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Nov 15, 2010, 04:30 PM
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Build Log

My design and my first build from scratch

I thought that making a build log might be better than writing a build blog...

-and there is more to come soon!

copied from my blog:


My project

Well this is my project, building my first plane from skratch, my drawings, my opinions and for now, all my ideas.

I have buildt one plane ever, a FF-supernova from rcfoamfighters and after that plane was totaled, I decided to build a plane from skratch.
Name: Jager.jpg Views: 20 Size: 41.5 KB Description:
I designed my plane using google sketchup.

Name: Jager.jpg
Views: 82
Size: 44.7 KB
From the computer to pen and paper... then cutting

Name: IMG_20100925_231250.jpg
Views: 82
Size: 69.9 KB
After cutting the foam

Name: IMG_20101001_093755.jpg
Views: 85
Size: 76.1 KB
A bit more hot wire cutting

Name: IMG_20101010_123049.jpg
Views: 81
Size: 77.4 KB
sanding and add vertical stabilisators and motor mount with hot glue

Name: IMG_20101010_170753.jpg
Views: 82
Size: 75.5 KB
Adding electronics, this plane would not fly, the torque from the engine made it hard to take off. I did also add bigger flaps.

Name: IMG_20101012_135142.jpg
Views: 79
Size: 90.0 KB
Finally a plane that was able to takeoff!

Name: IMG_20101012_185045.jpg
Views: 70
Size: 25.6 KB
The plane DID FLY (!!!) on first try!

In the near future I will find a CG I like, and then try to move the wings a bit more forward, cause the flaps have to be a bit trimmed up to conteract the nose to go down... moving the CG further back will make the plane unstable and it goes up and down to easy! (if i made the flaps smaller that problem might be gone??!?)

I might begin 2. layout tomorrow (23.oct) - I will build the plane with edfs this time!


Update 23. october.

I have edited my design, layout number 2 will look quite like this:

Name: Jager II.jpg
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Size: 56.5 KB

It's a bit longer (160cm vs. 130cm), a bit larger wingspan (140cm vs. 120cm) - mostly because it will be heavier (1470grams vs. 720grams). I will cut it in pieces and then glue all parts together to make the build as easy as possible. I hope to start building next weekend


Update 29 oct. 2010
Discussion / Posted by Foskje / Oct 29, 2010 @ 11:11 PM / 905 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Well, there has been a lot of hours, detailwork...

I hope to start building this weekend. I just have to modify my wirecutter first...
Name: Før bygging av 2.jpg
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Size: 38.1 KB

- This is how I the shape will be when #2 is finished.

Name: Før bygging deler 2.jpg
Views: 73
Size: 67.1 KB

- This plane is so large that I have to make the parts separate before assembling in the end... (it makes the cutting easier to...)

Name: IMG_20100926_104156.jpg
Views: 82
Size: 49.1 KB

My wirecutter - I will modify it a bit tomorrow... make the arm longer and more accurancy at the angle of the wire


31 oct 2010

Started building #2 plane.
It was hard to print pictures in scale from sketchup, I used "print prewiew" to see if the figure was on a single page or not....

Name: IMG_20101031_205958.jpg
Views: 75
Size: 42.0 KB
Todays work

Name: IMG_20101031_200052.jpg
Views: 72
Size: 42.6 KB
2 pieces, 43 cm long.

Name: IMG_20101031_200034.jpg
Views: 75
Size: 40.0 KB
I will mount the motors where the diameter is smaller

They are not sanded yet, but are still quite smooth. Perfect accuracy, down to a millimeter


4. nov 2010

Well, yesterday i cut out some more parts:

Name: utkast 3..jpg
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Size: 41.3 KB

Name: Utkast 3.jpg
Views: 73
Size: 59.0 KB

Name: IMG_20101104_221839.jpg
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Size: 67.5 KB

Name: IMG_20101104_221856.jpg
Views: 88
Size: 83.7 KB

Name: IMG_20101104_221825.jpg
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Size: 51.7 KB

the "yardstick" is 1 meter.
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Nov 16, 2010, 12:47 AM
Dark Angel's Avatar
Wow intense you are doing a great job keep it up and keep it coming!

Nov 16, 2010, 01:01 PM
Registered User
made some wings, organizing wires... and sanded the foam.


Before sanding:
Name: IMG_20101106_111940.jpg
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Size: 75.5 KB

Wires and setup:
Name: IMG_20101116_181913.jpg
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Size: 89.1 KB

Name: IMG_20101116_181953.jpg
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Size: 73.3 KB

Name: IMG_20101116_182008.jpg
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Size: 77.7 KB

Now it's time to add wings to the body.. tape canards, more glue add wheels and so on....
Nov 18, 2010, 04:48 PM
Registered User
Finally I've added wings !! - it really starts looking like a plane!

- it's huge!

Name: IMG_20101118_205720.jpg
Views: 78
Size: 68.2 KB
I think this plane will look nice when I add some colors to it! - but I think I'll have a maiden before taping...

Name: IMG_20101118_205703.jpg
Views: 69
Size: 70.0 KB
Lenght: 152, wingspan:135

Name: IMG_20101118_205811.jpg
Views: 61
Size: 74.2 KB
I hope it will get enough air through the edf's... the area is approx 110% of the fan area (or duct area??)...

Name: IMG_20101118_205737.jpg
Views: 73
Size: 62.1 KB
I will use two servos for each flap, to make it strong..

I did a thrust test, it can not climb vertical, but I still got plenty of thrust!
- the weight without batteries is ca 1500 grams, and I will expect around 1900 grams when it's done. I did not measure the trust but I think it was around 1500 grams...
Nov 21, 2010, 11:38 AM
Registered User
I just realised this thread should be placed in "Scratchbuilt EDFs" , is there a way to move this whole thread?
Nov 21, 2010, 11:44 AM
Registered User
- more pics:

I got a problem; - I need a steerable front wheel, but the batteries is just ahead the whhel and they make the wire bend! - I need to find a way to make the front wheel setup strong enough and still be steerable.

The plane itself is almost finished, I need to solve the front wheel problem, and then it's time for first flight!

Name: IMG_20101121_172945.jpg
Views: 56
Size: 76.4 KB

Name: IMG_20101121_172956.jpg
Views: 59
Size: 87.6 KB

Name: IMG_20101121_173119.jpg
Views: 70
Size: 66.2 KB

I like it !!!
Nov 21, 2010, 05:34 PM ..
j3tman's Avatar
That plane looks like its ready for some serious dogfighting.

Nov 22, 2010, 12:50 AM
Registered User
kushal_22's Avatar
It kinda reminds me of a wraith dart from Stargate Atlantis
specially the first picture

Nov 22, 2010, 10:41 AM
Registered User
-it's huge too... I hope it will fly as good as my test plane (in the start of this thread)...

i'm exited about the thrust with full loaded batteries and if the edfs get enough air- the intake is big enough...

if it is... I think I'll add thrust vectoring...?!? - then it will be a really dogfighter!!!


"wraith dart"
well, a bit, - I did watch star-wars 1-6 while I designed it, so It might have affected my design - made it more "science fiction"

Tanks for your comments!
Nov 26, 2010, 06:45 AM
Registered User
Taxiing.mp4 (1 min 57 sec)
Nov 28, 2010, 10:52 AM
Registered User
My first crash!

well, I had my first chrash today! :s I went to a nearby football ground, went to one end and was ready for some taxing before takeoff. I would test takeoff speed and how it is in the air before I put trottle to max. It went well, trottle up, the plane was gaining speed. I could se the planelift off the ground, so I turned the trottle off. The plane had a lot of speed, and did not stop until there was a tree in the end of the football ground...

See my pictures for damage

Name: IMG_20101128_154147.jpg
Views: 76
Size: 70.8 KB

Name: IMG_20101128_154206.jpg
Views: 54
Size: 79.7 KB

Name: IMG_20101128_154142.jpg
Views: 69
Size: 73.3 KB

The glue is drying while I write this update - I will be flying in a couple of days! (-I hope!)
Nov 30, 2010, 12:41 PM
Registered User
My secound crash

Well I have been out trying to takeoff, nice start, but the plane began jumping when I tried to lift off, the front tires went off and the nose broke...

Name: IMG_20101130_182953.jpg
Views: 58
Size: 78.1 KB

Name: IMG_20101130_183012.jpg
Views: 66
Size: 87.5 KB

What could be wrong???

- I will try more speed and elevators that will be as wide as possible.

I hope it will make a positive difference!

- next try in a couple of days...
Dec 01, 2010, 01:00 AM
Registered User
kushal_22's Avatar
Thats one thing about foam breaks easy but repairs just about as easy

hope third try goes better for ya.

Dec 01, 2010, 10:15 AM
Registered User
Yepp, easy to repair.. it only takes a lot of glue

I am repairing it just now, hope for third attempt tomorrow,
be prepaired for total crash and end of this project - or succsess!!!

- I hope to make a video about it!

Dec 02, 2010, 09:31 PM
Plane Destroyer / Life Enjoyer
airbagit13's Avatar
That looks great, good luck on tomorrow flight.

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