistor at an angle in an attempt to make a pointed end.
I opened up the area between the plug's wall and the signal & (-) wire's terminals with a long and narrow very sharp pointed needle, and with needle nose pliers pushed the resistor terminals into the voids before they closed back up. Hot melt glue is now in there but it was pretty tight anyways. Its pretty secure.

I did shrink tube it and it makes for a tighter fit than I would like between the plugs.

The Hitec HS-5055MG Install

It was not a drop in but close to it with the compact size and the small mounting tabs of these servos helped.

Getting the screws in for the Elevation servo was a little tough when the Canopy bar came into play but patience and I got it.

Using the HPP-21 programmer to level and center the travel on all the horns is a fantastic feature.

The rear servos were practically drop in, no tab cutting or frame grinding needed. The servos sit in a toe in position but only slightly and the bell cranks take care of that.

I only had to hold the servos onto the rear mounting brackets with small vice grips and drill the holes and elongate them a tad to make clearance for the nut to take thread.

All in all it went OK. They mounted solid. The Aileron and Pitch servos toe in a little, the bell cranks take care of that, nothing much to worry about.

I liked using the socket head screws and nuts instead of the self tapping.

Apr 21, 2013, 11:23 AM
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450 pro V2 clone main gear question

Hello all,
I'm building a 450 pro V2 clone from a VCTRC kit that I purchased on ebay. The manual says that the main gear should be 14T. The main gear that I got in the kit is 11T. The splines on this gear are twisted.

I have a turnigy 2627-3800 motor that I bought for this heli. It comes with a 15T straight spline gear. Can I use this gear?

The 11T gear that came with the kit is much larger than the shaft of the 2627-3800 motor, so I obviously that combination is not going to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The motors I have, main and tail are from They are made for a V400D02. I'm going to try and follow your instructions to use those motors, ECS's in my 450 clone, instead of using the standard tail servo and gears.


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