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Jul 15, 2003, 03:09 PM
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Power suggestions for P-38 1/12th scale

I'm currently building a P-38 in 12th scale. The current setup looks something like this:

52 inch wingspan
Foam and balsa construction
hoping to keep the weight to around 30 ounces total
40amp esc

I want to use a 9x7 3 blade prop system (probably GWS).

I'd also like it to perform some "unscale" manuevers.

Right now I'm thinking of using a couple of geared GWS 400E motors and reverse the right motor and prop. (CCW and CW)

Any suggestions?

I plan on running either 2 9.6v 1600 or maybe go with LiPoly but aren't sure what to go with. The batterys would either live up near the motors in the nacelles or in the main fuse.
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Jul 15, 2003, 07:00 PM
Motors beat engines!
I think your going to have trouble staying down at 30 oz.

two 8 cell 1600's are around 15 oz all by themselves, plus another 7 oz or so for two motors, plus servos ect will bring you up to around 24-25 oz without the plane itself.

I've got a 52 span scale warbird foamie, ( ta-152) that wound up with an RTF airframe weight of about 20 oz.

The p-38 is more complicated so it would be hard to imagine it come in much lighter no matter what the construction was.

As far as your powertrain ideas. Probally workable, but those 1600 nimhs don't do well at higher amps. For about the same weight you could go with 8 sub C's like sanyo 2600's and have much better power.

Dean in Milwaukee
Jul 16, 2003, 12:22 PM
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IF you can keep the weight down, I'd think a pair of geared GWS 300 motors would fly it, at maybe 5-7A a piece.

Othewise its probably geared 400's more battery weight...etc etc.