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Mar 07, 2011, 12:28 PM
No risk, no fun
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Originally Posted by pretendpilot
uh oh, i see a 3 or 4 meter plane in siggy's future.
Damn straight!
The guy I was chatting with and who helped me trim the RP had just binned his 4.5m scale sailplane 2 weeks ago so was flying a tiddler. He had the worst luck as his Graupner radio just beeped and reported that it had forgotten all about the bind it had had with the RX. The spoilers deployed as per the failsafe and he watched it gently spiral down and dig itself an early grave. Poor sod!
I have the feeling that larger thermal birds may just be on the cards at some point for me as they are not unusual at all over here.
To misquote the immortal shark hunter: We're gonna need a bigger car!!
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Mar 07, 2011, 12:55 PM
Drifting off the reservation..
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Originally Posted by Eastcoast78
Nice Siggy,Yea join that club,Seems they are great. you'll always learn something from other people. Like anything in life. I joined a Club last year,and i love it. Ill get my Wings this Season.
I cant wait to get the Pro up and see if i can catch some thermals. Were on farmland,And there's a Huge tilled farm on the other side of a tree line that runs parallel with our runway. I know there's thermals there ,I caught my first one on the tree line this winter, It was a weak therm but enough to make me realize i was in one!!
So if there there in the winter,i know there going to be there this summer.

Haven't had a flight now in quite sometime. Weather/Winter is very unforgiving here. If its not snowing its blowing gale winds. Im itching for Spring. Tuesday is calling for warm 6C lol. that warm when your used too -10 -15C. But i think its calling for Rain/showers so...;0(
A similar weather story here. We had a strong front come through Saturday, producing an estimated F2 tornado (rare here). Yesterday the front was still blowing through, and I thought today would settle to calm with thermals. It was very calm yesterday evening but this morning the wind has already shifted to the southeast at 10+. Another front is expected tomorrow, so the RP will stay in the hangar this holiday (Mardi Gras).
Based on my experience with another hobby, fishing, March is usually windy most of the time, so I don't expect to log many flights this month.
Mar 08, 2011, 06:44 PM
Drifting off the reservation..
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After seeing some hawks apparently catching lift yesterday I decided to go fly. It was windy enough that the RP was nearly hovering most of the time. There appeared to be waves of rising air coming in between the clouds rushing by.

This was good practice for me because I have been reluctant to fly the RP in the wind. Landings were actually easier than with light winds. Not the sort of thermal flying I'm accustomed to, but lift is lift. Guess I will have to try this again next time we get similar weather.

Here are the plots of the day's flying.
Mar 08, 2011, 07:49 PM
Wishing I was at Torrey Pines
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Don't know how I missed this, but Harry, what did you use to paint your firewall and spinner? That looks pretty cool. Got any pictures of it on the plane?
Mar 08, 2011, 07:53 PM
The "Foaminator"
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Originally Posted by dee-grose
Don't know how I missed this, but Harry, what did you use to paint your firewall and spinner? That looks pretty cool. Got any pictures of it on the plane?
Looks like he sprayed it, Iknow that's how I would do it.

I'd go with one of the plastic spray paints from the LHS
Mar 08, 2011, 07:59 PM
Wishing I was at Torrey Pines
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It's a really smooth finish, that's for sure.
Mar 08, 2011, 08:35 PM
Dixie Normious
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Yea it is. Id say its just enamel rattle can.
Mar 08, 2011, 11:34 PM
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the kind words on my rattle can paint job.

Just used Krylon Fusion. Several light coats over two days.

Be sure to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove and finishing
oils, etc.

BTW..trial fitted the wing servos today and should have everything together
in a day or two at which time I'll post pics.

Mar 09, 2011, 03:31 AM
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I just purchased a Radian Pro.
Our club will be flying a class just for Radians, so now I'm in the game.
Mine is setup on my Ace Micropro 8000.
Will maiden it as soon as the weather permits here in northeast Indiana.
Since there is about 12 Radians in the club now I decided to put flourescent orange trim decals along with chrome decal sheets,
A partial chrome panel bordered by orange on each side top and bottom on both wings , 3 1/2 inches back from the leading edge just above the " Radian' name
Same on the bottom of each wing
Put an orange band around the fuselage just behind the wing and painted my spinner flourescent orange.
Now I'll know which one is mine when 12 of them are in the same thermal!

Sure stands out and the chrome should reflect the sun on a good day and make it easier to keep my 60 year old eyes on it
Mar 09, 2011, 08:04 AM
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JRX 9303 programming

Can anyone share your Radian Pro set up using the JR9303 ?

I have the pro and have a AR600 available to use but wanted to try and program this 9303 for "Full House set up"

I just purchased a used JR9303 to replace my DX7..

Last edited by staged22; Mar 09, 2011 at 08:18 AM.
Mar 09, 2011, 11:28 AM
Never trust laughing dolphins
Originally Posted by staged22
Can anyone share your Radian Pro set up using the JR9303 ?

I have the pro and have a AR600 available to use but wanted to try and program this 9303 for "Full House set up"

I just purchased a used JR9303 to replace my DX7..

The AR600 isn't quite going to be able to achieve that, as you will need 7 channels for a true full house setup (butterfly, flaps and flaperons).

Channel usage would be looking like this;

1. aileron 1
2. elevator
3. throttle
4. Rudder
5. flap 1
6. flap 2
7. aileron 2

You could also use this, but you'd miss out on flaperons;

1. aileron 1
2. elevator
3. throttle
4. rudder
5. flaps on Y-cable
6. aileron 2

..but you'd still be able to use butterfly and flaps. I'm currently flying the Radian Pro like this and I do not actually miss flying with flaperons. It rolls a bit slower, but I'm not flying a lot of acrobatics anyway.
Mar 09, 2011, 11:37 AM
Gravity is patient............
Hey it's like Christmas today. I just tracked my Radian pro package from A-Main hobbies and I am getting it a day early!! UPS 3 day select and I got it in two days instead. That's never happened before. Nice surprise
Mar 09, 2011, 03:07 PM
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PHMX: "I have the pro and have a AR600 available to use but wanted to try and program this 9303 for "Full House set up""

I am using the DX7 and AR7000rx; however I only use 6 of the channels for a full house setup, so your AR600 should copy:
1. throttle
2. right aileron
3. elevator
4. rudder
5. flaps on "Y"
6 left aileron
Note: I have crow on gear switch, flaps on aux 2, camber (up) and reflex (down) on flap switch. Rudder/aileron mix on rudder switch and dual rates on elevator switch. Everything works perfect. Why would you want flaperons on a sailplane? I think the object is learning thermal duration........maybe I am incorrect. By the way, I guess if need be, you can still do a "loop-de-loop" going from one thermal to the next.
Mar 09, 2011, 03:21 PM
Rocket geek
Originally Posted by 1911tex
Why would you want flaperons on a sailplane? I think the object is learning thermal duration........maybe I am incorrect. By the way, I guess if need be, you can still do a "loop-de-loop" going from one thermal to the next.
In theory, it should be a little more efficient to have full-span ailerons that you deflect less for the same bank input, than partial-span ailerons that you have to deflect farther to get the same result. Not sure how much of an advantage this translates to in practice, but the full-span ailerons I have on my RP make it really responsive in roll, and I use reduced rates with a lot of exponential.
Mar 09, 2011, 04:10 PM
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Programmed and flown

Originally Posted by mgroves
Below find info i sent to Jumpsticks for DX_7 Programming. Most came from another posting by DarkWombat for his Cularis programming. See Dark's post link below. I made a few mods by adding an extra mix for down elevator when flaps are extended. I believe I have separate flaps and then a flaps/crow mix all proprotional off of the throttle stick. Note the Power-up situation if you inadvertently flip the Mix Toggle at the wrong time.

The DX-7 is not very intuitive for programming especially for a glider guider, but there is a work around that may give you what you want.

I used the following programming guide (see link #2), for my DX-7, from Dark Wombat as I too did not like the Horizon Hobby or other posted methods of glide slope control. I wanted to control my flaps proportionally. Dark Wombat seems to solve this.

Yes there is some switch flipping, but once you set it up, get airborne and disable the motor, via your mix switch, it is ony one switch to mess with for flaps and crow. And you can still use reflex, camber and neutral control positions via your threeway toggle.

One issue with this program is if you decide to make a go around, and power back up, then attention to switch settings is crtical as you can be in full flaps and full power when you least want to be. I'm setting mine for ALES so there will be no intended power-ups once my altitude limiter shuts my motor down. Once I toggle my mix switch to motor off/proportional flaps and crow on, I am not going to touch that switch again.

Weather here has been terrible for month and a half so I have not flown mine yet with these settings, but sure to be some tweaking. I did add one additional mix to mine so that when in flap mode I get some down elevator to prevent ballooning. This resembles my other four servo wing gliders using proportional flaps. Not sure how much crow to use so again will diddle with these settings once i get a flight or two in and can check current set-up a few mistakes high.

There was some confusion on my part, when first reading Dark's set-up, as I misunderstood the lengthy mix example explanation as I thought it was part of the program. It is not.

If you follow what the begining settings are with the dual rate switch to a common switch and set up flaperons. All is good.

Important note....his servo reversing settings are not the same for Radian's as the Radian Pro has different servos and you have to reverse servos other than what he has for the Cularis.

Mess with the servo reversing after you get all the programming mixes in place. It will be obvious then which ones are not correct.
Finally had maiden flight and a couple of follow up flights based upon the programming, noted above in posts 2210,2211 and 2212 (based upon DarkWombat programming noted at link above in quoted section). Flew great on maiden with some additional tail weight for ballast at the 70mm c/g and 1300mah battery pack. Still may need some additional tail weight as it flew a bit nose heavy. Must be the aftermarket Areonaut prop assembly.

Switch flipping was not an issue, just a cognizant effort to follow a certain sequence. Throttle stick back, Flap switch off (toggled toward back of radio), Mix switch off (toggled toward back of radio), Three way toggle middle position, Dual rates off. Connect battery and wait for ESC and CAM (altitude limiter) to chime. Aim into the wind and throttle up. Toss into wind and climbs like a banchee. Limiter cut motor at height limit or 30 sec's (not sure). Pull throttle back to allow CAM to reset. After 3 seconds flip Mix Switch On (motor kill switch). Fly around.

If I encounter some lift I toggle the Threeway switch to give me aileron camber. I slide the throttle stick full forward and toggle the Flap switch. I can now add some flaps as camber as well. About half stick to match aileron camber. Slows nicely to thermal.

Running through sink looking for next thermal toggle Threeway switch to reflex my ailerons. Throttle stick forward to release the flap camber (I do not have any flap reflex settings as of this posting).

Time to land...Threeway toggle to middle position and work the throttle stick for proportional flaps and proportional aileron crow. Close flaps at touch down to keep them out of the grass.

Disconnect battery and reset all switches to launch mode...ready to go again.

After maiden flight made some ajsutments to the values on a couple of my mixes. Aileron and Rudder mix I tamed from 35% to 25%. Added some more down elevator to my extra flap mix to prevent ballooning. Added more up aileron for my proportional crow.

Pretty happy with these settings and will fly this at ALES contest this Sunday. Probably make more programming tweaks after i fly it a few more times. Will most likely add tail weight when going to bigger battery in windy conditions. I'll also look for metal rod to slide into the spar for windy conditions too.
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