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Feb 23, 2012, 05:50 PM
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I esp feel bad for the AMA guys around Vegas that do things right... should an accident happy, the news media and pressure on the local clubs would be terrible.. and you would have had nothing to do with the incident...maybe did not even know about it untll you heard on the nightly news.

I live in the desert as well, (Edwards area) and just like there for you guys in Vegas, there is lots of room to go fly... but do it safely.. please....even with all our room here most responsible flyiers are AMA members flying at AMA clubs... it will only take one serious accident or complaint and you might be forced to fly outside the city limits...

I realize its just my opinion and everyone knows what opinions are like... but I think the RC community would mostly agree with my concerns..
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Feb 24, 2012, 09:33 PM
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I just bought this plane (receiver ready viper) and have it assembled. Cog is tested with the plane right side up correct? (cockpit up)
Everything is good except for the trunions on the retracts. I bought the new ones as previously posted. And switched them. I can't wait until the rain and wind stops in Portland. Maybe Monday.
Feb 24, 2012, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Edwards Rc
Though Im sure many of us appreciate your video.. I have to say that your kind of flying .. around and over people is the type of flying that give RC flying bad names..
Have you ever thought of or seen what a 3 lbs EDF moving at 80 to 90 mph will do to someone?? Did you even consider it... its ugly... the energy stored in one of these can cause serious injury or Death ...

I would highly recommend you learn about your local AMA certified clubs.. it is there where you will learn how and where to fly in a proper setting, with your membership with AMA, you even get insurance in case you do hurt someone of their property.

Not very impressive camera work either,by the way unless your a soccer player... sorry, but Im sure I stating what many here are thinking when they see admission of wrecklessness...
You don't need an AMA club to not fly over people and kick soccer balls at high speed EDFs. I fly warbirds and EDF in public areas while keeping the peace. Just keep it to a low population and when the adoring public arrives, your flying is done for the day.
Feb 25, 2012, 01:01 AM
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Hey, Im not trying to start an arguement.. but I see your in Canada, so i don't know how attitudes are there, but the USA is a law suit happy bunch in many places.. however, addressing your reply:

True you dont have to be an AMA member to do as you stated.. but even in your case, you still risk others property within the range of your fuel or battery supply, should you in the (I'll admit) rare case your receiver drops your transmitter signal and the plane goes flying off on its own.. there are many documented cases of this happen where substantial damage was caused my a stray RC aircraft.. If your an AMA member and flying at an AMA location and this happenes, your AMA insurance covers the damage as a back up to your home owner insurance ( if you have that)..

In case your wondering how someone a mile or two away with a broken window would know it was your airplane.. Your AMA membership number is supposed to be marked on the inside of your model..they call the AMA and they know who you are.... Not doing this is like leaving the site of an accident.

I also fly EDF's and large RC aircraft for along time.. so Im not picking on you, just trying to bring up the benefits of the AMA structure, protections that come for $50 a year.. If you don't have a club near by, then start one... but please be mindfull of yout activites...

By the way, we all know theat 2.4 systems are pretty reliable, but they are not perfect... so unbinding or signal loss is still around us... thats it for me.. fly safe and have fun..
Feb 25, 2012, 01:27 AM
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Yeah that is valid, and flying EDFs over peoples heads isn't a good idea even in Canada, but researching MAAC (our AMA) I seem to hear grumbling from the veterans about how it doesn't cover anything really. I have home insurance, and any insurance is a good thing, just not sure about MAAC yet except for sanctioned flying fields (which have no real risk by design).
I came into the hobby under the marketing guise that this is a public park event and fly less as I come to realization things can happen. I fly in decent public areas and keep my birds over no mans land in case a servo fails or the rx bugs out... I miss the careless learning curve breaking foam in an open park but truth be told... my planes are getting faster and I do need to join a club pretty soon. I really only stick to my parkzone WWII fighters in my nearby flying spots during good whether and low human activity. Occasionally I break out a 70mm EDF when nobody is around. Kinda sucks as they are somewhat hangar queens because of this. Not nearly as much action because I don't want attention or the risk, but it can be done smartly.
I guess what I meant was not all of us fly over the heads of people and kick soccer balls at our jets because we fly in parks. Some of us actually do use discretion and care.

Just to show you, here is my first ever EDF flight, and in a public park. I have enough room to fly comfortably without endangering anyone. When people show up I leave. I've destroyed a lot of foam fairly safely in public areas.

Mind you if you scroll back to my parkzone corsair video (my first 4 channel airplane) I did fly over people. I was once a moron too. Ironically kids playing soccer also. It's what we have to work with in cities.
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Feb 25, 2012, 10:16 PM
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Fair enough, I understand what your saying, I guess I was still fumming a little about the kids and the soccer ball video.. enjoy your flying...

on a lighter side, Im still waiting on Nitroplane to send me replacement main gear retracts.. I sent them the originals that came with the plane broke..

See ya..
Mar 04, 2012, 08:45 PM
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Over 2 weeks now still waiting on Nitroplanes to send out the replacement main retracts... I have chatted on line with them 3 times over these and we know how long it takes to talk to them on line... I paid to send their broken gear back.. they said they will send out an email when they are ready to ship............

Maybe sometime before Christmas I'll get to maiden this airplane.. .. Really terrible support for this model, probably because they have so much trouble with these FA 18's, They don't have the parts in stock...Only unitl now I would highly recommend to avoid Nitro.. at least untill they are able to support their planes better..
Apr 10, 2012, 06:42 PM
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mods to do

Here is my f-18.Mods -carbon fiber wing spar through the whole airplane,attached with slow cure 30 minute epoxy,600 trex ball links and metal rod for rear main gear make sure ball links turn on metal rod so they can rotate,plastic skidders if gear fails out of x-large zip ties,blendaderm 3m tape 1/2 inch wide kind on all control surfaces top and bottom they are foam hinges so this allows them to move freely and never break,carbon fiber rods epoxied on all control rods for stiffness,leave all gear doors off so they never hang up,mb-1 sapac motor,cyclone 85 amp esc, full range dsm-x reciever,3300 40c battery,cyclone metal gear servos,sand all glueing surfaces used 5 minute epoxy and then beaded 30 minute epoxy over every seem.I fly with small gravel on my runway so I put screens on intakes so no gravel flies in and closed off holes in main gear bay with aluminum tape.If you build like this you can yank this plane as hard as you want.I fly with 55% expo on nose steering and 6%on control surfaces 10-12% on control surfaces for landing leave 55-65% on nose gear for stability.these are mine you might like more on control surfaces but I like a tight feel.Kind of like my girlfriend get it.
Apr 10, 2012, 08:24 PM
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To make a long Nitro story short, they sent me another set of main retracts and they were broken as well.. they did not offer any satisfaction other than to wait a month of more retracts to come in from China.. Now I had never flown this model, it was broken from the box.. built it up and went through all kinds of chat sessions (posted on their rc discuss site) 5 weeks later I still have a airplane that cant fly.. no gear , no fix in sight... Nitro refused to accept the airplane back for an exchange or credit...

So the I copied all the chats sent them to my bank as a last resort to get them to act in good faith... My Bank agreed with me that I had done all I could and they could not get Nitro to respond to their inquiry.. so the bank charged them back... and I got my money back...

So forcing me into a corner, only then did Nitro come up with a fix.. they instructed me cut up the epoxied model remove the electronics and retuen it to them... which I did when they sent me a prepaid retuen label...

So a week later, I order parts from Hobby Partz to try to fix another one of their airplanes.... order placed, over $200 worth of stuff....3 days after the order, I get an email from Hobby Partz.. that they cancelled my order and refunded my money..? Why? I called them to find out, maybe out of stock?

Nah... they told me on the phone that my order was cancelled by management because I charged them back over on Nitro planes!!!! Wow..

So I'm the bad guy.. they plainly fail to support their product, (FA18) have no answers for the $200+ I spent for it.. and force me to go back to my bank. ( Bank Of America) to get help.. and now they black ball me even over on their other web site!!..

I guess they took their ball and went home, just like a little kid, Oh I forget they are...

Dont you think there are other places that love to have my money? I would not do business with these guys again.. watch what you buy and don't expect to get support if you do... you all have been warned with this story.. and I have the proof in writting..
Apr 10, 2012, 08:27 PM
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And Captfun,

I see you had to do a wing mod on your FA18... I did this too, but don't do a neg G push over, that mod won't help you...

And have you ever asked yourself... why I should have to do a mod to a brand new airplane that you paid good money for??? Should'nt Nitro redesign the wing before selling crap to us??

Just saying...
Apr 10, 2012, 09:03 PM
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That would be Exceed RC doing the redesigning, not Nitroplanes.

In a neg-G pushover, the wings would be pressing *into* the rod, not flexing away, so that should not be a problem.

There already is a hollow carbon tube in each wing - I just opened the foam covering them and slide a carbon rod that went from wing-to-wing, through the fuselage.
Apr 10, 2012, 09:15 PM
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What ever.. Nitro sold the airplane to me... so a positive G will work against that mod.. but thats not the point.. why should we have to do any mods to a released for sale airplane?

Not trying to start an arguement with anyone.. just tired of paying good money only to get crap delivered with poor or no support..
Apr 10, 2012, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Edwards Rc
And Captfun,

I see you had to do a wing mod on your FA18... I did this too, but don't do a neg G push over, that mod won't help you...

And have you ever asked yourself... why I should have to do a mod to a brand new airplane that you paid good money for??? Should'nt Nitro redesign the wing before selling crap to us??

Just saying...
you have a point ,but when you look at the whole picture . there cheap foam planes to begin with "although 200 bucks isnt any thing to sneeze about". its still a cheap plane. "so you get what you pay for" . example when you think about a plane with a castle creation esc eflite retracts hitech servos scorpion motor and het ducted fan . ect ect . your talking about 700.00 bucks or more . a price alot of people cant or wont cough up to fly . so some of us go for something within our budget, just to fly around. and some us like to tinker . with our toys .to make it faster or better, . i myself try and buy the kits just for that same reason to tinker and mod to my liking . i have a cheap f16 from hobbylobby that i installed cheap parts from HK , and it will pass a habu as if it was standing still and i modded it for under 150.00. i guess my point is you buy cheap you get cheap. i have one of these and ive done most of the mods listed here. i knew what i was getting into when i first got on this forum . and that was a cheap plane that looks sweet with lots of potential. . im sorry to hear about your problems but your not the first or the last person that has had problems with these companies. take it for what it is. and move on.
Apr 10, 2012, 11:29 PM
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Hey Sandman, I have moved along as you suggested... but when I see a chance to strike and remind people I think I owe it to the community.. I agree with your statement, however a model, cheap as it is, if bought as an ARF, should at least give the buyer 1 flight before breaking...Mine was broke before I got it..

Anyway, I know what your talking about in an investment, I just bought all the landers gear, EDF's motors Castle ESC's and 12 metal geared hitecs for my A10.. I finished all the structural mods to the fues and wings.. and I have at least $700 in it now...

I just hate being ripped off, even if its for a dollar.... wrong is wrong....I'm not afraid to spend money and suggested to Nitro, before they cut ties, that it would be a good option to offer better electronics and landing gear to buyers and let us choose the path we want.. but if their support posture is to advertise and sell without supporting their product.. then it makes no difference...

I've moved on... Rant off... Have a good one..
Apr 11, 2012, 12:06 AM
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I know it's cheap

I know the plane is cheap I'm just doing the mods to it so it won't fall apart.It only does 90 or so it's not a speed demon but lands sooooo softly it's just great to look at in the air.I have a evader that does 135 with an aftermarket motor so I got my speed fix this is just a pretty scale plane for the price and it sucks when the company won't give you support if something is not right.I know you want to have there heads.I know what good and expensive is too I have a 3d hobby shop 89" AJSLICK with a hacker a80-10 in it and I live in Hawaii and it cost $580 just to ship the plane to me,and a trex 700e with every kde mod you can do to it.I have spent my pennies and I have blown up 3 castle ice2 160hv in my trex on fixed endpoints,now I fly governor mode and they seem to handle so me and fixed endpoints don't get along.So even big money stuff can go wrong.Luckly I auto rotated every one in and I have never crashed my 700.Just the hobby you got to fight the bad and keep going or it will piss you off and you will get out of the hobby.I know the gear is fragile on the f-18 you just have to baby it and land softly,but even then it can go to junk anytime and nitro will be out for month's they need to stock thousands of the gear and redesign the ball links and rods because they are cheezy and way to weak.I took the ends off x large zip ties and glued them right next to the ball links and put the strips of zip ties in the front and back of the plane so I'm ready anytime the gear fails for a belly landing without tearing up the plane.So keep your head up and keep going it's such and addicting hobby.I'm a real pilot as well and just love aviation.

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