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Jul 16, 2003, 08:25 AM
F3B enthousiast!
guillaume83's Avatar

The new Aeromod Prodij 60" sloper is here!!!!(just put your components and go)

hi all,
some might know i just ordered a Cevennes Concept Modelisme Scorpion 2 which i am very much looking forward to fly.
i was hesitating betwenn this and a Prodij at first and was putt off by the level of finish of the latter.
well,this has just changed.
check and you'll notice that the new Prodij is out.
a new fuselage (copied from the new Arkanj),with the V shape for the Vtail already done,holes for the wing screws....and the option of having a built in fuselage ballast (up to 600 gr) and the ailerons already articulated and hinged (sililcon seal)- each of these 2 options at 30 euros on the top of the price.
the price of the model has gone up a bit too (235 euros)
it seems much less work than why not get one some day?
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Jul 16, 2003, 07:51 PM
Registered User
mattg's Avatar
That starts to make the Prodij look much more attractive than before. Do they also supply the ballast slugs for that price?

I'll certainly be considering one for my next slope plane, pity they upgraded so soon after you ordered your Scorpion but I don't think you'll be dissapointed.
Jul 17, 2003, 09:53 AM
F3B enthousiast!
guillaume83's Avatar
hi mattg,
i don't agree with's not a pitty they upgraded so soon after i ordered my Scorpion 2,because so many good things are being said about the Scorpion 2(by people also owning the Prodij),i want to find out myself.
also,even though i ordered it,they are on holiday right now so they won't make it yet,so i could always tell them i changed my mind..but believe me i won't
and to be honnest,where i am going to fly,probably noone knows this model so i quite like this.
i quite like the fact that i'll fly a very nice model that noone has.
and i can always get a Prodij later if i really like 60".
the ballast tube is built-in for 30 euros extra,but i do not think the ballast is provided.
Jul 17, 2003, 11:30 PM
Registered User
mattg's Avatar
Hi Guillaume,
please let us know when you receive your scorpion and post some pictures of it along with your build. It has a very attractive planform that to my untrained eye looks very fast. I have to admit that I often choose a model based on looks and the Scorpion has them in spades. I wonder what they're doing on their holidays?

Back to the updated Prodij, do they mention on the website whether they are able to use 4 servos in that fuse with the ballast tube? It looks like a very tight squeeze from the pictures they have on the site.
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Jul 18, 2003, 03:14 AM
F3B enthousiast!
guillaume83's Avatar
Hi mattg,
when they are on holiday,it seems CCM develops new models,catch up with backorders...and still answer the phone.not much of a holiday.they seem very nice people.i am even thinking of getting another model from them some day depending on my budget (the Hypnosis)
the Scorpion 2 has got an elliptic wing which in flight makes it very nice to look at (seemsto cut through the air)
the new Prodij has room for the 4 servos in the fuse,if you look at the pictures,the aileron horns are located at the same place as before.that's probably why he is charging 30 euros for the installation of the ballast tube,it must have a special position in the fuse.the new fuse looks wider than the previous one to me,i might be wrong but it looks like it.
Aug 19, 2003, 05:45 PM
Magic Bloke!
bsirrell's Avatar
Does it come with a fully glass tailplane??

The access to the radio gear looks a right P in the A.

Any photos?

Aug 19, 2003, 07:42 PM
Super Member
davensocal's Avatar
I assume you were asking about the Prodij?
Yes, the glass Vtail is available for about 17 euros more.

Biggest problem I see is the exchange rate. The new Prodij, with all the options is around $320 (if I remember right). It a great plane, but for the money, I would want something with flaps. (my Prodij was $200 a few years ago)

It is very hard to beat this solid wing construction thogh. It is an extremely tough airplane!

I think I will be watching for the exchange rate to shift again..

BTW- It looks like an all carbon fuse now
Aug 20, 2003, 04:56 AM
Magic Bloke!
bsirrell's Avatar
Just emailed Alexis,

apparently he dosnt produce a glass tail plane. Maybe someone else is manufacturing one?

If you are worried about servo space, i have got a ballast tube and 4 servos in my old style prodij. The new fus is wider by the look of it so there should be plenty of room.

SD200 (SD150 would fit better tho) and Hitec 81mg

Aug 20, 2003, 05:41 AM
sloping addict
Protocooler's Avatar
Hi Brett,
could you please explain how the ballast tube is laid out in yours ? Like tube diameter, position to CG, how it's attached to fuse, how you slide in the weights & secure them...

In fact I'm currently building another plane that I hope would be a good contender to Prodij-like planes. I've got a fuse already (glass fuse from a Fuego) and 1.70m surdy wings I made up with MG06 (same as Prodij) and thin plywood over foam. I'd like to setup a ballast tube into this fuse - though it's rare we get real gusts of wind.
My AUW should be 850g without ballast (29g/dm2, bit less than Prodij)

Aug 20, 2003, 10:28 AM
Super Member
davensocal's Avatar
You are correct abou the glass tail.. I must have been looking at the wrong part of the price list.. hmmmm

anyways, very sorry about that..
Aug 20, 2003, 11:53 AM
Magic Bloke!
bsirrell's Avatar
Here is a photo of my layout. (i will get more info if its needed, although i dont have a camera at the moment)

You can just see the first servo and the brass ballast tube.

I think it fits about 300g of ballast.

I have 4 servos as mentioned above.

I first fitted the servos as neatly at possible. Then centred the B tube and slid it into position. Making sure there was plenty of servo movement etc. (the servo arms actually sit above and below the tube.) I then run some CA down the fus to tack the tube into position. I then removed the servos and glassed the tube into position. (at an angle to get the ballast in and out)

The ballast is held in with a small piano wire pin.

Any more info requrired then let us know!!

Aug 20, 2003, 11:58 AM
Magic Bloke!
bsirrell's Avatar
Aug 31, 2003, 09:46 AM
sloping addict
Protocooler's Avatar
Thanks Brett.

I have seen a newly bought Prodij, the new fuse is all carbon and incredibly stiff though light. It seems also larger (close to 2" diameter under the wing). Carbon fuse may be an issue with the RX (run the antennae well outside).

It's really not easy to install the radio gear, with a very special vertical setup. Seems you can plan a good 2 full days to set it up, but then you'll be rewarded with one of the very best & solid 60" model available.
Haven't seen it flown, it wasn't finished ...

If my MG06 home made plane can't compete once I solve the elevator flutter issue, I'd be tempted to get the Prodij...
Here's my fuse after the crash. Almost undamaged, but the wings took all of it (being repaired, I made them out of thin plywood over foam - the plywood cracked onto some sharp rocks but wings did not break in halves). The rudder is detached, you can see the elevator command with a bicycle break cable (circulates in a small Kavan tube) and the ball link at the end. A 1 mm piano wire passed through the ball link (with a little tube as an adapter) and supported the elevator back. I believe the root cause of the flutter was this piano wire, too small and must have bended. Next try will be 2mm wire. Hope the break cable was not the causing the flutter since it's the only solution not forcing on servo.

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