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Nov 19, 2010, 04:31 PM
Victown SkyDonkey
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Neil's List of Stupid Simple Mods

Here's a (not so) brief Mod List for my planes... If anyone wants details on anything here, PM me and I'd love to share.

GWS Beaver: -Super Cub wing shaved down 3/4" on both wing tips
-bolt on wings (2 in front, one in back). 2 little wooden beams bracing across the fuselage compartment to thread the wing bolts into.
-2 cell Lipo/brushless setup with 8X6 prop and my specialty home made "pill bottle" motor mount
-fiberglass done on front half of plane, inside the cowl and on the Vertical/Horizontal stabs.
-hand bent landing gear wire, big ass 5 spoke wheels, and ply wheel pants (fully glassed over)
-Red LED light strips along both sides of the fuse and on top of both wing tips
-White LED light strips on the underside of wings. (all LEDs wired to main 2cell Lipo)
-More lights shoved into the cowl
-2 tone acrylic paint job: Burnt orange and Beachcomber beige.
-Work is sometimes in progress and ongoing...

FreeWing Hellcat:(Tragically lost to a faulty DX5)
-Crashed over 15 times before a "real fix job" so LOTS of glue EVERYWHERE
-every control surface is attached with nylon hinges.
-CF rod from wingtip to wingtip, crossing through the fuse, and covered over
-CF strips on the LE of both wings to restore the straight edge after said crashes, glue to fill in the periodic voids behind the straight edge.
-Fiberglassing done on fuse, from firewall to an inch behind the wing and overlaps some of each wing.
-ply fire wall (no fire wall remained after all the crashes)
-my "patented" home made pill bottle motor mount
-Honkin Turnigy Motor with 40A HK SS ESC, external BEC and 2200 3cell Lipo. Spectrum knock-off receiver.
-Nylon hinges for the battery box each using a combination of glue and small phillips screws to secure the nylon hinges to the plastic of the battery box.
-bike chain link pieces, bent and used as battery box latches (works really well)
-custom cowl made from yogurt container plastic and milled out foam for the nose/engine detail
-New foam servo hatch made, glassed over, and velcro secured from the inside
-Brushed Acrylic paint job and printed decals VAGUELY resembling the smokey light blue/gray 2 tone color of the Hellcat/Wildcat
-"Parkzone Pete" pilot added (made his way over from the original PZ Mustang to fly in the pacific)

DuraFly Spitfire:
-Velcro battery strap looped around the bottom of the battery compartment and around the battery
-washers used as spacers between the motor mount and the motor to create a down-right thrust angle (There is built in spacing on the motor mount, but some are assembled up-side down!)
-Dubro spinner (stock one is unbalanced and super crappy)
-Full servo upgrade, metal gear for everything, bluebird retract servos for the retracts
-slim plastic shims in the main pivot of the retracts to minimize slop
-Steel 10-32 nuts glued onto the wing-bolt plate so I can use readily available 10-32 nylon bolts
-re-enforced rudder steerer: the plate that fits flush into the rudder and accepts the wire from the tail wheel mechanism has a tendancy to come out of the rudder. I removed the plate from the rudder, extended the peg that reaches into the rudder with a piece of CF tube glued onto it. Then I glued the whole plate back into the rudder.
-re-enforced the tail-wheel steering mechanism with a plastic strap that wraps around the steering wire and tail portion of the fuselage. This acts as a brace for the steering wire as it is being flexed around by the pushrod actuation. I thought this fix would be extreemly hoaky, but I has worked REALLY well.
-One of the two front wing pegs broke, so I made a new one out of CF rod, extending it pretty far into the wing and securing it with Gorilla Glue.
-I am using the stock motor, HK 40A SS ESC, external BEC, Turnigy slow-down/reversing module for the retracts, Spectrum knock-off reciever, and 3cell 3000mAh --> 2X1800mAh batteries.

ERC B-25 Bomber:
-Home made "pop bottle bird-cage" cowl using a clay mold from an existing cowl. Same method that many use for cowls, and with some of the same metallic paint and some automotive pin striping, it looks great.
-I cut a hole in the fire wall (removed the steel weight in the nose) and extended the "battery box" into the bird-cage. I used a 3 spare pieces of EPO for the extension. It only sticks forward about 2 inches, and allows me to use 3000mAH 3-cell batts instead of 2200-2600's.
-Repaired a severed wing (just outboard of the nacelle) by nesting some C.F. "fingers" into one side of the break, and mating holes on the opposite side. With some gorilla glue holding it all together, she's strong as ever.
-Re-attached one of the vertical stabs. I used(again) 2 C.F. fingers sticking out of the horizontal stab into the broken vertical piece, all glued together with epoxy.
-Removed the servos, push rods and hinges from the gear doors. I cut "landing gear profiles" out of the doors and used strips of Duct Tape to secure them back on (painted over the tape). Now I don't have crappy looking doors hanging down when taxi-ing and it still looks pretty flush when doing low passes overhead.
-Made a new cover for front belly hatch (reciever compartment) and a new cover for the compartment undernieth the tail assembly. I used the flat lid of a yogurt container for material and cut it to shape. I glued thin strips of velcro tape around the inner edges of the compartments to fix the covers down in place. Really handy mod to keep everything accessable but still looks really clean from below.
-A whole lot of metallic silver paint (acrylic), some red acrylic for details on cowls and vertical stabs.
-Shortened the propshafts on the stock motors to mound bullet adapters flush against the motors (helps to avoid bending the propshafts), looks WAY better this way!
-Edit for the above motor mod: I upgraded to HobbyKing Park480 Eflite copies. Very good motors and seem to give a bit more pull.
-Master Airscrew 9x7 Tripple props cut down about 1/4" (not much of a mod, but incredably strong so I can belly land this beast).
-Home made US decals and nose-art decals using printed JPEGs and 3-M Super77 spray adhesive. Packing tape over top of the stickers to seal them, then paint around the decal border to hide the tape job. I thought this would look sloppy, but turned out nicely at first glance or from 10ft away (my standards for appearence).
-HXT MG-14 servo for the elevator, as I believe it has a big job to do on this plane.
-More to come... out of time
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