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Jul 15, 2003, 11:29 AM
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Welcome to the Vendor Talk forum! Please read these guidelines before posting...

Hello and welcome to the Vendor Talk forum! This forum is a place for feedback about vendors, both positive and negative. It is also not uncommon for the vendors to read and respond to the feedback.

Regarding negative feedback:

We highly encourage you to attempt to resolve issues with vendors before posting here. Donít depend solely on email, if you are unable to contact a vendor via email then try calling them. In fact, try calling them first. Many vendors depend more heavily on phone conversations to resolve disputes. If you must post here, please be as polite and civil as possible, even when you disagree with another member or vendor. Please respect the fact that children visit the site and may read your posts, so be careful with the language. Try not to post when angry. Write your comments and wait just a bit before posting them, then re-read them and ask if you think you are being reasonable in your statements. Did you really give the other person a chance to resolve the issue? Are you being fair and not exaggerating? Is your post civil? Others are more inclined to take notice of a calm, rational complaint than a hot-headed rant.

Regarding positive feedback:

Itís welcomed and encouraged. People can be influenced by positive feedback just as strongly as negative.

Please note the following regarding disputes with vendors:

The administrators and moderators of R/C Groups are not in a position to judge buyers, sellers and/or vendors in any dispute. This forum is for the use of all members of the R/C Groups community and will only be moderated to the extent of ensuring that the R/C Groups forum policies are being complied with. We cannot determine fault, we cannot force a refund, we cannot blackball someone because of a dispute and we cannot limit their access to the forums because of a dispute. We also are not in a position to assist anyone in getting a refund and cannot apply pressure to a party either. In short, all disputes are between the buyer and seller and in the end must be resolved between those two parties. This forum is a place to discuss that interaction, but is not in itself a means of dispute resolution.

Thank you!

The moderator team

Brian Cullen
Tim Jonas
Tres Wright

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